Heated Shadows

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Nikki is ready for the annual trip her school offers for seniors every year. With her best friend and favorite pyjamas, nothing will stop her from having fun. When they arrive, Nikki is startled to find a mysterious guy who she starts to take in an interest in. Who is he? And what makes him act so strange all the time?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Heated Shadows

Submitted: October 10, 2009

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Submitted: October 10, 2009



\"Nikki, will you please pay attention? Nikki? Miss Carson?!\" Mr.   Hatcher's voice brought me from my daydream. I blinked in surprise and   lifted my head from my hand.

\"Um, yeah..what?\" I asked confused. Mr. Hatcher sighed and turned back   to the board.

\"The answer, please,\" He pointed to a math problem written in chalk on   the black board. I looked closely at it and thought for a moment.

\"I have no idea.\" I admitted, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

Mr. Hatcher shook his head. \"Miss Carson, please stay after   class...again.\"

I shrugged my shoulders. \"Whatever,\" I muttered, looking down at my   notebook. The page was filled with doodles and squiggles. Oops, guess   I forgot to take notes. No wonder I was failing.

The bell rang, and the students rushed out, for it was the last period   of the day. I slowly collected my stuff and walked up to Mr. Hatcher's   desk. He didn't look up when I approached. \"Miss Carson, are you aware   of the up coming trip?\" He was referring to the Fall Tumble, a camping   trip the school allowed the seniors to take. It lasted for about 2   months, and from what I've heard, was a blow off and a fun way to get   out of learning. It was a quiet place on a lake where we stayed in   dorms, ate in a dining hall, and basically got drunk on the beach   every night.

Mr. Hatcher looked up, waiting for my answer.

\"Yes, what about it?\" I finally answered.

\"If this continues, the school will not allow you to go. This is not   my decision, but if your grades do not go up, you'll have to stay   behind while your classmates enjoy the trip.\"

My eyes widened. \"What?! You can't! Mr.Hatcher, just give me one more   chance, and I promise they will. I've been waiting for this trip since   like forever! Please!!\" I pleaded. I was not going to miss this trip.

\"One more chance. But that's it.\" He replied, standing up and packing   his bag. \"You can go now. Have a nice weekend.\" And with that, I left,   my mind in a mess.

My best friend Rebecca was waiting for me outside the classroom. \"What   did the old geezer want?\" She asked, following me to my locker. I   opened the metal door and grabbed my bag.

Slinging it over my shoulder, I answered in a quiet voice. \"He said I   can't go on the trip if I don't  bring my grades up.\"

Rebecca dropped her purse. \"Bullshit! He can't do that!\" She bent over   to pick it back up and I slammed my locker shut.

\"Apparently, it wasn't his decision.\"

\"Then I'll tutor you!\" Rebecca rejoiced, pulling my arm and walking   towards the doors. Everybody had already cleared from the hallways, so   it was only us.

\"Hey, you wanna come over? I need you to help me pick out my outfits   for the trip.\" Rebecca asked as we walked down the sidewalk. The bus   had already left, so we started for her house.

\"Yeah, let me just tell Gracie. You know how she gets when I'm late.\"

I pulled out my cell and dialed Gracie's number. It rang twice before   somebody finally picked up. A bright, cheery voice answered.

\"Hello? Gracie speaking, how may i help yooouuu?\" She sang into the   phone.

Gracie was my 'mother'. She adopted me when my parents died 9 years   ago. Now, at 18, she still treats me like a kid.

\"Hey Gracie, it's me. I'm going over to Becca's, okay? I'll be home   late.\"

Gracie agreed and so Rebecca and I headed into her home. It was a   pretty big house. Her parents were both doctors, so I could see where   they got their money.

On the way to Rebecca's room, her dog jumped out of nowhere and   tackled me.

\"Bagel, get off of her, you lunatic!\" Rebecca yelled, prying the dog   off me. He licked my cheek, leaving a trail of wet saliva.

\"Eww,\" I said, wiping it away with my sleeve.

Rebecca looked at me apologetically. \"Sorry, he gets excited whenever   you come over.\"

I grinned. \"That's okay,\" I said to her, and to Bagel, I said, \"I love   you too boy!\" His tail wagged with delight. Rebecca laughed and we   walked the remaining distance to her room.

Rebecca's room was amazing. She had it set up like a middle eastern   theme. Since she always liked Jasmine from Aladdin, she had it made   like hers. A circular bed with red and gold sheets lay in the center   of the gold room, and a lounge chair lay in the corner next to a mirror.

I went to go sit on it, and I passed the mirror. I paused and looked   at my reflection.

Long, brown hair with natural highlights of gold flowed softly to the   middle of my back. My light complexion matched my light brown eyes,   and the slender figure of 5'7 showed curves. My chest wasn't flat, but   I wasn't huge. But I think I did have something to hold up a strapless   dress. Nothing special, I thought, looking away and walking to the   lounge chair. I sat down and Rebecca opened her closet doors.

I watched as she spread different articles of clothes on her bed. Her   long, blonde hair was piled up into a messy bun, and her green eyes   shined brightly as she looked over her stuff. Rebecca was an inch   shorter than me, but you couldn't tell since she always wore heels. I   always thought Rebecca was pretty, but she always denied it. She would   just tell me how lucky I was to be beautiful. Crazy, right? I mean,   SHE was the one with the hot boyfriend, Chase. I didn't have one. Not   since Zack cheated on me. I hadn't exactly been broken hearted, but it   did hurt.

\"Well don't just sit there! Help me!!\" Rebecca exclaimed. I laughed   and walked over to her choice of clothes.

\"So what do you think I should wear?\" She asked, her arm passing over   the mass of clothes on her bed. I pondered and finally decided on a   grey miniskirt with an orange shirt. \"That's cute.\" I said, matching   the two.

Rebecca squealed. \"Oh my god! I have these pair of earrings that'll go   great with the skirt!\" She rushed into her bathroom and came out with   a jewelry box. \"So that's what I'll go in. Oh! Hey Nikki, check this   out. But you can't tell my parents.\"

Rebecca opened a drawer and ruffled through some clothes. She picked   out a pair of matching undergarments and laid them on the bed.

They were lacy, black, and very reveling. \"Chase said that we could   find a nice spot on the beach at night and-\" Rebecca started.

\"Whoa, whoa, okay, don't need to go into detail!\" I cut her off   knowing where she was going with this. \"But good for you. Just make   sure you've got protection.\" I warned. I didn't want my best friend   getting pregnant.

Rebecca giggled and blushed. \"Thanks,\" she said, stuffing them back   into the drawer.

When Rebecca and I finally finished picking out an outfit for each   day, she finally allowed me to go home.

\"I'll see you on Monday! And don't forget to read those notes I gave   you.\" She scolded playfully. I waved good bye and started home.

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