Chapter 1: Upside Down: Prologue and First two chapters

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‘Vic, have you ever kissed a boy before?’ Kiara asked curiously. She had been wondering what it would be like to kiss someone. Both her and Victoria were watching a random romance movie on TV. They were having their regular Saturday movie day whereby they would watch random movies and hang out while Kiara’s mother would clean Victoria’s penthouse on the Upper East Side. This tradition had been going on since Kiara was five years old. Kiara’s mother had been working for the Kingston’s since Kiara was born. But she didn’t have anyone to look after Kiara so she would take her with her when she went to clean the Kingston’s penthouse. Overtime Kiara and Victoria became good friends and would hang out all the time. But they only got to hang out when Kiara’s mother was working because that was the only time they were able to.

‘Yeah I did once. It was horrible. It was with this boy called Tommy at summer camp. We played truth or dare and I was dared to kiss him. He was so nervous and he had no clue what he was doing.’ Victoria replied in between giggles. ‘Kiara, I have an idea. Since you haven’t kissed anyone, you can practice on me if you want.’ Victoria suggested. She watched as Kiara considered it. Victoria had always wanted to kiss a girl to see what it was like. She had been brought up in a strict conventional family so she had wanted to try something that was forbidden.

‘What if we get caught Vic?’ Kiara anxiously questioned. She had always been a good child. She obeyed everything her mother told her to do. If her mother told her to do chores, she would do them. Her fear of being told off stopped her from ever daring to do something that was bad. But she liked being best friends with Victoria. Victoria had the courage to rebel against her family and was considered a spoiled brat so Kiara loved hanging out with her becaue she was fun.

‘We will be fine. Your mother is downstairs cleaning the lounge and my parents are at work. It’s pretty much just us.’ Victoria answered in a matter of fact way.

‘Okay, if you sure about it.’ Kiara replied.

Victoria moved closer and gently caressed the side of Kiara’s face. ‘I don’t think I have ever told you but you are really pretty.’Victoria said as she pulled back Kiara’s silky black hair from her face. She caught Kiara’s gaze and slowly leaned in and pressed her lips against Kiara’s. She parted Kiara’s lips with her tongue and gently moved her tongue around. As the awkwardness subsided, Kiara responded by grabbing Victoria’s wavy blonde hair and kissing her back. They kept kissing and grabbing each other’s hair until they heard someone walking up the stairs. Afraid of being caught, they quickly moved away from each other and returned to watching the romance movie.

However, they were unaware of the person standing outside the door watching them kiss.





‘Oh God, that feels good. Keep going.’ I screamed in pleasure as David licked and sucked my pussy. He was the best at oral sex. We had been meeting up discretely because he was married and bored. He also just happened to be my step-dad’s business partner and good friend so we had to be even more careful. Our affair began six months ago at a family gathering. I was raiding my step-dad’s bar and he walked in and caught me. He ended up joining me and we finished off a bottle of Jack Daniels together. Then he kissed me and lifted me onto my step-dad’s desk where he proceeded to move my thong to the side and enter me. It was the hottest sex I had ever had so I decided to take him up on his offer to be his mistress.

‘I want to fuck you badly Vic.’ David shouted as he eagerly shoved his cock in me. I was still wearing my Christian Louboutin black stiletto heels. I loved wearing high heels when I fucked. It made me feel like I was in a fantasy. David also enjoyed bending me over and fucking me from behind so that he could see them on me. ‘Your pussy feels so good.’ David whispered in my ear as he rode me faster.

I started to feel that uncontrollable pleasure that made my toes and hands curl. I screamed out “I’m coming” so loud that I’m sure the people in the hotel room adjacent to us could hear. I grabbed his ass and dug my nails into it so hard that I made indentations. Then he sat up and I let him cum all over my face.

However, I regretted that when I realized I had a calculus test that I had to go to so I wouldn’t have much time to wash myself. I was normally truant on a Friday because I only had two classes. But I forgot that our Calculus test had been switched to this Friday. I quickly got changed back into my school uniform, which consisted of a navy blue pinafore dress, a white blouse and a green tie with the school crest on it. I also accompanied it with my Christian louboutin black stilettos that I was already wearing.

“So, same time next week?” I confirmed with David. I felt bad because we had planned to spend the day fucking but I had a test that slipped my memory. I couldn’t miss this test because I had to keep up my 4.0 GPA. My parents were already putting a great amount of pressure on me to get perfect grades so that I could go to an Ivy League college like them.

“I can’t next week. I’m taking the family to our Hamptons beach house for the weekend. Susan has been saying that we need to spend more time as a family so she demanded that we go to the Hamptons.” David angrily replied. His wife Susan always demanded a lot of him. She wanted everything that money could buy; diamonds, lavish holidays, a penthouse, a private jet, holiday homes and the Upper East Side zip code. She would also complain that he spent too much time at work. He had to work hard to be able to afford her lifestyle. Their sex life was non-existent or boring. I brought excitement to him because I was young, fun and had a high sex drive.

That’s okay. I’ll be thinking of you while you are away. If it helps, imagine me alone in my room wearing nothing but my black thong and stilettos and playing with my vibrator.” I said in a teasing tone. I noticed something was sticking out of his silky black Armani work pants and it wasn’t his cellphone. I loved how he would get an erection just at the thought of fucking me. It made me feel attractive and special. I also knew that when he fucked Susan he would think of me. It was the only way he was able to have sex with his wife.

I gave David a passionate kiss goodbye and then I rang my limo driver, Ben, to come and pick me up outside the Times Square Hilton and take me to school on the Upper West Side. It was the hotel that we had our regular fuck sessions.


I arrived just in time for my calculus test at noon. I hadn’t done much preparation for it because I had been clubbing last night and then I met up with David this morning. But it was just a recap of integration and differentiation. I finished the test early and decided to catch up with my boyfriend, Derek. Derek and I had been together for two years. We were the most popular people in school so everyone assumed we would be perfect for each other. He was the best boyfriend to me. But I was a bad girlfriend. I had been cheating on him for most of the time we had been together. But I stayed with him because it made my family and him happy. I liked to keep up appearances so that my parents wouldn’t interrogate me.

“Hey baby”, I said as I kissed Derek on the cheek. His parents were at work so we met up at his penthouse on the Upper West Side. He lived closer to school so it was easier to meet up at his place. His dad, Edward, owned a stock business on Wall Street. His mother also owned her own fashion line called Chic Designs. Thus his parents were very affulent. My parents were so happy when they found out that I was dating him. I was only allowed to date men with status that was equal to mine.

“I missed you so much Vic”.  Derek said as he proceeded to grope my 32 D breasts and kiss me. I didn’t really like hooking up with Derek. He was average at best with anything intimate and so it made it boring. I actually preferred playing with my vibrator and watching porn that sleeping with Derek. But I felt like it was my duty as his girlfriend to sleep with him. Thus, I would let him grope my breasts and fuck me until he came. It was funny because he would always say ‘I love you Vic’ after he would cum.

“There is this party tonight at Sugar & Spice. It’s supposed to be really hot. Did you want to go later?” I asked Derek hopping that he didn’t want to come. I didn’t like going to parties with him because he was always at my side so I couldn’t hook up with anyone else.

“I actually thought we could just hang out here tonight. It’s been ages since we had alone time Vic.” He argued. I was frustrated because I didn’t get to see David next week so I wanted to go out and party. But I had to play the role of being his girlfriend so I decided not to go to the party.

Derek ordered in Asian takeaways and we watched a movie on TV. When he fell asleep I quietly sneaked into the bathroom so that I could throw up the Asian food. People told me that I was beautiful and slender but I always felt like an ugly girl. I would tell myself that I was too fat and I would vomit up any food I digested. After I vomited, I unzipped my Michael Kors handbag and looked for my cocaine and platinum card. I emptied my small bag of cocaine onto the marble sink bench and parted it into three lines with my platinum card. Then I rolled up a fifty-dollar bill and sniffed each of the three lines. I felt more present once the cocaine kicked in.

I heard Derek calling my name so I cleaned up the left over cocaine and went back to the living room. Once he saw me, he grabbed my hand and leaded me to his bedroom. We had sex again and then went to sleep. I dreamed of David and quietly played with myself, imagining him lying behind me and fucking me in the ass.








“Show me your pussy, bitch.” An eager intoxicated client shouted at me while I was pole dancing. I had been a stripper for a couple of months. I needed to earn extra money so that I could save up enough money to go to an Ivy League college. My dream university was Yale. But I was worried that I wasn’t going to get a scholarship. My grades were perfect but there was a part of me that felt my grade weren’t going to be enough. So I decided to be a stripper until I earned enough money to help me out.

“Oh darling, I will show you my pussy, but we will need to go into the private room for that.” I said as I hopped in his lap and gave him a lap dance. He proceeded to put a hundred dollar bill into my thong so I grabbed his hand and led him to the private room.

The private room was in the back. It was dark and had couches and poles everywhere. It was my favorite room because it actually looked classy. I also got paid more money when I danced for guys in it. I led him to one of the comfy couches. Then I proceeded to dance on the pole in an erotic manner. I was wearing a black thong, a black corset and six-inch clear stilettos that were killing me. I slowly undid my corset from the front while holding onto the pole with my thighs. Then I threw the corset away and caressed my small but perky breasts, making sure that my nipples were erect. I noticed that he had become erect under his jeans so I slowly pulled my thong off and hopped on top of him. I rubbed my naked pussy against his erection hard and fast until he came.

“God you are great cherry, we’ll have to do this again.” The eager client said as he got up and left the private room. Cherry was the stripper name I used. I didn’t want anyone to know who I was.

“Where are you going young lady?” my boss angrily asked as I was leaving ‘Licks’ the strip club I worked at.

“I have to go home. I have an assignment due tomorrow and I need to spend the rest of the night finishing it. “ I replied in hope that my boss would let me go home. I needed to finish my assignment because it was worth forty-percent of my total grade so I had to put my all in. If he didn’t let me go home, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish it on time.

“Okay. Well I need you to work this Saturday night. I have a client that is interested in you.” He retorted.

“Sure thing boss”, I said. I proceeded to run to the nearest metro link, which was five blocks away. It was just after midnight and it was pouring down with rain. I ended up slipping down the metro steps and grazing my legs. I made it just in time for my train that would take me to the Bronx. The strip club I worked at was in Manhattan. It was classier than the strip clubs in the Bronx and I made more money. Thus, I had to catch the metro from Manhattan to the Bronx. It was a scary train ride because it was late at night and creepy men would stare at me on the train. But I had to do it because I desperately needed the money.



I arrived home to my apartment in the Bronx around 1 AM. My place was only a one-bedroom apartment. My mother shared the bedroom with my younger sister, Casey, and I got to sleep on the couch. It was really noisy though because I could hear my neighbours arguing again. They always argued late at night.

I poured myself a tea and walked over to the couch to finish my assignment. It was an English assignment. We had to write an essay on the Shakespeare play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. It was an interesting play about two people who were forbidden to be together. It kind of made me think about Chilly and I. Chilly is my boyfriend. We have been dating for a year now. I love him so much but he is in a gang so my mother doesn’t want me to see him. I also know he is not good for me but I can’t help the way I feel. I worry about him though. I fear one day that he might get shot or stabbed.

I ended up finishing my assignment around 4 AM. Then I tried to get some sleep even though I had to get up for school at seven. I imagined that Chilly was curled up beside me on the couch keeping me warm and safe.



I sat in a quiet space in the School library and read my favourite book ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen. I loved how every time I read it I felt like I could escape from my life and enter into the Jane Austen era. I imagined that I was Elizabeth Bennett, a free spirit, who refused to marry someone she did not love. It would make all my problems go away for the meantime.

All of a sudden, Chilly showed up and surprised me. “Hey gorgeous”, he said as he began kissing me and unbuttoning my shirt.

“Chilly, stop, someone might see us.” I replied while I tried to push him off me.

“Come on baby, we have never fucked in a library before.” Chilly whispered in my ear while he kissed my neck and slid his hand under my skirt. I felt him rub my pussy over my red lacy thong. Then he slid his finger in and out of my pussy. It felt so good that it made me so horny that I didn’t care that I was in the School library. I proceeded to unbutton my shirt completely so he could suck and lick my perky breasts. Then I unzipped his baggy jeans and slid his erect cock into my wet pussy and fucked him hard. “Oh Chilly”. I moaned quietly so that no one in the library could hear.

“Oh fuck, you feel so good baby.” Chilly retaliated in between heavy breathing.

I couldn’t stop fucking him. His cock was so addictive and so was the excitement of fucking in a public place. The only places we had fucked were the School toliets, the back of his car and his apartment. This was the most exciting and exhilarating experience of them all.

“Fuck I’m going to cum.” Chilly whispered in my ear. Then I felt that warm gooey cum pour into me and fill me up. It felt so good fucking Chilly because it made me feel close to him. It had also been two weeks since we had fucked. He had been busy with his gang and I had been busy working and doing assignments. “Fuck that was amazing. You should come over tonight baby? My mom is working so we can have the place to ourselves.” He asked.

“Sorry, can’t tonight because I’m meeting up with Vic.” I replied. I couldn’t wait to see Victoria. It had been a month since I last caught up with her. She and I were planning on going to a party at a club somewhere in Manhattan. I had been looking forward to it since she asked me if I could come.

“But can’t you cancel. Baby, I miss you and I was hopping that we could have some private time tonight.” He argued in the hope I would change my mind. I was tempted to cancel because I was keen to spend time with Chilly but I never cancelled on Vic. We were best friends and so I was always loyal to her.

Chilly walked off and so I returned to my book and continued reading until my next class.



“Hey Kiara. I missed you so much.” Victoria said in an intoxicated and high state. I met Vic at her penthouse apartment. She had already started the party before me. I could tell by the half empty bottle of gin in her hand and lines of cocaine on her bedside table. She was also wearing a really short tight black fitting dress, no underwear and one Christian Louboutin stiletto. “Want something to drink?” she asked and started pouring me a glass of gin.

“Okay Vic.” I replied even though I knew I shouldn’t drink. I had to get up early tomorrow for school so I wasn’t supposed to drink. But I had been working very hard so I thought what the hell, I’ll have a drink. I downed the glass of gin down like it was a shot.

“Damn girl, your not a goody too-shoes tonight.” Victoria said while she proceeded to turn up the music and finish off her bottle of gin. The song ‘the beautiful people’ by Marilyn Manson was blasting from her speakers. She loved his music and this was her all time favourite song. “The beautiful people, the beautiful people…” Victoria growled while she danced around her room and jumped on her bed.

“Vic, did you still want to go to the party?” I asked her as soon as the song stopped. The room was a complete mess; there were gin spills, empty bottles and left over cocaine on the ground. Victoria was also in a very drunk state.

“Kiara, I just want to stay home. We can watch random movies on TV like we used to when we were kids.” Victoria answered.

“Sounds good Vic.” I agreed. I hopped in bed with her and we proceeded to watch a random movie on TV. I missed hanging out with Vic. It was always so relaxing and peaceful. Even though we would get up to mischief of somekind.

“Do you ever wish your life was different?” Victoria questioned.

“Yes, I wish I had your life Vic. Your rich, beautiful and you have all the money in the world.” I answered. I started to imagine what my life would be like if I was rich like Vic. I wouldn’t have to be a stripper. I wouldn’t have to work as hard academically because my parents would find a way to still get me into an Ivy League college.

“Really? I hate my life. There is so much pressure when you are rich. You have to be perfect in everyway. Perfect appearance. Perfect grades. Perfect boyfriend. Everything is planned out for you and you have no freedom.” Vic complained and started drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels.

“I would prefer that to my life. I live on a couch and I have to work as well as study. I also love my boyfriend whom only seems to want to see me when he wants sex. At least your boyfriend cares about you and wants more from you than sex.” I retaliated.

“At least your mother and sister care about you. All my mother cares about is what everyone else thinks of me. She doesn’t love me at all. I would love a mother like yours.” Vic replied.

“Do you wish you could be someone different? All you have to do is say these four words before you go to sleep tonight.” The woman on the TV shouted. It caught my attention. The woman was dressed as a witch and she was holding a wand. She said the four words ‘I want to be’ and then closed her eyes and turned into Cameron Diaz. The Advertisement then said that all you have to do is say those four words, close your eyes and imagine who you want to be. But you had to do it when the Ad was on otherwise it wouldn’t work.

“Vic, we should try it. See if we become someone else.” I eagerly suggested.

“It’s probably a load of bullshit.” Vic angrily replied.

“Come on Vic. It probably won’t work but why not try it. You were saying that you hated your life and wanted something different.” I pressured.

“Fine. I’ll do it. But I need a little bit more liquor.” Vic abruptly said as she threw her head back and drank the rest of her Jack Daniels.  

“We should both lie down. Then say the four words. Then close our eyes and see what happens.” I suggested to Vic.

“Okay”. Vic replied.

“I want to be…” Vic and I repeated and then closed our eyes. I imagined being Vic; a penthouse, a loving boyfriend and lots of money. I had a feeing that Vic was imagining my life: a loving family and more freedom.

We opened our eyes soon after and felt the same. I was still I and Vic was still she. Our lives didn’t change. We ended up laughing about it and then proceeded to drink more until I had to go home. I ended up leaving sometime after midnight.

On my train ride home I started to think that my life could never get better. I was stuck in the Bronx and nothing was going to change that.



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