Summers' Storm

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A storm has approached a camper and her camping spot, albeit she doesn't mind because her life rewinds around storms and their beauty. As the storm hovers its way to her location, someone joins her. She and the mystery person hit it off and soon become close. What happens when the sparks of lightening fly and so does the touch of one another? Will the two deny their attraction or will they start an adventure in eachothers arms?

Read the Summers' Storm, and find out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - On Its Way

Submitted: December 08, 2010

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Submitted: December 08, 2010



The sky was of a nearly green tint, signifying ‘Storm Time’ in Cyndi’s head. She stepped onto the Cliffside just to see if she could view the possibly cumulus clouds. What she saw instead were cumulus congestus clouds, which were tall and rather large clouds. Her heart jumped with excitement as she thought it could lead to the biggest storm of the year. She turned around and headed back to her large tent, she walked through the side entrance to make it to her little patio which she simultaneously created herself in the front foyer of the tent. She was quite proud of herself for buying a Gelert Stratus tent, which had a little sleeping room for four people, with what seemed like a foyer, which then consisted of two entryways, one being a main one and another being the side entry way. Depending on the likelihood of the owner they could add a screening overtop of which ever entryway they desired. Cyndi took the side entryway as the one which obtained the unique screening to block out the suns heavy rays. Plus that made it easier for her to watch the upcoming storm and not get wet from any potential pelting rain.

Cyndi then walked into the room where her sleeping bag and trunk full of her belongings sat. She made her way to the trunk which was along the right side of the tent sort of near to the entryway. She opened it and picked out a pair of short shorts and a tanktop, she also reached into a side pocket inside of the trunk to get a pair of panties. She decided on a red thong, because she knew that when large storms approached she became overwhelmed in hormones and needed to feel sexy when that moment came. She made way back to the foyer and removed her t-shirt and knee length khaki shorts, she also slipped off her boy-shorts of panties she wore. She reached past the chair which sat in the opened room and picked up the light pink towel which she used the previous day to dry herself after her quick shower.

She walked nude only wearing flipflops to the
tent-shower she had on the side of the tent. She placed the towel on the stool which sat in front of the shower. Then she stepped inside of her navy blue shower. She turned the tap on the rear wall and out poured semi-warm water which washed all over her body. She turned back again and shut off the water then reached to the stool outside to pick up some shampoo. It was simply just Main n' Tail shampoo which smelt the best and was easy to use without conditioner (the least amount of cargo, the better!) She massaged the light green semi-liquidy shampoo into her scalp. She stood there massaging her scalp and then body with the suds which slightly turned her on as the light soapy suds tingled over her chest and stomach. Cyndi turned the water on again and rinsed all the shampoo off of her body and out of her hair. After all the suds had dissipated she reached out onto the stool once again, but this time to get a tin bottle for something else. It read ‘Veet’, then she put her leg up on the stool and lathered her leg up with the pinkish-white Veet cream. She did the same to her other leg and then sat on the stool and added the same cream to her pussy. Again, she waited three minutes so everything was working fine and burning off the hair on her body.

She stood up again and lifted her right leg to the stool ready for scraping off the cream. Slowly she slid the scraping tool up her calf and thigh, removing the hair along her legs. She did this over and over again until her right leg was completely smooth. Then she did the same to her left leg. Next she sat on the stool and spread her legs wide and used the same scraper along her
labia majora and on the mons pubis to take any hair away from her vagina. When she was satisfied she turned on the water again and let it remove any access cream from her body. Once she was done she finally reached for the towel and patted her torso dry after switching off the water once again. She slipped her feet back into her black flip flops which were now very wet from the water since she had them in the shower the entire time.

As she dried her entire body she stepped out into the heat of the summer and made way back to tent and tied her hair into the towel to dry that as she slid into her slightly see through red thong and then slid on her navy-blue
booty shorts which revealed some of the pocket as well. Cyndi then put on a dark nearly black spaghetti strap t-shirt. Once fully dressed she flipped her hair over as she bent to dry her hair completely. She sat down on the chair in the foyer to make herself steady and then began drying her hair properly. Just as she did that she heard a crackle and looked up to the sky to see if it was thunder, but to her dismay it wasn’t. The clouds hadn’t transformed to Arcus- Cumulonimbus clouds yet. So it was either an animal astray from its family or on the lookout for food, or be it a dreaded other person. Cyndi hated being around other people when on the search for a fabulous storm.

Just as she thought she was alone again she heard a heavy panting, and then saw someone turn past the boulder which made her little living space hidden from others. To her surprise it was a beautiful petite girl who seemed in her early twenties. She had tanned skin with a very even glow all over her body. On her right shoulder she had a beautiful
dragon tattoo surrounded by a yin yang. She had brown hair which seemed to have tints of gold within the strands. Her hair was up slightly so it wouldn’t get in her face. Cyndi later found out that the way she had her hair done was called dreadlocks. She had a large hikers backpack on her back and had these tubes of water coming from a bottle so she could drink whenever dehydrated. This girl was the most intriguing thing Cyndi had ever laid her eyes on.

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