There's No Such Thing as Superheroes

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Steven Crouwler Part 1

Submitted: January 31, 2013

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Submitted: January 31, 2013



As I stand here on this rooftop, all I can think of is how quiet things have become. I remember a time once before when I was at this height looking down at the city and all I could see was hustle and bustle as people were out and about trying to enjoy the nightlife or just life. Traffic would be jamming up the streets, people crowded the sidewalks, and the city lights were blinding so that people could walk in the safe guise of daylight. That was when people lived without fear.

I won't pretend that I know what happened, and to tell the truth I really don't give a fuck anyway because there's nothing that I can do about it. What I can tell is what I saw and what I saw was ...not normal, but that doesn't matter now because nothing's really normal anymore. People changed. Not all of us, just some random people were suddenly able to do things that people aren't supposed to be able to do.

It started slowly at first. Somebody caught on camera flying above the rooftops in their pajamas. A little old lady picking up cars like they were dinky toys and laughing so hard that her false teeth fell out. A kid disappearing and then reappearing at whatever place that he happened to be looking at. Shit like that. Then more and more of the fuckers started turning up like they were their own ethnic group or something.

It was kind of exciting at first. Like a circus with people chasing after the powered people trying to get autographs, or begging for a show of strength and ability. Everyone was amazed and happy. Of course those with new found abilities were loving all the attention, for a while.

Eventually the ones with the power started getting the notion that they were better than the 'norms' as they called the regular folk. I can't say as I blame them really. All of a sudden you're able to do anything you want, take anything that you want, be anything that you want and 'norms' are telling you that you can't? Who the fuck are the police but a bunch of 'norms' protecting 'norms'. It wasn't long before there was a pretty thick line dividing the 'species'.

First there's the 'norms'. Normal people who got left behind when then the super power fairy came through town. They started feeling like the lower class, envy and fear soon became apparent.

Then there are the 'gods'. These men, women, and children strut around making no secret of their powers and treat people like ants to be squished if they get in the way. They are fearsome beings and hated by all including each other. Many a battle between these creatures has decimated city blocks and killed people numbering into the thousands.

Then we have the 'superheroes'. These are our protectors. They don their costumes and capes like a bunch of yahoos out of a comic book and run or walk to the aid of the people when things turn to shit and people are getting killed. These 'hereoes' don't do it for free though. They have demands and expect payment of one sort or other for their services. I hate these mother fuckers most of all.

With the 'gods' people know what to expect. Just stay out of their way and they leave you alone. They don't care about us and when they do show a particular interest, you do as they ask and they move on.'Heroes' are scum. They pretend to be your friend. They strut around like a bunch of peacocks thriving on the adoration of the people, when in fact they are no better than the 'gods'. If they aren't given what they want there are always consequences to be paid.

The police aren’t what they used to be. They tried in the beginning, but how do you stand up to a creature that can shake the very earth at will? Shoot him? Bullets might work, they're not all bulletproof, most, but not all. Even if the 'god's' not bulletproof, you'd better not miss because these things can be worse than a kid having a tantrum, and by the time they're done there is nothing left standing. The police did manage to defuse a few of the situations though, they used negotiators who pulled at the heart strings of powered creatures by reminding them of their past when they were normal human beings once. It was courageous beyond belief on the part of those police officers and they were on a high. Then the cops went up against that dude from prison.

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