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Madison's P.O.V
I woke up to the sun shinning through the blinds in my room onto my face. Today was the last day of before summer break started. It's May 17th and Harry is coming home. Yes, Harry Styles in One direction is my brother. He is bringing the rest of the boys from the band with him. I've meet them so many times. Niall and Liam are like my other brothers. Zayn is the one I go and talk to when I need to talk to someone. Louis... oh Louis don't even get me started... he is my best friend. If I didn't have him in my life I don't know what I would do! The thing is I like Louis A LOT!! Harry and the other boys know I like him, but he doesn't. Harry doesn't like me liking Louis, but he has to live with it because I REALLY do like Louis! Harry and the boys are only staying for a few days because they're going back on tour, but I GET TO GO WIT THEM!! Brittney is coming with me, so I'm not the only girl on tour. Its going to be AMAZYAN!!
I got up out of my bed and got in the shower. The water was warm and it helped wake me up. I turned off the water, stepped out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around myself. I went into my closet to find clothes to wear. I settled on a white and red striped dress that was strap less and stopped a little bit just above my knee. I wore my red toms.
"Madison, come on you're going to be late for school. Lets go!" Mom said.
"I'm coming, mom." I walked down the stairs grabbed my backpack, and my mom drove me to school.
"I'll pick you up after school, then will go to the airport to pick up Harry and the rest of the boys." she said. "Okay mom, see you then." I walked into school for the last time until school starts again in August. I will be spending the whole summer on tour with my brother and his band mates.
"Madison Styles!" My best friend called. Brittney is my best friend. She's been here for me no matter what. She was here through my parent's divorce, my first heart break, and when Harry left for the X Factor. "Hey Brit, you excited to go on tour with the lads?"
"Yes I've been waiting forever for this day to come!" The bell rang. "Are you coming over after my mom and I get Harry and the lads from the airport?"
"Yeah, I'll see you later bye!"
"Bye!" I said. The last day of school dragged. The last bell of the day rang. I went outside to see if my mom was here yet, but she wasn't. I sat on a bench outside of my school. I felt someone hovering over me, but I ignored it. "Madison I've missed you!" Said a husky voice. I looked up and saw my brother Harry. I jumped up and hugged him. He was finally here!

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