Jaylin Glenn: Everyone havs a story

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Everyone has a story. The old man next door? He fought in a war and got a purple heart. Your best friend? She has cancer and is hiding it from everyone. And what about that guy whos locker is next to yours? He has liked you since kindergarten, when you two were fingerpainting. But its not about them, this is my story. Hi, l'm Jaylin Glenn, the 9th grade skater.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Jaylin Glenn: Everyone havs a story

Submitted: May 22, 2013

Reads: 128

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



At a skatepark, there is a bunch of stereotypes; the druggies, the nerds who try to be cool, the ditchers, and the actual dkaters. Then theres that girl, Trinity l believe. Tomboy or Skatrr Girl.

Who am l your probably wondering. I am the group people. Ash, Marcus, Devin, Miranda, Haylee, Jacob, Trinity and me, Jaylin Glenn.

xXx Trins POV

"TRIN!!! WATCH OUT!!!" Jaylin screamed. He was speeding towards me on his skateboard.

I looked up. Crap. He had skared right into me. 

"Ummm.... Ouch..." l grumbled, rubbing my temples.

"Told yo- Hey! Whats that on yer wrist?" 

Looking at a photograph and wishing you could re-live it over nd over gain,it read.

"Oh tht! Nothibg!"


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