The Fall by Braydon Friar

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This is a story about the people in my class getting on a plane crash on my island.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Fall by Braydon Friar

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013




Smart Gurls

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we're going to Costa Rica!” Said Douglas who was mocking one of the 7th grade girls just before the fall. “Well.. Well.. you shut up!” Yelled Brianna. “Gosh, I’m sick and tired of you girls, you guys probably distracted the pilot and made him crash the plane with your oh my gosh he’s so cute... Yeah that was the cause because I was down the aisle quite a ways and you annoyed the heck out of me!” Yelled Douglas as he stormed off into the dark jungle while putting his hands into fist.  “What’s his problem?” Asked Zoey. “It’s Douglas and when he’s angry, he’s angry,” replied Ashley while trying to make her nails look better “Where’s the other boys at?” Asked Morgan.  “Out Collecting from the plane to get supplies.” said Lyrica.  “Well, why is Douglas not helping them?” Asked Izzy. “Well, he’s the largest of all of us and the boys probably fear him,” said Kylie  “Makes sense, he could take anybody out,” said Morgan.  “Did you guys notice that the boys were willingly going to get supplies?” Asked Allison.  “Yeah it’s like they’re... Wait!  I know why, they want all the supplies for themselves.” Replied Mickaila.  “Well...  We need to get those supplies back.” Said Briana.  “Yah!  We know!  How bout tonight, the boys will be all tired.  Well get the supplies then and run into the jungle.” Said Ashley while she did her hair.  “It sounds like a good plan but won’t it be dangerous, I mean do you think they’ll put up a watch,” said Lyrica while looking around wide eyed.  “Well, we're smarter than them so we should be able to get the materials.” Said Zoey acting all tough to impress the other girls.  “Yeah, I guess.” Said Macenzie shyly.  “Good, so we better rest up, we got a raid tonight!” Yelled Ashley while fixing her clothes.”and did you guys ever notice that I look totally cute while being all rugged up and stuff?” “Yeah... It makes you look a bad girl,” replied Zoey

Mouse Gun?

“Okay guys, what we got in the stockpile from searching the plane is, some beef and thats probably too old.  Some cereal, it’s Trollios, some kind of off brand or something.  Chocolate, for the fatties and me.  A small gun, umm... What’s it called... Oh yeah, its a mouse gun, and bottled water.  Some jewelry wonder who brought that... And finally some ammo for the mouse gun.” Said Trea.  “Wow so to sum that up, all we got was a gun, crappy food, crappy water, and Ashley’s jewelry.” Said Derek.  They heard cracking in the jungle and saw they saw Douglas pop out of the jungle looking very angry and he said “What did you guys find”  Trea pointed to the pile of stuff. Douglas walked over to that pile and saw the mouse gun and ammo.  He then said with a smile on his face,” I’ll be back just gotta run an errand just a little bit away”.  Douglas took it and started walking to the jungle and held the gun just above his shoulder.  “Gosh wouldn't that be awesome if he has some music while walking away like, Duh...Duh, Duh, Duh...Duh, Duh, Dun... Duh!” Said Skyler.  “No not at all,” said Derek laughing.  “Don't cha wonder what he’s gonna do with it?” Asked Tyson.  “Shoot Derek for making fun of my awesome song,” said Skyler.  Skyler then held out his fingers like a gun acted like he shot.  Then they heard a Bam! Right After. “WOW!  What was that?” Asked Johnathan.  “I don’t know, A GUN! Said Tyson.  They heard twigs cracking in the field and saw Douglas walk back with a huge grin on his face and said  “That should show them who’s boss,”Douglas then put the gun in his pocket along with the ammo. “Sure... but don’t you think thats a little intense?” Asked Johnny.  “Ummmmm... Who has the gun and when did you get such a big vocabulary?” Asked Douglas. “You do, and yesterday, but why does that matter?” Said Johnny.  “I have the gun, i could shoot you!” Yelled Douglas.  “Yeah, like that small thing could do anything, its smaller than Thomas.” Mocked Johnny.  While Johnny said that Douglas raised and said calmly,” One... Two... Three.” In the blink of an eye Johnny ran as fast as he could into the jungle towards the girls.


“God dude... Do we have to get wood...” Complained Thomas.  “Thomas, shut up, do you wanna die!” Said Braydon.  “Well... I wanna live, but can’t we do it without wood.” Replied Thomas.  “Thomas shut up, I wanna live with wood!” Yelled Kenny.  “Well  then get it yourself, cause i'm gonna  go spy on the girls.” Said Thomas with a smile on his face. He then walked off towards the woods.  “Well when we run out of food, I know who we'll eat first.” Said Derek. Tyson then replied with a smile, “Dude... Hes to small to eat as a main course, but maybe as a appetizer.” Thomas then walked up of the woods and yelled,” Shut up! Or i will nipple twist you all to death!” Thomas then walked back into the woods. Thomas then walked back to the boys camp and when he got there he saw someone stealing.  “Stupid kids don’t know that me, JOHNNY ODEll, is gonna be the one who lives in luxury,” said Johnny.  Johnny then took most of the food and ran up toward the center of the island to higher ground. 5 hours later Johnny got to the center of the island.  “Guys, how much woods did we get?” Asked Skyler.  “More than Thomas.” Said Trea.  “Yeah we wouldn’t need a lot to get more than Thomas... Guys, where are most of the supplies!”Asked Tyson.  “I don’t know but maybe... Maybe.. ummmmm... Oh! It was the monkeys.” Said Derek.  “Shut up, was not the monkeys, it was Johnny because he was the only one who could've done it.  The girls didn’t know where the stash was and i saw him steal it.” Said Thomas. “God!  Why would he even do that!” Yelled Tyson.  “I don’t know,” Said Braydon, “but I do know I'm gonna go build a hut.” Braydon then walked off into the woods leaving the rest of the group.  “Ahhh! What the! Give that back!” Yelled Douglas.  “Get down! I said get down!” Yelled Derek.  The rest of the boys turned around to face Derek holding the mouse gun at Douglas.  “Derek you don’t have to do that,” said Trea calmly.  Derek looked at Trea and yelled, “And what are you gonna do!”  Trea looked at him with a pleading and then replied, “Derek please.”  Derek heard footsteps behind him and turned around and saw Douglas running at him.  BAM!  Dereks gun went off and Douglas dropped like a fly getting slapped and clutched his leg. “Derek what did you do!” Yelled Skyler.  Derek looked at himself then Douglas and then the mouse gun.  He then took off running into the woods.  

Crazy Case

Derek ran from the group for quite awhile.  Muttering to himself. He ran to the center of the island where the tallest mountain was.  He got to the top after a couple of hours when the sun was just about to reach the horizon.  Derek's eyes flicked around in every direction.  Derek saw something at the corner of his eye. "Who's there?" Questioned Derek.  The figure approached very slowly.  Derek did not want to use the gun again but he had no choice.  He lifted up the gun shaking.  “Stop, I don't want to shoot you!” Yelled Derek.  The figure kept approaching.  Derek put the sights on the figure and closed his eyes.  He then very slowly pulled the trigger.  Without the adrenaline he had from the last shooting he felt the kick a lot.  He regained himself from the kick and look to see the figure was still approaching him.  “Bu..But... I.. I... Shot you?” Derek said.  Derek looked to see what was behind him.  A cliff.  He then looked forward and  the figure had disappeared.  Derek looked confused and said to himself. “God, what was that!”  Then Derek looked where he saw the figure and then looked at the cliff.  He saw water at the bottom.  He was turning around but before that he felt a hard shove on his back and he started falling.  “AHHH!!!!” Derek Yelled.  While Derek was falling he could make out the figure who pushed him.  It was Johnny.  “I’ll get you, I’ll survive this!” Yelled Derek. Right after Derek hit the water and a rock.  He feels a sharp pain in his arm and blacked out.

Another One Bites the Dust

“Awwww, Gosh!” Yelled Douglas.  “Douglas you alright?” Asked Tyson.  “Yeah... I'm just totally fine... Of course i’m not fine.  I got shot!” Yelled Douglas.  “Okay sorry, well it looks like it went through.  Which is good.” Said Tyson.  Douglas look relieved and said, ”Okay good, can you get me some water.” Tyson got up and started walking and said,  

”Already on it."  Tyson got to a stream and just thought about all the stuff that happened.  The excitement of going to costa rica.  Riding on the plane.  Hearing the co pilot say that the pilot passed out and we were gonna crash.  Hitting the ground was the worst part.  It all happened too fast.  Tyson collected the water and saw Trea and ran up to him and said, “Hey dude bring this to Douglas.” Trea looked at the pale of water and said, “Okay.” Trea then walked off.  Tyson then walked to the plane.  For some reason he just had to search the plane again.  When Tyson got to the plane, he looked at the wreckage really closely.  The 2nd half was barely punctured or anything.  He walked into the 1st half.  He went to the cockpit.  He noticed a small trapdoor there.  He walked up to it and opened it up and saw a ladder.  He climbed that and could believe what the saw.  Crates of ammo and guns.  At first he thought it was terrorist that smuggled the guns but then he noticed some american guns.  One caught his eye.  The m24.  He walked to it and lifted it up.  It was really light.  The stock and barrel seemed untouched.  “God, this gun is perfect.” Said Tyson it himself.  Tyson heard a noise and quickly turned around and saw Ashley and she said.  “OH! Look what we have here.”

IS THis REal?

Swish... Swish... Swish... A figure rose out of the water line covered with algae and blood.  He tried to stand up but fell.  “Ow!” Yelled the figure.  He then got his hands and knees and crawl out of the water.

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