Chance: The Official Novel

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This is the beginning of Chance: The First Novel

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chris Dawnler's Story

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Chapter One: Chris Dawnler's Story

Meeting up with Jase was one of the best memories I've had. There I was, walking out of the high school and into the bright sun. Everything was perfect, quiet and slowly moving. People were happy, teens were with their pals, but most of all I was standing on my two feet. I drove away into the streets of Seattle, Washington. The lights above me turned on. I looked out my car window and saw a dark storm cloud heading my way. I quickly got into the house garage and went into my room. I slept in the basement since my parents didn't have enough room upstairs. My heart pounded when the rain poured heavly on the windows around me. The wind began to pick up. Suddenly the lights went out and I heard a scream from upstairs. I tried my best to get to my mom. By the time I reached the stairs, my basement door was locked. I couldn't find the key quick enough to save my parents from the dangerous storm. By the time I unlocked the door, the whole top of the house was destroyed. Right before my eyes, they disappeared in thin air. I looked around and saw something different. It wasn't the same place where my house stood. There were gangsters everywhere. I could smell smoke and heard hip-hop music from cars. I quickly scanned and realized the storm took me to the Bronxs, NY. As I walked along the sides, I saw a young guy just like me. He was tall and skinny. Skinner than me should I have said. I cautiously approached and saw a smile upon his face.

"Welcome Chris to the Bronxs"

A shocked expression landed on my face. He actually knew who I was? Is he a guesser or something?

"You never heard of the Bronxs?"

"Yes I have. Question, how do you know me?"

"Everyone knows everyone around here"

"Is that a joke?"

"No it's not. Why ask that?"

"Strangers cannot know someone else's name that quick"

"There are some things you don't know about teens in the Bronxs. I am not one of those regular kids".

"Tell me then"


"Why not explain what you are?"

"No one will never find out about me"

"Could you tell me your first name?"

"That is given yes. I'm Jase"

"You look too young to do drugs"

"Are you here to judge or would you like to join me? Not for the drugs, to be a close friend of mine?"

"I would want to be your friend, yes"

"Take this necklace then and wear it. Protection and safety reasons"


Once that necklace touched my neck, something was happening. For some reason, the necklace was disappearing into my skin. At that point, I didn't understand what was going on with this day. Jase patted my back and showed me into a nightclub. Girls were everywhere, but that's not why we went in there. He took me to a dark room where I heard other people talking. Sounded mostly like girls. Jase closed the door and stood behind me.

"In order to fit in, take one of the girls and get drugged up"

"Do you think it will ruin my career?"

"What are you? A football jock?"

"No just want to be successful"

"You're now a drop-out"

"Wait a second! You were the one that sent that storm to me. You brought me! Why?"

"Remember, there are some things you will never know about the Bronxs"

The girls seemed different. They were blonde, yes, but they didn't seem themselves. One took a hold of me, threw me on the bed and made me smoke something weird. By the night, I was high. Jase and I would laugh randomly at anything the girls told us. Even if they said they liked us, we would just crack up a laugh or two. When we left that place, the time I don't recall, we found ourselves wandering the streets. The hip-hop music became louder and I found Jase's hideout. I chilled with him the whole rest of the night. By morning time, the next day, my head was killing me. Jase was wide awake staring at the ceiling.

"Hey man, what a hit we had"

"You said it, Chris. I'm proud of you"

"Thanks. I'm sorry I underestimated you dude"

"Keep that to yourself. I understand everything. When I arrived here, it wasn't easy for me as well. People acted different and I tried my best to fit in with this world”

“You did great to get this far”

“Ya think? Wow you are a new kid”

“That’s why you brought me here”

“Me? How many times do I have to explain to you?”

“Ok, ok so someone or something brought me here to pal around with you?”

“Mostly likely”

“Look, it is very nice to be with someone like you, but school is my life”

“Told you last night you are officially a drop-out”

“You can’t change my mind that quick”

“Trying to help you out is all”

“Not when you’re telling me that I’m now a drop-out! My parents…”

I stopped and thought about my mom and dad. They would not be proud of my decision. Jase raised his eyebrow and gave me a blank expression. I turned and smiled a bit.

“I guess I’m a bit of an idiot”

“No one is an idiot to me. If anyone calls you that, just stand up and attack”

“What? Like a wolf?”

“Ha. You are a strange boy aren’t you?”

Jase smiled and walked outside leaving me alone inside the hideout. I followed behind him and chilled with him for the rest of the day. Each day, every month we would do the same thing over. Once I got used to it, we moved to a small runned-out town called Coldstone. Inside this small town was nothing but drugged up people. It wasn’t the same as the Bronxs. People didn’t care what you did as long as you didn’t get into their business. Otherwise, it was a quiet place. Jase and I built our own house that we promised to take care of. One day, when I was walking outside, I saw a figure walking into the town. He looked similar to my one friend back in high school. As the figure got closer, I saw the face. It was Pete! He looked like he was doing drugs as well.

“Pete, how did you know I was here?”

“Dude Chris, I need to get you back home. Get your things. We’re going”

“Whoa there bud. I’m not going anywhere”

“Why not? Don’t you miss Seattle?”

“To be honest, I really like this place”

“Are you crazy? This place is not even on the map!”


“I’m trying to save your life before you lose it”

“Pete, turn around and leave. I’m already drugged up”

“Whoever got you drugged is going to get it. Your parents will not be happy hearing this news”

“At this point, my parents are not in my mind. All I care about is helping out with these people and my new friend”

“Who is that?”

“I’m his new partner”

I turned and saw Jase walking toward us. He seemed a bit too wacked to remember what he was doing. He stood in front of me and gave a mean glare at Pete.

“Is this dude giving you any trouble?”

“No. Wants me to go back home”

“He isn’t going with you”

“Why don’t you get lost, druggie?”

Pete pushed Jase back a little and I knew what was going to happen. Jase was going to chase after him. Jase grew angry and punched him in the face. Surprisingly I never saw Jase fight back to a regular, normal person. Pete got up and gave a laugh.

“You think it’s funny? Come on and do it again!”

“Pete, I wouldn’t mess with him”

“You two know each other?”

“Friends. Back in high school”

“Well, you’re not going to take him back to Seattle you dirty punk”

I grabbed Jase and calmed him down. I walked in front of him and punched Pete. This time he layed on the ground for a long time. Jase smiled and gave me a high-five.

“What was that for?”

“Wanted you to save your anger for something else”

“You stood up for yourself, man! That’s crazy and yet amazing! Let’s go home and celebrate”

I walked beside him talking about Pete’s history. Nighttime arrived and the summer wind was blowing calmly. We wound up staying in the house, doing our thing. Jase laughed and stared at the ceiling.

“You thought that was funny?”

“Jake told you to marry a lightpole. What in the hell is wrong with him?”

“Unsure, but you should know because you’re friends”

“There is a difference between us. He’s the one that weird, I’m the druggie. Let’s keep it to that. Still a lightpole”

“What if you had to marry that pole? You would like that”

“Hey, watch it! Say, Jake is getting married isn’t he?”

“Yeah. I heard he is having a little daughter”

“Really? How cool. I hope that girl grows up to be super hot”


“What? I need a girlfriend ya know?”

“So do I”

“Chris, your chance will come soon. Trust me”

“I always trust you”

“Then, there is nothing to worry about”

“Got that right”

Before midnight, Jase fell asleep. I stared at the ceiling thinking about the day I will meet someone special. This girl I desire has to be honest and love me for who I am, not for what I do. I slowly closed my eyes and went to sleep. Around 4 in the morning, something gave me a strange feeling inside. I woke up and saw Jase missing. I got up, looked throughout the house, but didn’t see him. I walked back into the living room and saw him talking to someone in the street. Once I was behind him, he was introducing this new girl to Coldstone.

“You have a boyfriend?”

“Does it look like I have one?”

“Sassy, but understandable”

“Sorry, but I don’t usually talk to strangers. Maybe you and I could hook up”

“Umm actually my friend here was looking for one”

When Jase pushed me in front of her, she was stunning. Her brown hair covered her pale white face. Her shining blue-green eyes looked nervous. Her smile was cute and simple. I tried to hide my face, but there was no use of it.

“Hi there”

“Are you the new person here?”

“Pretty much. I’m Kiki Miller”

“Where did you come from?”

Her lips closed and a bit of a frown came upon her face. That was the wrong thing to do there genius. Now what?

“Sorry, sorry. Sometimes things slip through my mind”

Her smile returned. She came closer and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“That’s fine. I don’t really want to discuss my birthplace”

“No worries. It was my fault”

“Of course not! I’m a run-away high school student is all”

“Are you a drop-out?”

“Officially I am”

“You’ve got nothing to lose then. Want to visit our place?”

“Sure! Take me?”

I took her hand and walked her to the house. I turned and saw Jase looking up at the sky. Was he making another wish again to have someone beside him? I frowned and stared at him. Kiki put her hand on my cheek and gave a worried expression.

“Go home, Chris. There is nothing you can do”

“Jase, did you want her?”

“No. I’ll get my wish”

“I have some friends that needs a new boyfriend”

“Are they druggies?”


“Sorry, I won’t accept them”

“Jase, take it easy on yourself. You’ll find someone very soon”

“I better”

“Alright we’re going inside”


We walked away leaving Jase alone in the streets. I wish I could have mind reading powers so I knew what Jase was planning everytime. Dinnertime arrived and summer rain was pouring in the streets. Kiki cuddled into me and closed her eyes. I looked over at Jase. His eyes were blood-shot and he seemed a bit drunk.

“Drinking now are we?”

“No. Just having a terrible day”

“What now? Is it because of me again?”

“Never Chris. It was about my oldest girlfriend when I was in high school. Kiki reminded me of her”

“Did this chick slam you hard?”

“Basically. I never figured out what I did wrong to her. I gave everything to her. My attention, my love, everything! She dumped me hard a day before prom saying we needed time away”

“Dude, sorry to ask”

“You’re allowed to ask me anything”

“Wow. If I were you, I would have found out what she was hiding”

“Don’t worry I did that. When I arrived at her place, she was in the room with another man. Well, more than one man. Having some kind of party. I didn’t understand why she was falling hard for other guys more than me. I was the best one, yet I got dumped”

“Damn! If I had her, I throw her into a river or something”

“Huh, I wanted to do that to myself, but saved my life”

“Did ya hear?”


“Jake had the baby daughter”

“Really? When did you see her?”

“Never got a chance to see her yet. Maybe you could since I’m with Kiki”

“I’ll be back later then”

“Take it real easy tonight man”

“Thanks Chris. Be safe and protective”

“Will do”

Jase gave a small wave and a smile. He quietly closed the front door and walked into the street. I looked out and made sure he was doing alright. I have to keep a keen eye on him because he is on more drugs than before. He disappeared into the blue and I fell asleep quick. Midnight came around and I heard thunder rumbling in the distance. Kiki woke up and freaked out. I held her close and she smile. I heard her laughing at herself. I did the same. She seems more protective now with me here. Her hand touched my face and she gave me a kiss. Before she could pull away, I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. Our wild night was about to begin. When Jase arrived home, he seemed a bit mad. I got up and slowly walked to Jase. He was hiding in the dark.

“Jase, what happened? Did Jake hit you?”

“The little daughter is not here”

“Really? I swear he had her”

“I’m not going to hit you. That man is going to get it! I know he will!”

"Jase, you need to calm it. It's fine. You will see the daughter sometime"

"How am I going to?"

I stood there without another word. A frown was upon my face and I was looking all around the house. It wasn't easy talking to Jase about this. I don't know why he wants to see Jake's little daughter. Before I could look back at him, he disappeared into his bedroom. I decided to let him alone. I sat there on the couch with Kiki. Thinking about the future when she grows up. How is she going to act toward us?

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