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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Beginning of Kayla Bell

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Chapter Two: The Beginning of Kayla Bell

"Kayla, your friend is here. Get up now!"

I awoke and saw myself facing the window. The sun was hiding itself and it became cloudy outside. I smiled and slowly got up. Today was my final senior day. Graduation day is tomorrow evening at the high school. I cannot believe I'm finally graduating. Alli entered my bedroom and closed my door. I jumped and turned around. I found her laughing at me. I smiled, shook my head and looked back at her.

"What are you doing here in my bedroom? I was coming"

"Nah take your time, Kay. Can you believe we graduate tomorrow night?"

"The biggest day of our lives. Something is bothering me though"

"What's that?"

"I feel something is about to happen after graduation"

"Tell me. What is it?"

"A big storm will come, destroy the top of the houses and everyone won't be around. I can see just us two though being the only ones around"

"Wow that's a bad feeling I'm guessing"

"I know it is. Sorry to even think of that"

"Why be sorry? At least you told me before it got worse"

"You have a point there, Alli"

"Did you get the dress for tomorrow night?"

"What dress?"

"You forgot about the ball dance"

"There is a ball dance?"

"At Caesar's!"

"Well, then could you help me find one?"

"Sure. You could possibly fit my sister's dresses because she was as skinny as you"

"You are skinny as well, Alli. Don't judge yourself"

"Don't worry about me. Think about okay?"

"Sure. Thanks for reminding me"

"Anytime. Ready to roll?"

"Just need my shoes is all"

I quickly grabbed my shoes and purse. Alli closed my bedroom door behind me and we went outside. A few rain drops were falling and we knew it was going to rain. We ran into my car and drove off to school. When we arrived at Atlantic City High School, all students were running inside quickly. We quickly got out and walked inside. As we walked around to find a couple more of our friends, something was telling me a person was watching me. This person wasn't in the school. The person was outside. I turned around and saw Jerald standing there with a warm smile. I gave a small laugh and hugged him. Jerald was one of my closest friends since middle school. He already has a girlfriend incase you were wondering about him.

"Good morning there, Kay"

"Hi there"

"Why did you laugh?"

"I had a funny feeling someone was watching me"

"Mostly likely it was me"

"I should have known. How are you?"

"Hanging in there. My girlfriend broke up with me last night. At least I have a close friend to talk with"

"You came to the right one as well"

Jerald and I sat down and talked for awhile. When the late bell rang, we got up and walked upstairs. The hallway, where our lockers are, was crowded with different students. I got to my locker and saw Alli getting her things.

"Saw you were talking to Jerald. That boy would be so perfect for you"

"To date?"


"I would like to date him, but I think he wants someone else"

"You got a point there"

"He's my friend though. It's better to be friends, then boyfriend/girlfriend"

"Come on and get someone to date"

"Not until I find a good colllege"

"I'm not planning to go to college anymore"

"Why not? That was our wish together since middle school"

"I don't have time for that. I have three jobs you know? I'm babysitting, a house cleaner and cashier at Rite Aid"

"Ok, ok that was my fault"

"It's fine Kay. We're best friends and nothing will seperate us from anything. I promise"

"Thanks for being there"

"Anytime. We're gonna be late!"

We walked to class and did our classes all day long. The third lunch bell rang and I walked into the cafe area. There was only a few students. I have to say first and second lunches are the most popular ones. Alli and Jerald walked to a table and saved me a seat. I sat down and we began talking about something random.

"How was classes you two?"

"Just fine. Didn't Mr. Miji bore you guys out?"

"Not really. Why ask that Jerald?"

"Well Kay, because he bores everyone"

"He doesn't bore Alli or I. We love his class"

"Kay has a point, Jerald. We enjoy learning in his class"

"Not as bad as the time he was talking about his wife"

"Girl, that's far enough"

I sat back in the chair and laughed. We continued to talk until our lunch was over. After lunch, we got to go home. The bell rang and everyone was walking to their lockers. I arrived upstairs and there wasn't many students around. I opened my locker and saw a message on my cellphone. I checked it and saw a message from my grandmother. I smiled and hoping it was a good message.

"Kay, could you please stop by the market and get some few things? Nothing important really. Just some cheese, yougart, milk and all that good things? I'm sorry I can't drive today. I walked outside, slipped in the rain and sprained my ankle. Thanks darling."

I smiled and closed my cellphone. I headed out for my car and saw Alli waiting. Jerald was laughing at something. I ran over and chilled with them.

"Did I miss anything important?"

"Nah. We were talking about the ball dance tomorrow night"

"What time is it?"

"Around seven o'clock"

"Unsure if I can make it tomorrow night"

"Why not? Kay, you promised to come"

"When did I say that?"

"Last week"

"Things change with my plans you know that"

"Come on. Jerald wants to take you to the dance"

I froze with a smile on my face. Jerald, my closest friend, wants to take me to the dance? Why me? I looked at Jerald and he was smiling. He must of wanted me to ask something back.

"What do you think, Kay?"

"I will go if I get there on time"

"No worries I can pick you up"

"Either my grandmother or mom would find that weird"

"It's ok. I will take care of your ride to the dance"

"Ok then. See you at seven"

"That's my girl"

Alli patted my back and got into my car. Jerald and I stood there with a smile on our faces. He came closer and held me. He gave me a hug and I closed my eyes. I think he beginning to want me as his new girlfriend. Probably not because I'm not girlfriend material. We let go, said goodbye and disappeared. I drove Alli to Rite Aid and went inside with her. People were everywhere shopping, buying and leaving. Alli waved goodbye, found her cashier spot and began working. I grabbed a cart and went to go find items. By the time I checked out, I found myself driving in the rain. Cars were driving quickly to get home. I arrived home, walked inside and heard the TV set on. I knew my grandmother was watching some TV show of her's. I walked into the kitchen and began cooking dinner. My mother ran downstairs to see what the noise was about. I looked and saw her standing there in the enterance. She seemed like she was in a royal mess about something. I tried my best not to laugh and continued to cook.

"What is so funny?"

"Just looks like you're having a bad day or something"

"What are you talking about?"

"Look at yourself in the mirror and see what I mean"

"Young lady, that was uncalled for!"

"I wasn't calling you ugly! You're hair is messed up. Wasn't too sure if the bills was driving you crazy or something. Don't go yelling at me for something I wasn't doing to you"

"Anyways, why are you cooking?"

"Because I live in this house and I'm allowed to cook dinner"

"Get lost!"

"Why don't you? I'm in the kitchen already and I have the food in the oven"

My mother stood there with a mean glare. I shot one back at her as well. She finally rolled her eyes and left. She entered the living room and talked with grandmother.

"Why does she have to be so harsh on me?"

"What do you mean dear?"

"Mom, my daughter is getting mean already. I haven't done anything to her"

"You have"

"What did I do wrong to her?"

"Took away something she wanted to be around with"

"Mom, her father would never treat her the same way I'm trying to"

"Nancy, look at yourself! You are a divoriced mother trying to raise a daughter on your own. When she was a little girl, all she wanted was to see her father. Why can't you make that a wish for her? She doesn't even know who DeVon is"

"She is better off without him"

"Yeah right, mother. I don't understand why you are being like this"

Her face met mine and she moved back a little bit. I smiled at my grandmother and handed her food.

"Eat it up or else you don't get anything else for the night. Grandma, you want some?"

"Sure no gravy on the turkey dear"

"You've got it!"

"See what I mean?"

"Like daughter like mother. You were mean and strict on her when she was young, now its washing all on her. What do you think she is going to do when she has a family of her own? Is she going to ground them for no reasons?"

"No I wouldn't, grandma. Besides, children takes a lot of work. You got to feed, change and put them to bed. Hard enough for someone to understand"

"Kayla Marie, I was trying my best to get over your father and become a better mother"

"Ok so what have you done to change my life? Nothing because you won't let me near my father. I'm happy I'm graduating tonight. After this, I'm partying with my friends until I can't stand on my two feet anymore"

I turned my back and began to walk toward the stairs. My mother stopped at the end while I looked down at her. She seemed furious and her face was flushed red.

"At this point, I don't care what you do to me"

"You will never say that again in your life"

"What? That I'm going to party?"


"What is wrong about partying? You're afraid aren't you? You're scared that something bad is going to happen with me"

"No I don't think that"

"Then what is it mother? Tell me. I've been dying to hear this conversation since the day we moved into this house. I want to see my dad! You took him away from me when I was a young girl, now is my chance to see who he really is. If he treats me better, I'm going to move in with him. This conversation is over"



"I'm afraid you will get addicted to many things"

"Drugs and alcohol right? Like you did when you were a teen?"

"Don't remind me of that"

"Then why are you saying this to me? I took health class and I'm mature enough. Unlike you. You're almost how old now and you still party with three men on your side? Well, there is something weird about that one"

I walked away and heard my mother running up the stairs. Before I could close my door, my mom's foot caught it. She tried to push the door open, but I stayed right behind it. She was trying her best to grab me. I hid behind the door and heard my grandmother yelling in the distance.

"Nancy, let Kayla alone!"

"Mom, stay out of this! She deserves to be grounded!"

"Yeah right! I think you need to be more grounded by grandmother"

"Not unless you get grounded first"

"What was that I hear? Oh! That's my call. I have to get ready for tomorrow night. See ya!"

I slammed the door and fell to the floor. My mother gets mean when it comes to bad conversations about her teenage life. You think I was kidding when I said she was a druggie and drinker? No I wasn't. She would party early evening to late morning time. She would come home acting like my dad didn't belong to her. That's why theiy divoriced now.

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