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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Graduation Distaster

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Chapter Three: Graduation Distaster

By the next night, I was getting my graduation outfit on and doing my makeup. Before I could leave my bathroom, grandmother put something on the nightstand. I smiled, peeked around the corner and gave a strange look.

"What are you in here for, grandma?"

"Taking one last look at my granddaughter before she graduates and leaves the house"

"I promise I will take you with me"

"It's better off to leave me here with your mother. She is not kicking me out of the house"

"Where did these flowers come from?"

"Your dad sent them to you"

My dad? He actually sent me flowers for my graduation present? My eyes grew big and a big smile was upon my face. I touched the flowers gently and looked at them all.

"I can't believe he remembered I was graduating tonight"

"He remembers everything. Including you as his little girl"

"Grandma, was I always daddy's girl?"

"More likely daddy's princess. Always got whatever you wanted. He was such a sweet guy to you and always tried to raise you good. Your mother caused the problem and divoriced when you were young"

"I remember that. She was drunk and high while yelling at my dad. I was sitting in the living room playing until the yelling caught my attention. I recall dad picking me up and taking me outside to his car. I guess he was trying to save me"

"He wanted to keep you. He didn't win the battle though. Your mother started crying like a baby saying it wasn't fair. The judge sadly changed the court and your dad gave you up. He wasn't a very happy man when we left him. It was sad for him to see his little princess leave the house"

I could feel tears in my eyes and my heart become hallow. I cannot believe I was going to be his. I don't want my mother anymore, I want to see who my real dad is. I looked back at my grandmother who sat on my bed. I smiled and grabbed my things. She walked downstairs and drove me to the graduation.

"Would it be okay if I drive you to your graduation?"

"You can do that?"


"Last night, you said your ankle was bad"

"I was only kidding because I wanted you to get some things"

"Grandma, you bad seed"

"Welcome to my world, Kayla. Go ahead and get into the car."

I smiled, gave her a hug and walked outside to the car. Before I could get in, rain drops fell and I looked up at the sky. Was there a storm on its way? I shrugged my shoulders, got in and went to the high school. My grandmother's car arrived at the student parking lot. As we got out, there were parents everywhere. I took my grandmother to her seat and sat beside her.

"Ok grandma, this is where you will be sitting alright? Who's sitting beside me?"

"I have no clue"

"Ok then. Take it easy"

Before I could go into the gym area, I looked at the name. It was short, but it was similar to a man's name. DeVon. I thought one of my friends was saving a seat for themselves. I said goodbye and walked to the gym. Seniors were everywhere and chatter filled the room up. I looked around, but couldn't find anyone. Alli jumped on my back and I laughed.

"Girl, we made it this far. Now we need to leave this place for good"

"I'm agreeing with you"

"Remember after this, we are heading to that ball dance"

"Of course how could I forget about that? By the way, I need a dress"

"Don't worry. Cassandra has extra long dresses you can wear tonight. Where is your date by the way?"

"Unsure. He told me he would be here"

"Which I am if you turn around you strange girl"

I smiled and turned to find Jerald standing right behind me. He looked a bit taller than he was before unless I shrunk a little bit. He opened his arms and he picked me up. I laughed as he did a few circles. When he put me down, he held me close. I smiled and hid my face. Alli was smiling and blushing.

"Guess you're happy, Alli"

"I'm happy you two are still friends"

"We would never get lost into someone else right Kayla?"

"You've got that right, Jerald. Question, is it me or did you get taller?"

"Yeah I got a little bit taller. Remember I'm taking you to the dance tonight"

"I know Jerald. I cannot wait"

"This is the best moment of our lives. So, we need to take pictures and savor the moment girls"

Alli came and joined our groupd hug. The principal and vice principal walked in and blew the whistle. All the seniors lined up by last names. The principal got on his little stage and did a quick speech.

"All seniors, in a few moments you are going to be graduating from Atlantic City High School. All of you have made it up this far. We are wishing you the best graduation of your lives and we sure hope you get the best further education. Class of 2011, prepare to graduate. Thank you. Everyone may now go to their seats and wait for further instructions"

We all clapped and cheered while walking out the door. Before I could leave, I saw something strange. When I walked past the principal, he was real. When I couldn't see him anymore, he was a ghost. I shook my head telling myself I was only dreaming about this. I found my seat and sat beside Claire and Yasmine. Claire smiled and held my hand close. We have been best friends since middle school. She was the captain for cheerleading, the best prep and one of the sweetest girls. It didn't matter if she lied to me or not, as long as we got along counted for our friendship. I looked over and tried to hide my smile.

"Come on Bell, its all good. Remember it was just an accident. Jerald really likes you no matter what"

"Claire, I told you if you want him you can keep him. I would never take him from you"

"Don't worry Bell, I have someone else"


"Benjamin Grove"

"That cute boy?"


"Good luck with him. Going to the dance?"

"You bet! I never miss out on these types of dances. I may be kissing crazy tonight though"

"Doesn't matter. As long as you're there, I'm happy"

"Best friend 'til the end?"


We smiled and faced the principal. Every single parent was clapping and cheering for us. I saw someone sit right beside my grandmother. I couldn't tell if it was my friend's dad or someone else. Grandmother smiled and hugged DeVon.

"Oh DeVon! I knew you would come to see your daughter graduate"

"Thanks. Do you think she will remember me?"

"I bet she will once you tell her a little bit of her childhood"

"Good thing Nancy isn't here"

"She wasn't invited. All Kayla wanted was me"

"At least she didn't find out you invited me"

"She will be so happy. Thanks for coming"

"Anytime. Let's pay attention shall we?"

"Oh yes forgot"

They faced the principal and watched each student recieve their diploma. When I got mine, I saw people clapping and smiling. This was a big surprise to me. Claire's, Alli's, Jerald's and Yasmin's parents were actually clapping for me. I knew they asked their parents to since I was the only child.

"To all the audience that attended this graduation, we thank you. Class of 2011, this place is all your's"

Claire and Yasmin walked up to the stage and stood by the microphone.

"Us girls have one thing to say. Class of 2011 WE ARE DONE!"

Everyone tossed their hat in the air and cheered. We gave each other hugs and best wishes. I found Alli and Jerald waiting for me. Yasmin stopped in front of me and held her hand out. I smiled and shook it.

"This is not over yet, Belley"

"Yeah I know. Always gonna depise me?"

"Never. This is our night and I have to say you're one of the greatest people I've been around with. It didn't matter if my prep friends laughed at me for being with you. You showed me how to become a better me. Thank you"

"You're welcome, Yas. Comin to the dance?"

"That's why I said it wasn't over yet"

"You've got it!"

"See ya Belley!"

We waved goodbye and Jerald picked me up. I laughed as Alli walked beside us. I found my grandmother waving at me. I ran up the hill and walked toward the car. Her arms were open and I hugged her. Tears were rolling down her eyes.

"I am so happy for you, young lady. Now, you're on to better things"

"Grandma, one thing"

"What's that?"

"Who was sitting right beside you?"

"The one you sent you the fowers is the one who came to see his own princess graduate"

I let go of my grandmother, turned around and was in shock. My dad was standing right there in front of me! My dad! My eyes grew big and my heart raced faster. I hugged him tight and smiled. He held me close and laughed.

"It is so great to see you again"

"Daddy, how did you know everything?"

"Your grandma sent me an invitation saying you were graduating tonight. I had to come and see you recieve that reward"

"I'm so happy you're here dad. I missed you more than anything!"

"One other thing. Would you like to move back into Atlantic City?"

"Dad, I am living in Atlantic City"

"Actually, you are living in Absecon which is not close to Atlantic City"

"Well, still"

"Would you like to?"

"Most certainly dad"

He hugged me again with a smile on his face. I heard Jerald's car pulling up and my dad letting go.

"Ya comin?"

"Hold on, Jerald!"

He gave me an ok sign and rolled his window up. My grandmother started the car leaving us both outside. My dad didn't seem to approve Jerald or his car.

"Dad, there's a party happening right now and I was invitited to go"

"What time will you be back?"

"Around 11:30"

"Ok then. Don't do anything bad. If you do, please tell me as soon as possible"

"Dad, I promise you with all my heart"

"Alright, go have some fun you crazy girl"

I waved goodbye, got into Jerald's car and saw my dad waving. Jerald looked over at me and smiled.

"Ready for tonight?"

"You bet"

"Where is your outfit?"

"Alli said her sister has an extra dress for me to wear"

"Make sure it looks nice on you"


"It's the best night for any boy or girl"

"It's just a dance, Jerald"

"To me, its like another prom"

"Don't start that again please"

"Come on! You were so pretty in that velvet maroon dress. You're jewelry glittered everytime you would turn. You are so pretty and you can fit almost anything!"

"You are suppose to be my friend"

"I am your friend"

"Why are you telling me I'm pretty?"

"Because it's the truth. I would never lie to someone as sweet as you"

I smiled when I looked at Jerald. His eyes were shining and his smile was perfect. I really wanted to go over there and kiss him, but I knew he was in love with someone else. The car arrived at the ball dance palace and seniors were everywhere. I got out and held onto Jerald's arm tightly. In this big of a crowd, I knew I could get lost easily. We made our way inside of the building and heard music playing. Alli took me into the dressing room and pulled out a rack filled with sparkling dresses. All of them were so pretty and long.

"Ok chicka, find a dress and like it for tonight"

"Are you sure I'm allowed to?"

"Of course you can because Claire said so"

I saw Claire coming out in her baby blue sparkle dress. She looked so cute in almost everything she owned.

"You look stunning"

"Ya think so?"

"Always. Never lie to you, Claire. Alli, you look swell in that dress"

"Ok enough chit-chat"

"Be nice Alli"

"Try to make me Claire"

"Alright both of you. Stop before it gets worse again. Don't want this on my graduation night"

"Ok why not try this color on you?"

I took the dress and wore it. I put on a modeling show for the three girls and they tried to agree on one of the dresses. When I came out in the last one, they froze in their spots.

"Does this dress look bad or something?"

"No its beautiful on you"

"You think?"

"The way the dress fits you is perfect. You have a great body figure for this one"

I looked in the mirror and saw myself in a snow white queen dress. The sparkles matched perfectly with the dress lace. Claire, Alli and Yasmin stood behind me and took a picture.

"Gotta make this one last while we can"

"Let's go dance girls!"

We all cheered and walked out the door. As I was dancing, rain began to fall at my mother's house. Grandmother and DeVon walked in and sat in the living room. Grandmother turned the weather station on and stayed tuned on it.

"Why are we watching this?"

"DeVon, they are tracking another bad rain storm. This one could be at its worst"

"Do you think I should contact Kayla?"

"You might as well. She has to know the weather before she can come home"

DeVon took his cellphone out and dialed my number. When it went to my answering box, he left a message for me to listen.

"Hey Kayla, listen there is a bad storm heading our way and was wondering if you want one of us to pick you up. I'm guessing you are dancing already at the party. So, let me know and call me back. Text me if you want to. Goodbye"

He hung up and shook his head. Grandmother gave him her gloomy eyes knowing what will happen next. The storm arrived and we were still partying. Right before everyone was getting something to drink, the lights went out. At least the backup lights came on. Everyone was chattering and the DJ announced from his backup system.

"Everyone listen up! We just got a report that a bad storm has finally reached our area. It is important that all teenagers should drive home right at this moment since the storm is going to be terrible"

All the seniors began to panic and rushed into the dressing room. Jerald grabbed me and took me toward the enterance. Before he could take me, I remembered about my cellphone.

"Where are you going?"

"My cellphone is still in there"

"Alli will get it for you! Come on! I gotta take you home"

"No! I need to go back in!"

"Kayla, you can't do this because I love you"

For a moment, I looked at him with a worried expression. He seemed worried and nervous at the same time. I cannot believe he said that to me. I pushed his hand off of my shoulder and ran back inside. Everyone was gone and Jerald left without another word. I searched and found my cellphone. I looked for the entertance, but something was wrong. It felt like the storm has past and did something. I felt a rain drop on my nose and slowly moved my head toward the ceiling. The whole top of the roof was missing. My eyes grew big and my mouth dropped. How could of this happened?

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