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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Welcome to Coldstone

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Chapter Four: Welcome to Coldstone

I looked down at my dress and saw it destroyed. Oh great. How am I going to fix this without them realizing I ruined it? I saw some people walking around and tried to find someone who seemed friendly. To be honest, none of them really seemed the type. One boy accidently bumped into me and gave me a weird expression.

"Yes I know its weird to see a girl in a dress in....where the hell am I?"


"Where is that?"

"Figure it out yourself stoney"

Stoney? What in the world does stoney mean? Is it referred to a druggie on the street stoney? I walked away and found myself in this new place. Music filled the air while people walked around looking at me like I was some kind of clown from the circus. I finally saw a young girl, around in her twenties, who was high and out of it.

"Excuse me, I was wondering something"

"What's up snow white queen?"

"Wanted to know if I really am dreaming this?"

"Dreaming of what?"

"I found myself in this place"

"Ah that storm came by didn't it?"

"How did you know?"

"Someone controls that storm around here. Don't know the name of the person or who he looks like. All I know is he owns a nice place"

"Was needing help of where I'm at"

"Welcome to Coldstone, queen. This place is filled with druggies everywhere you look. Want to know how you got here?"


"Figure that one out yourself. Not to be mean, but new people are told that"

"I need to go home to my dad"

"Aww daddy's princess are we? Well, hun this ain't no fairy tale anymore. Buy yourself a decent outfit and try to fit in. Otherwise, you'll be in the hobo streets"

She pointed to a couple of hobo people. They looked cold, hungry and wanting money for things. The girl came closer, stood beside me and shook her head. She must of been a hobo before she became a druggie.

"Poor people can't get themselves anything"

"What happened with them?"

"They were the biggest drug dealers around until one day the police officers caught them selling illegal drugs. Lost their jobs, girlfriends and boyfriends and homes. Now they live in boxes. It's horrible when it rains because they have to find new ones to replace the older ones"

"Were you one of them?"

"Nah. Always been a druggie. I get myself whatever I want"

"That means I'm a hobo"

"Why? You look like a rich person to me to even own a pretty dress like that"

"I have no extra clothes, shelter or even a job to keep me going"

"I'll help you find someone to get you those things. A girl named Kiki. She is a great person to be with. She can be mean from time to time, but she can certainly get you things"


"Name's Charleston"

"Different name for a girl, but I like it"

"Thanks. Your's?"

"Kayla Bell"

The young girl froze and stared at me with her blue eyes. They shined and a big smile was upon her face. Was I a criminal or something to them?

"Why didn't you introduce yourself at first?"

"Because I got talking into this"

"Our boy has been looking for you"

"A boy you say?"

"Yeah. He has been waiting for years to see you"

"Charles, leave that girl alone!"

I turned around and saw a woman walking out from a nightclub. She seemed a bit drunk and slowly getting herself high. I smiled and tried to hide my face. The girl's hand touched my chin and moved it to her face. She looked at me and stood back.

"Welcome Kayla. We were looking for you"

"Are you going to arrest me for something?"

"Nope. We want you to fit in. Come with me snow white queen. We need to get you a new outfit"

I followed behind her into the nightclub's dressing room. Girls were smoking, kissing and laughing with their boyfriends. Something inside of me was saying to get away from these people, but I didn't move. The girl brought a tank top and mini skirt out.

"Transforming me into a tramp now?"

"Nah. I'm pretty sure this outfit will look good on you. Outfitted me. Go ahead, try it on"

I walked into the dressing room and changed into the outfit. Before I showed that girl, I stared in the mirror. Look at yourself, Kayla. You are pretty, tall and beautiful. Whoever said you weren't those things are totally bums. I walked out and saw the girls smiling. They gave me good comments. The girl finally came toward me and smiled.

"Told you it would look good on you"

"Do you think so?"

"Sure. Everyone of us has to have something right?"

"I bet"

"You have beauty and looks. We have drugs and boys. Anything different?"

"Nothing I see is wrong"

"Good. Follow me and meet my boyfriend"

Now she seemed a bit hyper off of something. I waved goodbye to the others and followed behind her. I found the girl pulling her boyfriend away from the bar. He was a drinker and druggie as well. He seemed like a nice guy to talk with. He held his hand out, but I grabbed the tip of his finger.

"Guess she isn't used to drinking"

"Chris, this is something else"

"Who Kiki?"

She whispered something to him and I saw his eyes lit up. He smiled and patted my back gently. Okay this place is starting to be weird now.

"Well, welcome to Coldstone there missy"

"Ok I'm starting to think there is something going on around here"

"No there is nothing wrong around here. We have been waiting for you, Kayla"

"How does everyone know who I am?"

"My friend has been wishing to see you since you were a young child"

"He knows me?"

"Well, he doesn't know you exactly. He always wanted to see who you were"

"Ok not to be mean, but I don't think stalking me will help solve the dudes life"

"He's not just a dude. That is Chris's friend!"

"Kiki, be nice to Kayla. She didn't say anything wrong. Sorry about that. She can get out of hand from time to time"

"It's fine. When can I see this dude who wants to see me?"

"It's hard to say because he goes everywhere"

"Really? Wow I never knew he could do that"

"He is amazing at almost anything. Where are you going?"

"Back outside. I don't belong here"

"No Kayla! Wait! Shoot, she left! Chris, don't let her go"

"Kiki, she will be back. Trust me she won't survive on the drugged up streets"

"You got a point"

I escaped and found myself on the sidewalk. I saw Charleston standing there still smoking. I quickly ran over to her before I could get rained on. The rain continued to pour as I talked with Charleston.

"What do you mean?"

"They say someone is waiting for me. I really don't belong here. I would like to go home"

"All of us want to go somewhere, but we are stuck here. We cannot change the weather"

"Why did this person bring me here?"

"I'm unsure. I dropped out of high school, ran away from home and arrived here"

"Do you remember where you lived?"

"To be honest hun, I don't remember anything. It was a hard life for me"

"I can believe it"

"You're life bad?"

"Well, my parents are divoriced. That makes it a bit hard to be there for one of my parents"

"Ya care about them?"

"Mostly my dad is the one I care for. My mother messed up my childhood and most of my middle school years"

"I know how that went. Mine was probably the same thing"

"You think so?"

"Sure. A lot of us girls have problems that seems similar, sometimes the same"


"Don't plan to leave this place. If you do, you will find yourself wandering in circles"

"You mean if I leave now, there is no way out?"

"That's my point. I've been trying to escape for a long time, but never can find a good way out"

"Is this like a kingdom or something?"

"No. No one runs this place except for the people. Ah.."


"Sirens are going off. Someone is breaking the law"

I looked and saw people running away. Charleston grabbed her things and walked away. She turned back to me and yelled something.

"If you want to live in this place, you must escape fast before the riot comes after you. Once you get inside the riot, there is no way out"

I looked at Charleston, then to the crowd of people. The police sirens were getting louder and the lights lit up the whole town. Kiki escaped, but Chris was trying to find me. Before I could chase after Charleston, Chris grabbed a hold of me and made me follow him. I smacked his face and stood still.

"Why are you touching me?"

"I'm trying to take you to my place. You are coming weather you are dead or alive"

"You cannot tell me what to do!"

"Why were you going to leave with Charleston? She is not friendly at all. Never mess around with her"

"It's my life! I'm allowed to do what I want!"

"You are coming with us! Now!"

He picked me up and ran toward Kiki. Kiki smacked him on the face and told him to put me down. Kiki decided to walk beside me the whole way to their place. We arrived and I saw a small house. It looked outdated and shabby. The paint was chipping off and the windows weren't clear to see through. Chris opened the gate and unlocked the front door. I was the last to enter the place.

"Don't mind the mess or the smell. It was this way when we bought it"

"Chris, don't lie to her. She knows we're druggies"

"Kayla, did you know that?"

"You told me the first time I walked into your hideout"

"Don't get mean with me"

"I wasn't"

"Chris! Leave her alone! Go upstairs and we'll talk. Kayla, make yourself at home. We don't have an extra bedroom for you to be in. You can have the living room couch to sleep on for now"

"Sorry if I was being mean"

"Kayla, be mean to my boyfriend all you want. He doesn't understand us girls anymore"

"Gotcha. Thanks"

"Anytime. Be back down later"

Kiki smiled and disappeared upstairs. I sat down on the couch and looked around. This place was in bad condition. Everything seemed like it wanted to fall apart. There were cracks on the wall and the strong scent of their drugs lingered. I decided to take a nap. I layed down and looked up at the ceiling. Thoughts inside of me raced around my mind continuously. Is grandmother and dad doing okay without me there? I hope they are taking good care of themselves. What about Alli and Jerald? Do they really miss me or they happy I'm not there? My eyes closed and I slept away. The grandfather clock chimed and woke me up. I sat up straight and looked around. It read midnight. Everything was quiet in the house and outside. I got up and stared out the window. The town was silent and no one was standing on the streets. Was this my dream? Before I could sit down, I heard someone out in the kitchen. I peeked around the corner and saw a black figure at the sink. I picked up my shoe and slowly walked toward it. The figure stopped and seemed to look at me. I stopped and froze in my spot. The light turned on and there was Kiki laughing.

"Kiki, I didn't know it was you"

"Nah it's alright. Why do you have a shoe in your hand?"

"Thoughts you were a robber or something"

"It's fine now. I was just fixing the sink and the faucet"

"What's wrong with it?"

"The plumming is getting bad around here"

"Why not call a plumber or something?"

"Nah. I don't waste money on someone like that. It's mostly for our bills"

"I see. I was wondering if you could tell me something"

"What's up?"

"Who is this person you were speaking of a few hours ago?"

"Back at the hideout?"


"I cannot tell you the name of the boy"

"Please tell me"

"You will see him in the next couple of mintues. He runs late when midnight arrives"

"A friend of Chris?"

"You bet. Go back to sleep because you're looking pale"

"Well, its because you scared me"

"It's fine I told you"

"Alright, alright. I'm leaving"

"You better be"

I turned and gave her a smile. Kiki smiled and shook her head with a small laugh. Did I say something wrong?

"I was only kidding with you"

"Nah it's all good. I was tired anyways"

The lights went back off and Kiki disappeared upstairs once more for the night. I layed back down and stared at the ceiling. Who is this boy that wants to meet me? Is he from my high school? If not, then who? Before I could fall back asleep, I heard the front doorknob turning. My heart raced and I turned on my side to pretend I was sleeping. I closed my eyes and the door finally opened. Please hope this person does not want to hurt me.

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