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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Jase Hinckler and Mistakes

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Chapter Five: Jase Hinckler and Mistakes

The door closed and I heard a light breathing. My heart began to ache from racing. The black figure stood over me and touched my arm. I jumped and looked up. I sat up and tried to get away from it. The figure's hand softly touched my shoulder and layed there.

"Don't be afraid, Kayla. I won't hurt you"

"Are you the person that wanted to see me?"

"Yes. It has been my wish for many years"

I slowly turned on the light and saw a punk boy. He had the clothing too. All black. Didn't wear any necklaces or hats. He had a small smile upon his face. To be honest, he reminded me of Jerald. His hair was always messy when he came into school.

"Thought I was trying to kidnap you?"

"No I was scared is all"


"I thought it was someone else than Kiki"

"Ah forget them. Are you the real Kayla?"

"Kayla Bell is my name. How do you know my name?"

"Long way back I had a friend named Jake. He was a very nice boy to be with. One day he told me his father got a lady pregnant and he was going to have a baby brother or sister. When she arrived on April 9th, it changed his world. I wanted to visit the baby before she left. Chris came home that one night...."


"He told me the mother took her away from the dad"

My mind and eyes froze in place. I was fixed on the boy. He knew about Alli's childhood! Maybe he could help me. The boy gave me a worried look, then held me close to him.

"You knew my friend's childhood this whole time?"

"Wait, what?"

"April 9th is my birthday! Alli is my best friend! Her birthday is the same day as mine"

"Do you mean Alli Simon?"

"Yes! She was always protecting me no matter what happened"

"I know who she is"

"Really? You knew her this whole time?"

"Actually sweetheart, I didn't know her a long time"

"Who are you?"

"Jase Hinckler"

"I remember seeing someone like you"

"Really? You think so?"

"Well, at this point I don't remember"

"Don't lie to me. I can see it in your eyes"

"I'm not. I really don't remember"

"Ok then"

"Jase, why am I here?"

Jase stared at me with his cold brown eyes. He must of been scanning me or something else. I sat on the couch and looked out the window.

"Why did you ask that?"

"I just don't understand why I am here. Everyone keeps telling me you wanted to see me. You saw me. Now what are you planning to do?"

"Well, I wanted you to stay here for a long time"

"Why not go back home? Is it destroyed? I need to know"

"You don't need to know anything about your town. Once you're here in Coldstone, nothing changes"

"I can make it change though"


"I'm leaving as soon as the sun comes out"

"Good luck finding your way out"

"Why? Are you the controller of the storms? Are you going to tell me what to do?"

"Yes I'm here to protect you, not see you get hurt"

"So, wait a second. You are telling me I need a protector? Wow that is too stupid. I don't need protection. Are you like Edward from Twilight? A vampire?"

"No. I don't even like that series. I am here to save you from the world destruction"

"I thought you were the storm maker"

"Why think that? I didn't bring you here at all. I wished to see you, but I didn't make that storm! This whole time you thought that? What is wrong with you?"

"I'm sorry but I'm nervous and annoyed. I just want to go home!"

"You can keep complaining sweetheart, but it will not come true. You are stuck here in Coldstone"

"All I think about this place is it's too strange and a lot of druggies are living on streets. Back where I was, there was no one on the streets sleeping. I miss my best friend and my closest friend"

"You mean Jerald?"

I looked up at him with glossy eyes. Tears were about to form, but I held them back. I put my head down in my hands and closed my eyes. How does this guy know everything about me?

"I swear you are a stalker and you followed me around"

"What? Me a stalker? I would never be like that"

"Then, how do you know my name? How do you know where I live? Most of all, how do you know my closest friends?"

"I'm afraid I cannot answer those questions"

"You are scared to say things to a girl like me?"

"No. It's a secret"

"Now you're hiding it from me. Oh great. What's next? You know how I want to die?"

"Kayla, calm down. I don't want to frightened you"

"Well, good luck trying to calming me down because I can't. Once you get me started, nothing will stop me"

"Try this then"

He held out his hand and had something in it. A drug. I smacked it out of his hand and saw his mouth dropped.

"Bet you've never seen a girl do that to do"

"You are a tough one"

"What? So, this was a test?"

"No. A girl never denies a drug from a boy"

"Well, I don't do drugs"

"Really? Why are you here then?"

I stopped and frowned. He caught me in my question already. I stood there and put my head down. Jase got a worried look on his face and put his hand on my chin. He slowly moved my face to meet his, but I looked away. I cannot believe he wasn't the one who brought me here. I swear he did. Chris walked downstairs holding his head.

"What is going on, Jase?"

"Kayla is just mad at me. I really didn't mean to do it"

"Why did you do that for, man?"

"She kept asking questions and I answered honestly. She doesn't understand why she is here"

"Did you tell her?"

"No! It's a secret"

"Come on Jase and be a man. Kayla, look at me"

My eyes moved, but my face stood still. His hands were warm and a sweet smile was upon his face. I tried my best not to look at Chris.

"Kayla, I don't think Jase was being mean. He sometimes doesn't remember what he is doing when he on his drugs"

"Well, maybe you should not have done these drugs in the first place"

"We had to"

"Why so you could feel cool and gangsta like?"

"One more saying and you're out the door"

"No Jase, let Kayla run her mouth. If she doesn't want any help and wants to leave, she can leave out the door right now"

Jase became angry and opened the front door. I jumped back a little bit and was beginning to think to myself. Why are they acting this way? Don't they know I joke around? Well, duh smart one you never told them about yourself. I began to walk toward the door, but saw something in Jase's eyes. They seemed different and darker.

"Go ahead you babble mouth. Since you don't want to be here. All you care about is your family members. Guess what? You never know what happened with them!"

I frowned and gave Jase a sad look. He still had a angry expression on his face. I looked and saw Chris with a blank expression. I turned and walked on the porch. The door slammed behind me and the rain began to pour. I walked throughout the town with my hopes down. I cannot believe they kicked me out of their place. I contiuned to travel around the town until Charleston appeared. She was smoking once again, but seemed more happier.

"Ah darling, did they kick you out?"

"Yeah. I feel bad about it though"

"What did you say wrong to them?"

"I think I said they wanted to become gangsters since they were on drugs"

"Jase and Chris are strict on that rule. I know no one told you right?"


"Come on Kayla, get those hopes back up. If you explain why you said that, maybe they will let you back inside the place"

"Charles, what else can I do wrong? I wasn't very nice to Jase. I called them gangsters. Now, I'm on the streets looking for a place out of here"

"So, you are trying to go home?"

"That is my only thing I'm doing now. I'm not turning back to them anymore"

"Like I said way before, good luck trying to find a way out of this place"

"I like your advice, but it's my life now. I'm doing whatever I want"

I smiled and walked away. While I was heading toward the enterance of the town, something was holding me back. A feeling as if Jase wants me to stay here. Before I could leave, I heard someone behind me. I turned quickly and gave a small smile. Jase was standing there, looking hopeless in the face. He tried to catch his breath while I talked with him.

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