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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Erased Memories

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Chapter Six: Erased Memories

"Why are you here, Jase?"

"I cannot believe you"

"What do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean, Kayla. What you did back there to me and Chris. Calling us gangsters that think drugs are cool. Look smart mouth, we were never like this when we were in high school. Yeah, I see it in your eyes. You are now sorry for what you've done"

"Jase, what else can I do?"

"Get out of this place since you want your daddy and grammy. Look at us. Chris, Kiki and I haven't lived with our parents. We don't miss them. I lived on my own when both of my parents were gone. I bet you if you stayed here, you would not miss them. I don't know what you would do here since you aren't a druggie yourself"

"Then who sent me here to see you?"

"I have no clue ok? I have no idea who would send you down here. If you want to make another smart remark, please do so right in front of me"

I gave him a blank stare. His face was turning red and flames were lighting in his eyes. He was mad at me. My eyes closed and tears were rolling down my face. Jase didn't move or feel sorry for me. What have I done? I made Jase mad. Why am I thinking about him now?

"See, now you're sorry. You're crying for nothing"

"You don't know how bad it feels inside of me! I'm just not adjusted with new places"

"Welcome to the adult world, sweetheart"

"I don't care what world this is! All I want is to..."

"Go home. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's all you can say anymore. 'Oh I wanna see my daddy. I wonder if my grammy is worried about me'. I've heard of those excuses for too many years and I'm tired of them"

"Then what else can I say that doesn't hurt you?"

"I don't know. Figure that one out yourself"

Before I turned my back, I saw Charleston walking toward us. Jase turned around and almost hit her in the face. Charleston grabbed his hand and almost broke it. Jase jumped back and was invisible in the background.

"Why you crying?"

"Because Jase doesn't understand what my feelings are for this place"

"Well, it's not easy to describe them even when you meet new people. You will just have to adjust with everything"

"I'm not staying"

"If you go beyond this point, you won't return home. You will be in another state"

"Nice little joke there, Charles"

Before I could laugh, something stunned my mind. I couldn't think straight and everything was slowly going in circles. I passed out on the solid ground. Jase smiled and Charleston picked me up.

"She needs to clear her mind"

"I know a person that could do that. Thanks Charles. I'm sorry I tried to hit ya"

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Help me take her to Jerry's place"


The two carried me back into Coldstone and into Jerry's room. Charleston and Jase signed my name in and waited in the room.

"What happens if she wakes up?"

"I'll do it again"

"Will it work?"

"It's a strong weapon. No one can escape it"

"You have a point now"

"Ah Jase what are you doing here?"

"Jerry, this is Kayla. The girl I wished to see. I would like her to have her memory cleared before she wakes up again"


"She is a crazy! Almost tried to escape this place"

"Bring her into the surgery room. We can work with her in there"

"Ok. Ready Charles?"

"Whenever you are, Jase"

The two carried me back into a small white room. Jerry walked in with a couple of nurses and doctors. Jase and Charleston listened to Jerry and the nurses.

"This won't take long at all"

"You sure this will help her?"

"Bascially. Once she wakes up, she won't go crazy on you guys anymore"

"Be careful with her, Jerry"

"Jase, it'll be just fine. Kayla will survive it"

Charleston and Jase walked out into the waiting room. The nurses and Jerry began to do the surgery. Hours later, I awoke in Chris's living room. I had a cover on my body and a head wrap. I was really dizzy and awake. Chris walked out and smiled.

"Hey there. You doing okay?"

"I'm really dizzy. Why?"

"Ah you fell down on the ground pretty hard"

"The bad thing is I don't remember anything. Not even where I lived"

Chris turned to Jase and smiled. Jase gave a thumbs-up and walked over. I smiled and put my hand on his. He picked it up and held it tight.

"Jase, I think I need medicine or something to get rid of this dizziness"

"The doctor said to take it real easy because you really hurt yourself"

"I don't remember doing that though"

"You are going to have some brain trauma. Nothing dangerous or serious though"

"Oh ok that's good then"

He gave a small laugh and looked into my eyes. He seemed to be smiling a lot. This is just weird how I cannot remember anything. Maybe Jase can help me rebuild my memory so I can be happy. I turned my head slowly and looked at him.

"What's wrong, Kayla?"

"Nothing. Was wondering something"

"Sure anything"

"Will you help me rebuild my memory so I can be happy?"

"Of course I can. Always here to help"

"Thanks. Where's that other girl? Umm.... Kiki! Yeah her"

"At least you remember us"

"How could I forget you guys?"

"Just asking that's all"

"Oh ok then"

"Kayla, rest up. We don't want you to be tired tonight"

"We doing something all together?"

"Just you and me sweetheart"


I smiled and saw Jase walk away. I closed my eyes and began to dream. There I was standing in the dark street. A storm was above my head. I could see people walking around, talking and staring at me confused. I began to walk and suddenly saw a black shadow standing there motionless. I tried my best to get away, but it was no use. The black shadow grabbed a hold of me and took me to his hideout. Before I could dream anymore, I woke up and tried to catch my breath. Jase, Kiki and Chris ran downstairs and came to me. Jase sat behind me and held me close.

"What happened to her?"

"She probably had a bad dream about something"

"Do you think that surgery was too much for her?"

"Nonsense Kiki. If the surgery didn't save her, she would be long gone into a new place"

"Well, you didn't have to be so mean Jase!"

"Oh be quiet! At least I don't hide myself when it comes to love"

"You're a shy guy! Why fall for someone as young as her?"

"She's only 19 years old. Give her a break!"

"Both of you enough! Jase, calm her down. Kiki, go upstairs and calm yourself down"

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"I'm your boyfriend and I will tell you what to do weather you like it or not"

I stopped my tears and looked over at Kiki. She stomped upstairs and slammed the bedroom door. Jase shook his head while Chris gave him a mean glare.

"What? You should control your girlfriend"

"Is she bothering you at all?"


"Jase, be nice to her"

"I am. Tell her to be nice with me"

"Ok, ok I'll go upstairs and talk with her"


Chris disappeared to the bedroom. Jase was left alone with me on the couch. Everything was quiet and dull. I pushed Jase away and looked at him. Something was happening and I could feel it. Jase moved my hair away from my face and smiled.

"You ok?"

"I'm fine. Just a bad dream was all"

"What was it about?"

"I was in the streets, standing there acting like myself. Then, before I could go anywhere, this black figure stood in front of me and threw me into his hideout"

"That is a weird dream"

"Why is this happening to me though?"

"Ah when you get surgery, sometimes the medicine the doctors give you makes you wacky from time to time"

"You've done this before?"

"I wouldn't say that. Try to sleep some more"

"I'm afraid to now"

"That dream will not come back, I promise"

"I hope so"

"Goodnight Kayla"

Jase smiled and went upstairs for the rest of the night. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the black figure. Morning time arrived and the house was busy.

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