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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Arrested

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Chapter Seven: Arrested

Kiki was washing the dishes while I heard Chris yelling at her. My eyes opened and rain was still pouring. I quietly went into the kitchen and listened to the conversation.

"Kiki, don't clean the dishes! They will be just fine"

"Chris, don't you realize if the police come in and see drugs everywhere, I'll be arrested as well as you!"

"Who would take care of her then?"



"Jase will. He wants to be with her"

"No, I think I should take care of her"


"Because Jase doesn't come back in the house until midnight"

"It doesn't matter. She can take good care of herself. See, she's sitting right there in front of the kitchen table"

"What is going on guys?"

"Kiki is freaking out that's all"

"No. Kayla, the police officers are coming over to check the house. They want to see if we've been clean off of drugs"

"That's not good"

"She's right. If they smell something wrong in this place, both of us will be arrested for awhile"

"Jase would take care of me. He likes me I can tell"

"See Chris? Nothing to worry about"

"Kiki, he doesn't come home 'til midnight"

"Chris, she already knows what time he comes home. Now, help me clean the rest of the place up or I'll be kicking your ass out the door from now on. Kayla, you can stay here is fine"

I smiled and sat in the chair for awhile. The two moved from one place to another. 11am showed on the digital clock and they were still working. This time they were upstairs in the room. I hope they weren't doing anything else up there. The front door opened and Jase walked in. He slammed the door quick and ran upstairs. Maybe he had to clean the room as well. I walked upstairs and stood in Jase's doorway. He was cleaning up the desk and his bed. He looked over and gave a weak smile.

"Not to be mean darling, but I need to clean alone this time"

"Oh. I wasn't planning to come in at all. Just seeing what you were doing is all"

"Always adventurous aren't you?"

"I like checking new things out"

"Maybe some other time you can come in and be with me, but at this moment I don't think so"

"Ok then"

"Sorry not saying hello to you when I walked in"

"No it's fine, Jase. I'll be downstairs"

"Darling, come here"

I stood in front of the doorway and saw him walk toward me. He pulled me close and touched my nose with his. I can tell he wanted to be with me. I closed my eyes and tried to give a small kiss, but I heard Chris getting ready to walk out of his bedroom. I smiled and pulled away, only holding Jase's hands in mine. He let go, shut his door and went back to work. I got downstairs and saw a car pulling up. Two police officers were getting out. They were here to arrest Chris and Kiki. A knock pounded on the door and I could hear Chris's door open quietly.

"Kayla, open it please and be nice to them"


I slowly moved toward the door and opened it. Two police officers looked at me and smiled.

"Hi there. We are Chris and Kiki's officers. We need to come in and investigate the house"

"Certainly. Right this way"

"Thank you. Are the couple home?"

"Yes. That's why I was about to go upstairs and get them"

"Ok good. We need to speak with them"

"Will do"

As soon as the police officers went into the kitchen, I quickly went upstairs and saw Kiki, Chris and Jase talking in the bedroom. I closed the door and looked at them. Kiki was crying, Chris was freaking out and Jase looked screwed in the mind.

"Guys, you have to go downstairs"

"No! We can't"

"Kiki, calm down. Why should we?"

"Because the officers want to speak at you"

"Kayla, you don't know how crazy those guys are! Even if they see one speck of crack on the floor, you're done!'

"I'm just trying to help"

"You're making it worse"

I stared at Chris. His eyes were bloodshot looking and his face was pale. I step backwards until a knock pounded.

"Miss, we know the couple is in there. Please open the door"

"No Kayla, don't do it. Please! I'm begging you!"


"Coming officers"

"Darling, please don't"

"I have to Jase. I'm sorry, but I'm only trying to help. I know it's making it worse"

"The hell it is"

I grew mad and opened the door. The police officers walked in and stood in front of them. Jase hid in a dark corner and motioned me to join him. I went behind the officers and cuddled into Jase's arms. The officers gave a small laugh and stood in front of them.

"Well, well, well if it isn't our favorite couple. Chris and Kiki"

"Please don't take us away!"

"We didn't find anything in the house"


"Wrong. We found four or five bags of crack and cocaine in the dining room underneath the carpet. Nice try hiding it from us"

"Please don't! It was Kayla who is doing the drugs!"

"I don't believe that one anymore, Kiki. We know that young lady had surgery. We talk with the doctor that specializes in head trauma. Don't worry we got it all figured out"

"If you want to arrest her, arrest me as well"

"No, we just need Kiki is all"

"Please don't!"

The officers struggled to get Kiki into cuffs. Jase held me close and put his nose on my ear. I tried my best not to giggle and smiled. I looked up at him and saw his eyes fixed on me. Was he really falling for me? His lips almost touched mine until we saw Chris joining in the struggle.

"Stay here darling. I don't want you hurt"

"Don't hurt yourself"

"I promise I won't"

"One quick thing before you join in"

"What darling? Make it quick!"

I pulled him close and kissed him. I pushed him away and smiled. His eyes were wide and a smile was upon his face. He walked and helped the officers get rid of them. A few mintues past by and the officer took Kiki out to the car. The first officer turned around and stared at Chris. Chris tried to move back, but Jase pushed him into his place.

"Chris, I cannot believe your behavior at this point"

"Officer, I'm afraid she was going to get hurt was all"

"You will be sentenced into jail for four months starting next week. You dare find a way out of it, you are no longer going to be alive. Understood?"

"Yes sir"

"Thank you Jase for getting her together"

"I try my best, sir"

"You better not do those type of drugs boy or we'll be after you"

"I don't sir. Only OxyCotin is all"

"Ok then. See you later. Remember Chris, four months in jail. Next week. Be there or you'll be gone for sure. Later"

I stood outside beside Jase and looked up at him. He kissed me a little and looked back at the officers. The car pulled away and I saw something. Kiki was trying to tell us something. Her lips moved and I read "You're going to pay for this Kayla. No matter how strong or weak you are, it's over for you." Fear shot up my spine and I could feel Jase rubbing my arms.

"What's wrong with her?"

"Fear came into her mind"

"For what?"

"Kiki is going to hurt me badly"

"I sure hope she does"

We both turned and gave the meanest look at Chris. He tried to ignore us, but couldn't. His head went down and he closed his eyes. I tapped his shoulder and he looked over. Before I could say anything, I punched him right by the nose. He fell down and began to freak out. Jase smiled and laughed.

"Wow I cannot believe you actually did that"

"I don't care if I get arrested, he deserved that"

"For what?"

"Saying that I should get hurt"

Right before Chris said anything, we heard sirens going off. Jase walked in front of me with a big smile.

"Its here"

"Another storm?"

"Nope. A riot has started and there is no way to end it"

"What happened this time dude?"

"Ah I think either the police arrested someone else or they were mad because the store wasn't opened"

"Jase, I don't think we should go"

"No we're not going there. I'm taking you with me to my hideout. No one will find us there sweetheart"

He pulled me closed and cuddled. I closed my eyes and smiled. It was great having someone, like Jase, around you to make sure nothing bad would have happened. He kissed me a few times, then went inside the house. I stood on the porch and stared straight toward the riot. There were flames lighting everywhere. The sirens grew louder and people were yelling. Jase closed the front door, told me to put my coat on and we dashed for his car. His car took off and we headed into town.

"That was a quick escape. We cannot go back there now"

"Why Jase?"

"Chris is on sentence now. He can be there alone"

"Where are we going?"

"Like I said before sweetheart, we're going to my hideout"

"Is that where you lived before meeting with Chris?"

"Always going to be my home for the rest of my life. You'll also meet some of my good pals. Sad thing is you and Christine are the only girls in the crew"

"Well, thanks for the warning"

"Ha. Anytime baby"

I looked out the window and saw people looking out their windows toward the riot. Luckly we were traveling away from it. A couple mintues later, we arrived on the east side of Coldstone. It seemed to be a better place than on the west side. Jase opened my door and waited for me to get out. By the time we got into the alleyway, things were a bit different. Rock music was playing and five people were sitting there. They laughed and looked up at Jase with a smile.

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