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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Jase's Hideout

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Chapter Eight: Jase's Hideout

One of the boys got up, held his hand out and patted Jase's back.

"It's good to see you back brother. Who's the chick beside you?"

"My close friend, Kayla. She is a bit young at the moment, but will become older soon enough"


"What baby? They won't hurt you. We already kissed and that's far enough for me"

"Ah come on brother and do something bad with her"

Everyone, including me, started laughing. Jase had a smile while his mouth was opened. I put my hand on his face and moved it to meet mine. I came in closer and kissed him. His friends gave some kissing sound effects. He pulled away and held me.

"So, you're name is Kayla? I'm Christine. We're the only girls in this crew"

"Jase was talking a little bit about it"

"Welcome to Jase's hideout. No one ever finds us here"

"You listen to music and do your thing?"

"Basically. Hun, we are never going to make you do drugs if you don't want to"

"What are you all on?"

"OxyCotin. A good pain and numb killer"

"Jase, I thought you were on other drugs"

"Way before you came around sweetheart, I was. At least I deleted them all and stuck with Oxy"

"It is bad?"

"Nah. Makes you numb and a bit screwed up"

"Back at the house you seemed that way"

"Yeah I guess so. Why asking?"

"Just wondering"

"Brother, I think she wants to try it"

Everyone looked at me and I hid my face. Jase started chuckling and I gently hit him on the arm. He grabbed my arms, pulled me close and kissed. Christine patted my back and I smiled. An hour later, after all the introductions from his pals, Jase walked over to his tent and made himself at home. I entered and saw candles inside. It was a medium size tent and had a pump-up bed. Jase layed down and closed his eyes.

"I will leave you alone if you're tired"

"Baby, come lay with me. Nothing bad will happen in here I promise"

He looked up and saw me lay on the bed. I almost fell off, but managed to find my way over to him. I laughed at myself and looked into his eyes. They seemed more glossy than before. His hand was on my face and he kissed again. I smiled and cuddled into him. By midnight, rain began to fall hard. I awoke and heard rumbling outside. Jase opened his eyes half way and stroked my hair.

"It's fine sweetie. A storm is on its way"

"Are we going back to the house?"

"Nope. Chris is on his own for now. I never knew it was going to be this bad for him"

"What do you mean, Jase?"

"Chris and I met a long way back, in my hometown the Bronxs. He was always worried about his education more than being here with new people. When I took him to my older hideout, he became hooked on crack. Later in his life, when Kiki was around, he smoked more crack and then did cocaine"

"You don't do those drugs do you?"

"Nah sweetie. I only do Oxy now. Kayla, I didn't know you are a normal teenager"

"Yeah I am. Why are you saying that?"

"Because if I wanted to date you, you would have to be a druggie in order to get me on your side"

My eyes were frozen on his. He wants to date me? What would my dad and grandmother think if I began to date a druggie from the streets? I smiled and plopped back on the air bed. Jase started laughing and I smiled. He was laughing about something.

"What are you thinking now?"

"About the time my friend Jake told Chris to go marry a lightpole. That day was too funny"

Something struck my mind and I stopped smiling. Jase stopped and looked over at me. He moved closer and held me tight.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"You said Jake didn't you? Jacob Simon?"

"How do you know him?"

"Jase, that guy you are talking about is my friend's dad! Wow I didn't know you met him in your lifetime. That's amazing!"

"Ok, who is this friend of your's?"

"Alli Simon. She is my best friend"

Jase let go of me and sat up with his back toward me. Something wasn't right with him. I slowly got up and tried to cuddle with him. He gently pushed me away from him and hid his face.

"If there is something you need to tell me, please do so. I'm here for you"

"Kayla, its a bad story to talk about"

"Why? What happened?"

"Long while back, when Alli was in the Bronxs, we dated for awhile. She loved me like I was the world. I kinda loved her, but drugs were for me. One night, when she was messing around with him and of course I was drugged up at the time. She walked into the bedroom, came beside me and said to do something together. I tried to push her away, but she wouldn't go. Later that night, I had to do what was right for her. I raped her on purpose. Everytime you mention her, I can't think about you. All I see is her and Cassandra"

"You knew her too?"

"Cassandra? Hell yeah she was my oldest girlfriend in high school. The blonde hair and blue eyes. She was my everything. I gave her all my love and attention to her whenever she needed it. But, that one night...."


"I went over to her house for a dinner alone and I saw another man on the bed with her. Luckly they weren't doing bad. I saw her look outside with a shocked expression. She tried to give me her reason to love her always, but I was hurt. What could I have done to make it better for her? Nothing she said to me. I was dumped a day before prom. No other girl has been with me since then"

"Jase, I'm so sorry this happened with you"

"You are single right?"

"Yeah and I want you to know something"

Jase's eyes lit up and a small smile was forming on his face. He came closer, layed me down and sat on top of me.

"Tell me whatever it is, baby"

"Jase, I really love you. More than those girls. More than any other girl out there in Coldstone. You are so nice to me and you love the way I am"

"I love you too sweetie, but remember you have to be a druggie"

"Make me a druggie then. I don't want to care about anything else anymore. You are my main focus"

"You sure you want to be my girl?"

"As long as you don't dump me or do bad things"

"Never in my life will I harm or hurt you. You are my sweetheart and no one will change that"

"Prove it to me then"

Jase smiled and we spent the rest of the night together in his hideout. When morning time arrived, something felt different. I felt a bit screwed in the mind and my eyes were trying to stay shut. Jase came up and began kissing me. I took his hands and put them in mine. He let himself go while being with me. I smiled and looked up at him.

"How you feeling sweetie?"

"Kinda what you are feeling at the moment. What month are we in?"

"November. Almost Thanksgiving"

"Really? What do you do for that day?"

"I go to Johnson's place. He has a huge manison and everything you could ever wish for"

"Maybe if you sell enough drugs, maybe we could get a house somewhat like that"

"It's whatever my baby wants, I'll try my best to get it for her"

"Nah. I wouldn't know what to do with myself in the manison"

"Neither would I darling. What do you say? Go walk around and get some air?"

"I would rather be in here chilling"

"At least try to get some air?"

"Fine then"

"Don't get that attitude on me you silly girl"

I kissed him and walked outside. The air was getting colder and not too many people were around. Before we could go to the park, Johnson woke up and walked toward us.

"Hey brother, didn't see you all last night. Hope everything is ok"

"Yeah we're fine. We were tired that's all"

"Don't worry I went to bed as well"

"Going to your place?"

"Yep. Thanksgiving is coming soon. Wanted to know if you're planning to come"

"Hell yeah I am. You're my brother. I would never say no"

"What about Kayla? Will she be able to come?"

"Of course she would. She's with me now"

I gave him a small smile, then looked away. As the boys talked, I sat inside of the hideout thinking about everything I was doing. Kayla, you are turning yourself into a monster. Can't you see that these drugs will hurt you badly? If you do anymore of this, your life will end sooner than you think. If your dad was here, would he be happy of your decisions? Jase came in and stared at me. I contiuned to think while he came closer to me. His arms wrapped around me, but I didn't move or budge.

"Kayla, is there something you want to talk about?"

"No. I'm thinking is all"

"Tell me. There's nothing bad telling me your thoughts"

"It's about the things I'm doing right now"


"Jase, don't you see? These drugs you are on is turning you into a monster. I don't want to become a monster on drugs. I have a life I'm still willing to explore"

"Kayla, you're not leaving me are you?"

"No, it's just I want to stay as a normal person until the time is right for me to become a druggie"

"Whatever you say"

"Go ahead and dump me if you desire, Jase"

Before Jase could leave, he walked toward me, held my face and kissed me hard. I looked at him and he shook his head.

"Kayla, I would never dump you"

"I must of said something that's hurting you"

"A monster? Is that what I really am?"

"Have you looked in the mirror lately to see yourself? Do you really see the man you were before or a monster that's controlling your life? You make the call, not me. I'm walking around for a little bit. Stay here. I don't feel comfortable with you at the moment"

I disappeared outside and walked on the streets. For awhile, I thought about what I said and began to smile. I was right. Jase was a monster. Before I saw the traffic lights, I bumped into Charleston.

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