Love Me Crazy

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This is a Novel about a girl named Charlie. She has a twin sister named Tenley and when she gets a new neighbors, Kellan, Maria, and Jake, drama starts up.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love Me Crazy

Submitted: June 10, 2010

Reads: 132

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Submitted: June 10, 2010



“We need boyfriends.” I said to my fraternal twin sister, Tenley Leane Monroe.

“Speak for yourself, Charlie.” she told me.

My full name was actually Charlotte Willow Monroe, but everyone called me Charlie. I hated my full name. I could live with Willow, but Charlotte? Ugh. Just kill me.

“You don't want one?” I asked her, surprised. She was the boy crazy one here.

“Oh I do, but I already have one, you idiot!” she said, and slapped me on the head.

“Who?” I asked her.

“Alec!” she exclaimed.

“Alec? Alec Benden? Since when are you going out with him?”

He was the most popular guy in school. I didn't even know he knew either her or I existed.

“Well... he doesn't exactly know yet... but it's going to happen!” she exclaimed.

We both burst out into laughter.

I heard a faint noise. It sounded like a car door closing, so I quickly rolled off my bed and turned down the music Tenley and I were blasting in my room. If my step dad, Rick, heard the music, he'd freak. My mom was super cool, but she married a total moron. Rick didn't abuse me or drink, he was just old. He was rich though, and I think that's part of the reason my mom married him. My parents are divorced, and my dad lived a while away.

“What would Rick be doing home so early?” I asked myself.

I looked out the window of my bedroom to see an unfamiliar car and a moving truck.

“Tenley! I think we have new neighbors!” I shouted, excitedly.

“No way!” She yelled.

We were both surprised. We lived in a small neighborhood with giant houses. We were the only teens in the neighborhood. We were the last house in our neighborhood, and the house next to us has been for sale since before we moved in with Rick.

“Wanna say hi?” I asked Tenley.

“Yeahhhh!!!” she said.

She was very adventurous, and I was too, but I was almost crazy. She was the sane one.

We walked over to the neighboring house and rang the doorbell.

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