backstreet boys putting love together part 1

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in the story is
Nick Carter
Brian Littrell
Howie Dorough
Kevin Richardson
and my best friend Erin

Chapter 1 (v.1) - backstreet boys putting love together part 1

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011



the story is about a girl named Erin and she happens to be best friends with Brian Littrell and the rest of the backstreet boys who all of them happen to be crushing on her. Erin: mom i don't want to move away from my best friends. Mom: so you can make new friends. Erin: but these best friends of mine are special. Mom: young lady you are coming with me to Texas if you like it or not! Erin: Texas? no that is far away i am staying with dad. Mom: don't be silly Erin how will i get a hold of you? Erin: by phone. Mom: but how will i see you! Erin: Skype me i guess because i happen to have an account. Mom: what the hell is a Skype! Erin: its hard to explan what all Skype is but it's cheaper than phone calls and much more you can keep in contact with me for miles and you will be able to see me has much as you like but i am not going with you i am staying in New York with dad and i am not leaving my best friends behind. after Erin's mom was gone to Texas Erin is staying with her dad but later in the story her dad doesn't make it if you keep reading you will find out why.

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