backstreet boys putting love together part 2

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so everyone knows there is no sex in none of my stories so just letting you all know enjoy

Chapter 1 (v.1) - backstreet boys putting love together part 2

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011



Erin: i wonder what is happening with mom and dad? Dad: sweetheart come inside before you catch a cold. Erin: ok dad *walks inside* did Brian call me today? Dad: as a matter a fact he has everyday 10 seconds. Erin: he is such a sweet guy. Dad: Erin i think Brian loves you. Erin: really? Dad: what's not to love about you? Erin: i guess that's a true point but i am sure he doesn't love me. Dad: fine how about this if he calls this will proove he loves you deal? Erin: sure dad deal. Brian: *rings the phone* Erin: *looks over at the phone* Dad: *picks up the phone shows caller id to Erin* Erin: *blushes* what did he say? Dad: he says he is coming over to see you. Erin: i have to get ready! *runs upstairs* Dad: Erin he is just a boy. Erin: Brian is not just any boy. Dad: are you admitting you love him? Erin: yes i am! Dad: i new it all along you loved him. Erin: O_O what? Brian: *breaks down front door* sorry about your door i will get it fixed *looks at Erin* you look beautiful Erin. Dad: ok you both have fun. Brian: wow! Erin: what ...... oh i see my dad *looks down* Brian: no your dad is ok i am just admiring your beauty right now. Erin: *blushes* thanks. Dad: Erin dressed all fancy for you you better not break my little girls heart. Brian: i would never dream to break Erin's heart sir. Erin: dad this is actually kind of humilating. Dad: how so Erin? Erin: .............. Erin and Brian's date is in the next novel i will start writing.

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