the tour when i met Black Veil Brides

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this may not be a true story >_< but i wish it was anyways please read and comment.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the tour when i met Black Veil Brides

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



______: as i looked up at the ceiling wondering why i was dragged around the mall as my best friend would know i dislike shopping a lot. Sarah: *narrows eyes* listen ______ if you don't come with me you won't get your surprise. ______: what surprise? as i was wondering why she had to turn around...... Sarah: *pulls out Black Veil Brides tickets* ______: no way! hand it over.... Sarah: fine but as soon as we finish shopping ok _______? Clerk: are you going to buy something ok not? Sarah: we were just about to. Clerk: i don't have all bloody day! _____: someone's on there man period *looks at him* Clerk: *starts studdering* ______: anyways we are very importent people. Clerk: how so? Sarah: he doesn't need to know why let's go i don't want anything in this store anyways. ______: wow sorry dude but i can't tell you anything yet *walks off* Sarah: *sighs* i didn't win. ________: what? Sarah: *hands me mine* if it says you win........ *takes a deep breath* your going to be living with Black Veil Brides forever. ______: ever? Sarah: *nodds* good luck _______........... _______: *scratches the lable off to reviel a message that says you won!!!! Sarah: what did it say? ______: *hands the ticket to Sarah* i won!!!! Sarah: *smiles sadly* that's great...... Andy: hello beautiful *looks at me* rumor has it you won the prize. _______: yeah i did. Andy: i love your voice. Ashley: *walks through the door* you must be ______ they told us about you. Jinxx: they sure have anyways how's life been? ______: amazing i get to live with you guys! Christian: sweet you play the drums? _______: yeah like all the time. Jake: how about the guitar? _____: that too. Ashley: alright men she is mine. Andy: no i saw her first. Ashley: well i saw her second! Andy: i woke break her heart! Ashley: i love her....... Andy: body? dude it's not just the body what i am trying to say is it's hard to found true love and sure she maybe extremely hot but it's not just her looks that makes guys want her it's her personilty. Ashley: that is deep..... I WILL BE WRITING MORE COMMENT FOR ME!!!!

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