Portentum: Africa Reborn

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A age old prophecy in the land of Mirobi was written in the sky during the ancient and infant stages of early civilization. It was during the Umbruula Eclipsas that the provisions for peace and the gift of unlimited resources would be provided to the African continent and its people. Through the great tokens, Bastaaca of the lions and Trielle of the panthers, could this power become manifested. However, once they are unleashed they are bitter toward each other and war consumes the two resulting in the Great Upheaval.

Ages have passed and much of Mirobi is held under the Oppressive regime of the Shirashans. Many tribes have left the region and the lands are dying. Three friends that have been inseparable as youths find themselves as part of the prophecy that will be fulfilled during the Unalam Umbruula Eclipsas. Only one shall determine the fate of Mirobi and Africa.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Portentum: Africa Reborn

Submitted: May 14, 2007

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Submitted: May 14, 2007



This is an excerpt from the first few paragraphs.

It is an unusually hot day on the plains of Africa. The sun sits high in the sky at an elevated position as it seems directly overhead. The scorching beams of light beat on the ground, drying what was once an area of water, then was mud and now is cracked earth. The blue ambience of the sky perfects its own supernatural, uncomfortable, disposition of its existence. As eyes could follow the birds that fly high in the air as their majestic wings disappear off in the distance, it is unmistakable that the sky seems to collide with rock, as its color gradually diminishes. The mountains that sit afar off appear to siphon the blue that once occupied the skies as to greedily add to its own effect. The jagged edges and protruding rocks that form its
massive, masculine structure are grand not only from the strength and power they evoke but also from the sheer beauty that they form and occupy in these plains.

Prints are left upon the dried earth indicating a family of some animal that have wearily wandered these plains to find a safe haven from the unchallenged climate of eons old. Howling winds race across this barren place; it has the sounds of voices or screams scattering the sands that time has so ferociously scattered before. Dust storms are abundant in this region as it lies close to the edge of the desert. Gazing in the dusty plains out upon this land’s horizon, the haze from the heat could be seen intermingling with the sands and dirt as its vapors rise. If one were to look too long the eyes would even begin to tear and burn from the sweat that cascades down the brow. There are scattered areas of yellow and brown grasses that surround the area. The large, branching, wilted trees that pocket the dried land provide
the necessary minimal retreat from the scorching sun. The sun is beating upon the plains in a proud and boastful manner as a warning to all that dare to migrate beneath it.

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Portentum: Africa Reborn

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