Awakening the Blood

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Mate

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012





Appearing suddenly in the water was Durand, and I instantly wanted to pounce on him as he floated. “Are you sure that you don’t want to join me, Naomi? This pool’s big enough to house a hundred sirens.” When I didn’t make a comment, he muttered, “So much to teach you…”

I placed my now empty wine glass beside me and felt its effects slowly creeping their way into my body. Great, vampires can get drunk. How come no one had told me this already? Oh, yeah. Lizbeth might have known, but I tore her head off her shoulders. Whoops!

Swiftly, Durand appeared between my legs and held my knees in his warm and large hands. Mind swimming, I asked, “Teach me then. What is a siren?”

The man gave me a fang flashed smile before looking into my eyes. “Sirens are Greek beasts. They are either mermaids or winged women. Their voices are beautiful and most are as attractive as their voices.” His head tilted for a second as if he was recalculating what he’d just said. “But, of course, young Naomi, none are quite as beautiful as you are.”

My heart fluttered like an unruly butterfly, and I attempted to settle it down in vain. The crazy internal beast just went on a pacing rampage in my chest. This man… he did some interesting things to my insides.

Drunkenly, I leaned forward until our faces were just mere inches apart. Ah. He smelt so good. I wanted to bury myself in his rich scent. He was indescribably delicious. His blood even smelt astounding in the wine glass of his body. “What makes me so beautiful to you, Master Durand?”

He grinned as he placed his forehead against mine, and I tried not to fall forward when his hands slid up my silken legs then paused to hold my waist. “Your hair is the color of rich blood, your skin is as soft as silk, your lips are as plump as a peach, your eyes are as wide as the moon, and you are as curvy as sin.”

My breath nearly ran out in the space between us. I had to remind myself to breathe as his seductive gaze strolled leisurely over every inch of my exposed skin. Whoo! Was it hot in here or what?

“Will you teach me more about this life?” I accidentally let slip through my parted lips then had to hold back my surprise at the deeply sensual way my words sounded. The way his eyes gleamed in the moonlight made me realize even further that my words had sent a wave of desire through his body.

Durand’s hands drew me to his glistening chest, and I could have fallen out then and there. Leaning in towards my ear, he whispered, “I will teach you so much about this life that you won’t be able to remember being human.” His hands were hot on me as his index fingers made lazy circles between the straps along the back of my dress.

We were too close and getting closer. My instinct had no response to this, but my conscience was going haywire again. I needed to pull back, but it was so hard to do so. He felt so good. His hands were incredibly warm as they made languid motions along my bare back. Ugh. I had to get away from him. My brain wasn’t functioning properly in this too near distance.

Slowly, I shook my head and tried to rattle my bearings back into place. My shaky hands rested in tight fists across each of his broad shoulders while I stared behind him towards the glistening water that looked red due to the color inside the tiles of the pool.

“You are nervous, Naomi,” he realized then drew himself beside me to stretch out his hand. “Would you like to go to bed? I know that it’s early, but you took a bullet to the head. You should rest.”

That was definitely not something I wanted to do right now. I wanted to hunt for answers and wanted to clear my mind of these hedonic red hazed thoughts. Besides, my already sealed up wound wasn’t doing a single thing to me as long as I stayed steady.

I readjusted myself then shook my head. “I’m fine, Durand. I just… couldn’t think.” My thoughts drifted to the voice in my head, and I asked, “What is a sire?”

A look of relief bathed Durand’s features while he settled back down beside me. He explained, “I am your sire, Naomi. It means that we exchanged blood for you to become a creature like me, a vampire. You are my fledgling. To some, it’s a more parental kind of relationship, but with you Naomi, I wouldn’t want to feel like your father. You’re my mate.”

My head decided to go for another dive in the pool of my thoughts. “Uh. Okay. You can explain that next. What’s a mate and how did you change me to be a vampire exactly?”

Running a hand through his dark hair that was more of a caramel streaked in dark blonde, Durand explained, “To become a vampire, you have to die. I wasn’t sure that your body would be strong enough for the change, but I did it anyway. After we exchanged blood that third night you came to my club, I waited until you were on your way home and snapped your neck. My heart nearly broke at the sight of your blood on my hands and your body in the snow, but I knew it had to happen.” He cradled my shocked face in his hand and his steady gaze settled deep within me. “You are my mate, Naomi, and many people will attempt to kill you to hurt me since I am the king of the Draco. I had to make you strong enough to fight against them. I will not have my bride be killed easily.”

His eyes were doing something to me, willing me to believe this nonsense he was speaking, and I believe it would have worked if his statement wasn’t so outrageous. Brides, mates, blood, and death, it was all something straight out of some romantic Goth movie. There was no way that I was going to fall for someone’s romance story.

He kept on, “I know that it must sound ridiculous to you, but, Naomi, I feel for you unlike any other woman before. I want to protect you and make you mine. You’re my queen, and we will rule our people together. When you’re with me, I feel invincible and young. I don’t feel like I’ve lived in the time of the Roman Empire and led them to war. Every time you came into my club, my heart would beat so loud it echoed into my eardrums, and I haven’t heard my own heart beat for years, Naomi.” He stared off as if in a daze. “My blood began to run for you, and I want to share that feeling with you. Your body instantly woke. You haven’t had to endure your own lifelessness because I had you the moment you reawakened from the dead. It’s hard to comprehend, I know, but try to for me.”

This was all too much. His obvious desire for me had me tingling all over, but I still couldn’t get it. How could just a couple of nights spent together make him feel this way? Was his wine getting to him? I didn’t sleep with him from what I remembered. He couldn’t feel attached because of that.

I frowned more to myself than him, but I saw the disappointment flicker in his golden gaze. He knew that I thought he was crazy. But, really, who would believe this insane story?

Life wasn’t a romance novel. There was no way that he already loved me. All we’d ever done in the club was dance and share hot whispers between cold drinks and steamy kisses.

Gradually, my memory of the club was reviving, and suddenly, I was replaying the night that I’d first stepped into that club.

The lights flashed all over the place and a chilly fog hissed between the shadowed bodies of the dancers. Not a single feature could be seen in the darkness, and it made my heart pump rapidly while I walked towards the bar where I saw a man sitting alone.

Careful not to mess up my dainty manicure, I eased up the barstool then had a drink magically appear in front of me. The bartender grinned as he said, “A present from our owner, miss.”

Gone in a flash, I was mentally teleported from my memory then back to sitting beside Durand who was still cradling my face. I pulled away from his grasp and muttered, “You’ve got to be kidding me, Durand. This is all so crazy. I barely know you.”

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