Awakening the Blood

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Dominance

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012





Pacing in front of the bed that Durand had explained was now ours was the creature that had become my sire. His gorgeously sculpted form went left then right over and over again as I feigned sleep. Even with the little movements he made, my insides went buttery as I watched him.

The thick plates of muscle along his form flexed, and a muscle in his jaw ticked. He looked like he was trying to solve a complicated problem while he paced at the foot of our bed. My instinct demanded for me to call him to our bed and soothe his problems with more than words, but my conscience howled out for me to stay where I was.

Slowly, I worked myself upwards and looked down at my barely covered body. I had agreed to Durand’s request to wear one of the scantily clad corsets and thongs that he had delivered to our bedroom, but I hadn’t complied with sleeping with him even as he’d stroked my skin the whole night.

“Durand?” I asked and froze when his golden eyes met mine. They were brimming with desire and a famished hunger as he looked my way. I gulped.

When I didn’t say anything else, he stepped to my side and stroked my red hair. “Yes, Naomi?” he wondered with a voice full of the same hunger I’d seen in his eyes.

“Am I able to go outside now?” I covered my body with the blankets, and he grinned at me, the hunger disappearing for sympathy to arise. Why would he feel sympathetic?

The vampire sat beside me and said, “Yes, but I’d rather you stay in our bed. I’ve already prepared myself to be your breakfast.” He pressed my head closer to his neck, and I felt my fangs aching to pierce his skin.

Gulping nervously, I clenched his shoulders, trying to keep him pulled away. I didn’t want to bite him. What would I do if I drank him until he died? “You’re a vampire though,” I mumbled as I tried to keep myself from looking at the vein pulsing beneath the thin layer of his skin. I could so easily puncture it.

“I know, and most vampires don’t drink from each other. Since we’re mates though, we can do this. It will help heal the headaches you get from having iron shot directly into your skull. You’ll still need to drink other blood for nourishment. I’m just good for healing.” He pushed me until my lips were brushing against his skin with every one of my shaky breaths. “I promise you won’t kill me.”

My fangs shot out until they were the threatening translucent tips I’d seen before, and I parted my lips to keep from busting them with my new teeth.

His hand on the small of my back and other on my neck sent shivers through my insides, and I wanted to curl against him like a pet to its owner. My lips felt the dampness of my tongue while I attempted to keep myself from reacting on instinct. As his thumb pressed into my neck, I could hear my heart beating rapidly at the closeness. My veins thrummed inside of my body, and my heart serenaded the heat within me.

“Durand,” I breathed until I skimmed my fangs over his flesh. My eyes dilated into a diamond shape then I dug my teeth into his skin. A bead of sweat drifted onto my tongue, and I shuddered at his thick, rich, and powerful taste. Losing myself, I dug my hands into his shoulders until I could feel them slicing his skin. My tongue lapped at his skin as I sucked him hard and deep into me.

Beneath my clamped grip, I could feel his large chest rise when I pulled a groan from his mouth. His body readjusted until I was straddling him, and Durand muttered foreign words into my ear. Though I couldn’t understand them, I knew they were rough and desirable words of the needs he felt towards me.

His hand slid down my body to cradle the backs of my thighs, and I could barely register it when his finger slipped beneath the thin string that was covering me. His fingers stroked me lazily as I suckled his neck.

He tasted perfect, so much better than the raunchy blood I’d been sucking before. His taste was thick and flowed deeply into my throat before spreading throughout my insides. The only few things that I could compare his taste to had to have been like the juice of maraschino cherries, but it was thick like slow running honey dripping down the sides of my lips. My body shivered to his taste, and I couldn’t think of prying myself off of him.

Beneath me, I felt Durand’s moans turn into gasps, and I felt his finger wriggling between my lips and his skin. “Ungh,” was the intelligent noise I thought to whine with when his hand was forcing me off him. My grip tightened while I heard him growling strained words under my forceful hold.

“Young Naomi, you are strong,” he grunted and grabbed the nap of skin on the back of my neck. “Release me, woman!” His finger went back into my mouth then coaxed me to move in vain.

I could feel him weakening. I could suck him completely dry. His taste was undeniable. I needed it in me, and I would have it. He could just keep wriggling. He was all mine, and there was no way I was going to give up this taste.

Durand’s fight began to weaken until my body went flying against a wall. Eyelashes fluttering, I dazedly looked upwards to find him looming over me.

His eyes glowed hauntingly as I stared into his yellow orbs, and I immediately lost all contact with my brain. His fangs hung down in his mouth. They were long and more intimidating than my own. Everything about him was intimidating.

He was close to two feet taller than me and much, much bigger. His entire body was a weapon, a deadly machine, and that machine was looking at me like I was a threat.

What had I been thinking? Was I crazy? Obviously, because I’d just been thinking seconds ago that I could kill this guy. Oh, gosh, what had I gotten myself into?

My heart thundered inside of me, and I cowered beneath him. “You are my fledgling, Naomi!” his voice boomed as I wished I could shrink to the size of an ant. He dragged me up to him by my throat. “You will not attempt to harm me! Do you understand?”

I nodded as much as I could since his hand was so big it covered my entire throat and croaked, “Yes, sire.” My legs dangled uselessly until he gently placed me to the ground.

His deadly hand went from my throat to my hair as he pressed me against him. Confused but complying, I allowed myself to curl into him and stared awestruck at the hardwood floor.

“Sweet Naomi, I am sorry,” he muttered then kissed my ear. “I had to defend my dominance. You understand that? Even humans do it.”

I nodded even though I had no idea what he meant. The last thing I wanted was to have him hovering over me like that again. I’d do anything to keep that from happening.

I had to control the urges that wracked my body when I drank. I needed to have Durand teach me. As frightening as he was, I was positive that he didn’t kill when he drank. Something about him didn’t seem that heartless to me.

A knock at the door had Durand glowering when a male randomly appeared in the bedroom. How did he do that? I didn’t see the door open an inch.

The man grinned then crossed the room to lean down to study my face. “I’d heard an argument and expected to see my young brother fighting with more than just a fledgling.” He held my chin but had to immediately let go when Durand whipped around to punch the male. Amazingly, the stranger just held Durand’s fist and wagged his finger in the air. “Ah-ah, Durand, you know better than to punch your older brother over a baby. Now, let me examine my new sibling.”

Durand’s hold slowly released, but he wrapped a protective arm around my waist as the odd male bent down to study me with interested eyes.

“Hmm,” he muttered, “quite the specimen you have, brother, but a little short you’d think. I’m surprised that she could lock you into a corner.” His yellow eyes continued to scan my body. “Beautiful and curvy. I always knew you had a thing for innocents with no knowledge of their attributes.”

My face flushed, and my instinct called for me to hide behind Durand. Something about this yellow eyed male with long hair was bugging me. It was like an itch you couldn’t scratch. Obliging to my instinct, I hid my face and half of my body behind the tall male holding me.

“You haven’t mated her yet, and she still hides behind you. Your bond must be strong.” The vampire ran a hand through his long hair that only flowed back to its place. “Well, you’ll have to put your new toy up for the night. We have important matters to discuss that revolve around the Thanatos demons. They’re acting a bit stupid, and I’d like to squash out any chance of rebellion before it catches fire.”

Durand turned towards me with a look of dismay. After holding me by my neck and throwing me across the bedroom, I’d guessed that all romantic intentions had been called off. Well, apparently I was wrong.

“I am sorry, Naomi, but Felix needs my help. I will explain this all to you later. You’re free to roam the grounds, and find the maid Liza if you get hungry. She’s good with young vampires such as you.” He ran a hand through my dark red locks before disappearing behind the male that winked at me behind Durand’s back.

All alone, I uncomfortably rubbed my arm. Well, I was free to roam. I guess, I could start with that.

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