Awakening the Blood

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Kiss

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



Chapter Eight

For the next couple of days, I didn’t see much of Durand. I wound up spending all of my time babysitting the amazingly mature Reule. Every now and then my so-called mate would nod at me to at least acknowledge the fact that I was still kicking, but aside from that Reule was the one that taught me to control my strength.

The little boy explained why Acrylic was a headless teddy bear, and I had to laugh at the pink flush that came across the boy’s face when he told the story of a nightmare that made him cry to see Acrylic headless.

Reule was by far the sanest of the Radegond males that lived at this estate. He introduced me to Elliot and Delray who were shockingly average for twin teenage boys. Elliot was friendly and played soccer most of the time that he was awake and not drinking. Delray on the other hand was a bit more reclusive, spending more time playing the piano, painting, or sculpting from memory.

Both males seemed to accept me with open arms but kept their distance when Reule wasn’t around. It must have been because Durand was a shadow on the wall when I was on my own. If the guy was good at anything it was stalking. Occasionally, I felt his presence when I was in the shower or on my way to meet up with Reule.

My instinct felt our separation and cried out for me to hunt him down, but the times that I did go looking for my sire he would always say he was busy or needed to go to a meeting in the mysteriously disappearing hallway beneath the stairs in the foyer.

The kitchen table was replaced… after an hour of scolding by the sexy vampiress that was always two steps behind Durand’s ankles. That day she’d been wearing a silky black dress, creepily similar to the one that I’d shown up here in, and a suspicion slithered up my pant leg. It screamed that she was dying for Durand’s attention.

Running my hands through my hair after soaking it in shampoo, I watched as the suds dripped down the ends of my red-brown hair and smiled at the accidental thought of Durand’s hand going through my locks. Ashamed at myself, I blushed to no one’s amusement.

My mind slipped down and down and down some more until it was completely in the gutter. I fantasized about the heated looks he’d give me in the hallways when he’d see me in tight shorts and a tank top, a nightgown before bed, a towel after a bath, or a short skirt on the one day I’d really, really wanted him to look at me. If only he could have just snagged a hold of my hand that day and traced us back to the bedroom. Then, we could share one of those drunken kisses we’d had in the club I was remembering.

Lost in my reverie, I didn’t register movement until a large figure opened up the bathroom door, and Durand pulled the curtains away. Redder than blood, I attempted to cover myself at this random intrusion and barked, “What do you think you’re doing?”

The man just shook his head and reached to pull my body against his half bare one. “I missed you,” he breathed. His calloused hand ran from my dampened rib to my hip where he held my thrashing still.

Eyes wide, I could only stare when his mouth came down hot and needing against my own. The vampire’s tongue dabbed against my mouth, and I gasped when he bit teasingly against the plumpness of my bottom lip. I’d accidentally allowed his tongue entry and had to suppress a groan when his perfect tongue taunted me.

My instinct thrummed hungrily against my brain, but it was no match for the questions in my head. Why was he doing this? What was he thinking? Why now? Why was he avoiding me to do this to me right now?

“You cannot understand how many years I’ve waited just for a taste of you,” he grated against my mouth. Before I could do anything to protect myself, Durand whisked us away and into his bed.

After fighting for a grip, I finally planted both of my hands firmly against his chest. “Stop!” I cried out in fear. My legs smashed together with his hand between them, and I stared up at him with a look of betrayal atop my face.

The man shook his head again and looked at me. “Why are you scared? You are my mate.” Durand went back to pinching the bridge of his nose as he did when he was confused or stressed.

Pulling a pillow over myself, I eased up to gawk at the male. “I’m only human, Durand. I don’t understand what you mean!” I exclaimed and attempted to inch away but Durand’s hand was a manacle against my thigh.

“Why don’t you want me like I do you?” He pressed me beneath him. His strong hands fanned completely over my shoulders, and I stared up at him. He looked confused, completely lost.

I chewed on my lip. I wanted to help him. I wanted to wipe that look away from him and replace it with something else, anything else. Seeing him confused made my instinct desire him all the worse.

My instinct wanted him to bury his fangs into my neck and get me writhing against him. It wanted me to sink my claws into his naked hide and do nasty things with him.

Carefully, I reached up to him, to the hardened features of his face. Touching him was like touching a wild animal for the first time: thrilling, scary, and unforgettable. He leaned against the cradle of my palm but still looked confused, dazed.

“Durand,” I breathed in wonder. He was amazing, something completely original. My heart leaped in my chest like it was trying to reach out to his heart. Nervous, I pulled him down, down, down, until his chest brushed my sensitized skin.

Gulping, I had no idea what I was doing when my instinct had me pressing him against my neck. His tongue licked and rubbed against my skin, but his hands still held me frozen against the blankets.

I’d never wanted to be touched as badly as I did now. My blood raced, and I could feel everything. The bed sheets felt like every fiber was caressing my bare skin. Durand’s warm body felt like a pulsing heater against my chest. The hair on his body tapped at my skin. It made my insides melt. I could hear everything. His heavy and ragged breaths against my neck as he suckled and nipped at my body were like bells signaling his need for me. My own breaths must have been causing a part of that need because they were just as rough as his.

The vampire leaned his body down against me, and I felt a part of him prodding me. I bit my lip but allowed the touch. “Just a kiss for tonight, Durand,” I pleaded. Although I felt his resistance, I heard his grunt and felt his nod. He would oblige.

Slowly, he pulled himself upwards and slipped his hands until they were on both sides of my head. Again he shook his head. The man growled, “So beautiful but only a kiss.” His words were full of anguish, and my heart weakened, will too.

I felt the distance between us closing, and I let my instinct slip through my hold on it. Tingles ran all through my body at my nervousness. I’d never thought that the first time I really was to kiss this male would be when I was naked and in his bed.

His shadow bathed my body, and I impatiently leaned towards him. His strong jawline pressed against my chin, brushing skin. Finally, Durand’s warm, soft lips met mine, and my entire body internally shivered.

The kiss started off gentle, but that went up in flames. As soon as I felt Durand writhing against me, I sunk my hands in his blonde hair and locked my legs around his waist. His tongue ravished my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of his taste while I smashed him so close against me that there was no way that we looked to be two people. His grunts and moans made me shiver as our tongues twisted against each other. My heart hammered in my chest, and his responded with an even more intense strength.

Briefly, he pulled away, muttering something about control, but I forced him to return. He did so without much of a fight. His mouth grinned against mine at this single triumph on my control, but I bucked my hips against his waist to make him to cut that out.

The vampire groaned deeply at that, and I snickered when he rolled me on top of him. The sheets warped around us as we continued to roll all over the bed. Durand’s fingers playfully skimmed down my body, but I ran my leg against his core unconsciously.

The male’s hips rose, but he held his control. Durand broke the kiss once more, and I chased him until he moaned his surrender. “Damned tease,” he growled, low and deep in his chest.

We kept twisting and twining, but finally, Durand traced away to slam his back against the wall. Desire made his lips part. I rose up on the bed to gape at his body. “I-I’ll,” he fumbled, “see you later tonight.” With that, Durand traced away, and I wondered just to where when he was so… turned on.

Although my internal sensor was going off like wild, I was way too happy to pay it any attention. Ignoring the ache inside of me, I flipped the tornado woven sheets off me and dizzily walked to the huge closet that Durand had stocked with clothes he’d bought me and clothes he’d taken from my dorm.

A short black skirt and low cut blue blouse called out to me, and I strapped on some blue heels. I pirouetted in the mirror then snickered, “Durand Radegond, eat your heart out.” Replying was his voice in my head, I’m sure that I will, lovely Naomi.

My lips were singing as I replayed Durand’s mouth hot on my own. He had been writhing and squirming against me. He was desiring and needing me. No male had ever been like that with me before. Durand had been the first male to see me completely naked.

I languidly rubbed towards the heated spot below my belt. If he kissed me with that desire again, I think I could give it up to him. He could use that against me if I let him. Well, all that I had to do was keep him from doing that. Strategy. Strategy. Strategy.

Abruptly, I thought of Reule. The young boy was so much like my brother had been years ago. I wondered how he was, what he was doing, and who he had a crush on this year. My heart felt a surge of pain.

I needed to get out of here. Durand had said that some disposables took the blame for my murders, so I should have a free ride out of here. Now then, I needed to find out just where I was and what I would need to do to get out of here.

Reule had said that I was advancing, and I didn’t break my clothes when I put them on anymore. I’m sure that I could take holding onto Mom, Dad, and Aspen.

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