Shifters : The Secret Army

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - And I awoke...

Submitted: June 22, 2012

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Submitted: June 22, 2012




I wake up, my pulse racing, it’s the middle of the night and I am alone in the house.

I’m seven and my parents have never left me alone before. I run around the house a few times looking for a clue to where they’ve gone or maybe to find them hiding from me somewhere . The house is dark and lonely, but outside there is a light. The light radiates through the window, seeming to get brighter. I realize it’s a fire, a fire is burning outside. I run out of the house remembering what I was told about fire safety in my first grade class. I look out into the yard, far off into the fields a fire is rising but looks contained in one spot. I climb over our fence and slip into the tall grass, crawling almost on my stomach as I slink closer to where the fire is coming from. Feeling warmth I smile, then I hear voices, beautiful almost scary in the moonlight songs come from the area. My brain says “stop now before it’s too late” but my heart says “keep moving child something is to happen on this day” I get closer, seeing people gathered around laughing and talking, some holding hands some kissing under the moonlight others still dancing to the creepy beauty of the song I keep hearing repeat itself. I look up and turn white as I watch my parents turn to black smoke then to small rabbits in the blink of an eye. My heart  is a drum as I step into the light of the great fire showing them I was there. Mother twitches her bunny nose and father shakes his tail and they are back to being same old mom and dad. The usual rosieness of mother’s cheeks are fire red, she looks at me and with a try at being calm says “ Why on earth are you out of bed?” I close my eyes in fear of a spanking but all I hear next is Father saying “ Oh come on, she’s old enough to know by now. Plus my love, she’s seen us now. Ha ha ha.” she sighs as he laughs off my wrong doing and sends me over to sit on a log. I watch as my brother walks over to a bucket and turns to water, my cousin turns to his mother and snickers running over to try and pour him on the grass. Brother jumps out of the bucket with a splash, it was like his body was water but flesh as well. I sleepily looked at the two turning from frog to spark of fire then back to human. I gave a big yawn and then looked up at the sky, in my mind this was a funny and entertaining dream and I was happy to have had it instead of my usual nightmare. Just as I was wondering when I would wake up from this dream a small spark from the fire fell onto my arm. It hurt. How was this a dream if I could feel pain.

 I jumped up, realizing that this was indeed true life and I was watching as members of my family and family friends were turning into something other than human. They were changing, shifting. It was as if we were all something more than human, less than God , but more than human. We I started to panic a little and ran over to my mother. I could hear my blood pumping as I ran. "Mother," I said,"What's going on here? What are you? What am I?"  She turned too stare into my eyes, her beautiful green eyes were glowing as if they were made of the moonlight that our friends and relatives were dancing in, she said  "We're shifters,we are almost as old as time itself. We only age to our 50's after that we stay the same age and become an elder of brood. I have a book, it will give you more information and help you to start learning all about transforming into things yourself. You must never speak of this with normal people, only on nights like these do we celebrate and our shifting is used to protect these humanoids from demons and evil spirits that roam this wasteland Earth." I nodded my head as she hugged me close and I snuggled into her chest. I fell asleep and woke up in my bed wondering where everyone went. The night had been beautiful, but very interested and I was ready to know more.


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