Together With The Sundown

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"Summer..?" I turned around just in time to see him coming after me.

"what do you want!? isn't it enough already that you put me through constant humiliation?!" I nearly spat at him

I ran outta there before he could say another word…

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Together With The Sundown

Submitted: April 03, 2010

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Submitted: April 03, 2010




It’s the first day of my sophomore year..yay. Another first day of school another first day to make big impression’s on people I don’t know! Oh shit! Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Summer Marie Wilson I’m 16 well almost and I live with my grandmother because my parents died in a car accident when I was a couple months old..So yeah. Well any way’s I go to a school where all the snob’s and snobette’s rule the school. So there isn’t really anyone to talk to nowadays.

Well any who, I didn’t feel like dressing up today so I lightly waved my hair, teased my bangs, put on eyeliner and mascara lightly brushing my cheekbones with pink blush as if the blush wasn’t already there permanently. Then I just slipped on some worn out faded blue skinny Jean’s and slipped on a yellow plaid flannel and then I put on my black on black chucks. Yupp that about does my outfit. I got my backpack(hot pink) and headed out to the bus stop…oh joy. Well as I climbed on board I was happy to find that there was no one on it. So I plopped my self down in the middle of the second row farthest away from the entrance. Then the fun started because I was only happily alone for about…5 minutes. People started filing in and sitting noisily on the bus seat’s. so I just put on some tuneage and zoned out until someone sat right next to me.

“hello, do you mind if I sit next to you?” the male goddess sitting next to me asked.

“no, go ahead” I said a little nervously

Ha ha I know you want a description of this goddess am I right? Ha ha I knew it! He has light brown wind blown hair with little golden tints .His perfect golden tone complexion didn’t dazzle me as much as his eye’s did they were a perfect honey brown with little tints of gray at the edges. He was wearing a fitted plaid shirt with loose skinny jeans and black vans. He had a perfect smile complete with perfect white teeth and full plump lips and he had the most adorable dimples I have ever laid eye’s on..

“I’m Shia, and you are?” he asked gazing at my lip’s “I-I‘m summer” I blushed violently “oh, hello summer. Nice to meet you!” he beamed at me “nice to meet you too! Are you new here?” damn it! Stupid blush! “yes actually, I’m from Seattle.” he said with a smile, I couldn’t help but smile back.

5 minutes of agonizingly painful silence later…

“so what grade are you in?” I asked super curiously “um..Im a sophomore, what about you? ” he asked “I’m a sophomore as well… ” I said nervously biting my lip. “oh” he said a little quietly.

Yeah this is a bit awkward…

Well as we got to school we didn’t continue talking, I was a bit worried I mean what did I do wrong that made him silent? Well all I know is as soon as he gets comfortable at school he might not wanna hang with me. I worried he might turn into a snob…yet he might be the only exception…besides me of course ha ha.

As we arrived to school I got up first and left, he looked at me like he wanted to say something but held his tongue. I got to first period which was American lit 1, I was the first one there and happy for that. Then people started to come in and be noisy and stuff. So I turned on my I-pod and listened to music while our teacher got there. It was then when I noticed that Shia had entered the classroom staring at me with a blank face. uh ok? what did I do wrong this time? well he sat down as far away from me as possible, sitting with the group of welcoming snob and snobette’s.

well he kept ignoring me while I kept wondering what I did wrong. then it was time for second period, turns out he was in that one too.. second period was algebra 2. As I entered the classroom I noticed that there were a lot of people already huddled around him inviting him to party’s and games and such. Big whoop! he noticed me vaguely and continued talking with his new comrades.

turns out this kid was in everyone of my classes, and I wasn’t really enjoying that as much as I thought I would…..

SHPOV-yes this is Shia’s point of view! ************

My first day in a new school in a new town in a new freaking state! What the hell is with my mother and her crazy job’s! whatever! Well I kept my outfit simple and headed to the new school I’m attending. as I got on the bus I noticed this extremely beautiful girl sitting by herself, so I turned on the charm by sitting next to her. her reaction was rewarding as I received a blush from her..

She had long light brown hair that lightly waved down her back, and she had hazel eye’s that dazzled me completely, she had a breath taking smile and almost broke my heart, and her skin tone was a creamy ivory that reflected her lips which were luscious and plump, and she also had a great sense of clothing.

Then as she starting talking I realized I would fall for her so I stopped talking to her because sadly I didn’t wanna be hurt again…

I remember it like it was yesterday, I had been getting ready for the most important date of my life, I had a date with the most gorgeous girl in the world, I had been in love with her for as long as I remember. Even though she never seemed to notice me I always had a glimpse of hope that someday she would accept a date from me. Her name was Elizabeth Coelho, she had long curly blond hair and light brown eye’s she had pale white translucent skin and she had a very beautiful smile. She finally took notice of me when I joined the water polo team and I got to show of my bod. Lol as stupid as that seems it’s true! When I was finally headed in her direction, her the girl of dreams, I get a text.

From: Elizabeth (: Hey Shia I’m sorry to tell you but I gotta cancel our date, you see you’ll lower my social status if I go out with you and honestly I only went out with you outta pity. So it’s better if you don’t mention this to anybody. Thanks.

Wow way to break my heart you fucking crack whore!

SPOV ****************

Omg dude was I seriously falling for Shia?! I mean I’ve only known him for like a day! But it’s like every time I see him my intestines do back flips! Ugh friggen girly hormones!

Today I kept it simple I only combed my impossible hair, applied mascara and eye liner, put on a tee shirt and black skinny’s with chucks and a couple bracelet’s and I so I walked to the bus stop half expecting Shia to be there. But he wasn’t instead I found our crazy cat lady neighbor looking for some cat..freak.

Well as I got on the bus I was happy to find it empty again this is a good time to really coop with the bus driver (: just kidding! But any way’s 2 seconds later retarded kids started to come in and I couldn’t handle any more so I turned my I-pod on and zoned out for a bit. I was listening to “mother may I by eatmewhileimhot!“ When someone tapped my shoulder. ZOMG! It was Shia!! EEEEEEEEP!!

“Hey summer, do you mind if I sit with you again?” Shia said with a smile.

“yea no prob” I said while a blush was forming on my stupid cheeks. I was still a little hurt from him ignoring me yesterday so I didn’t say another word but that didn’t keep him from trying to make conversation.

“so…what‘s up?” he said trying to lighten the mood

“not much” I said trying to get him to take a hint. So I turned and faced straight forward trying to avoid eye contact, I turned my I-pod up higher so it would seem like I didn’t want to talk to him, even though I really wanted to…I know what your thinking and you should be ashamed of your self! But yeah.

“are you angry at me?” he said sadly “no” I stated plainly

“then why aren’t you looking at me?” he huffed

“because I just wanted to make you feel how I felt yesterday when you completely ignored me! that’s why!” I got so angry that I felt tears starting to form. Then I turned around again because I was sure my face revealed a crap-load of pain.

“I‘m sorry if I hurt you, but honestly I didn’t try to ignore you other things just kept me busy is all” he stated simply

“kept you busy my ass!” and I think he said something else but I didn’t know what he said on account of my turning up the volume on full blast. So loud that it hurt my ear’s.

When I got to school I rushed to 1st period and I sat down right in the middle of the whole classroom. And then just I had sat down Shia sat down next to me. Huh? Ok then! He sat down scooting his chair closer to mine. It was then when I realized he was trying to do that yawn over the shoulder thing so I walked over to the next available seat. And he followed so I caved and turned around to see a smiling Shia. So I smiled back politely and said “what the fuck do you want” through my teeth.

“I thought you wanted me to sit next to you” he asked with an innocent face.

“fine!” I said with a frown

“hey lighten up it‘s only my second day at this school the last thing I want is someone hating me ” he said putting an arm around my shoulder.

“I don’t hate you.. I strongly dislike you” I said trying to shake his arm off, not succeeding.

“summer I‘m Sorry, really” his face looked so honest I gave in and immediately forgave him.

“alright fine!” I said still angry that I had lost the battle.

“cool!” he said like a 5 year who just found a dollar.

Later he walked me to every class even though he was in all of them! But yet I couldn’t help but feel like he was just pretending to be my friend so he could I don’t know show off to the snob’s or something, but I don’t know I hope he does really wanna be my friend because I really like him and I just feel so vulnerable around him for some strange reason. Any little misunderstanding and I could break down.

As I got out of class, I decided I wanted to go home walking so I didn’t have to take the bus full of irritating people. As I passed the service drive I noticed Shia and I bunch of faggot’s I mean guys (: and I decided that this was the test I was going to give Shia, if I said hi and he said hi back I would continue to be friends with him but if not I wont ever talk to him for as long as HE lives. So I walked in that direction.

“hey Shia” I said with a huge smile. He looked at me not knowing what to say.

“Shia you know this bitch?” some snob asked

“no I don’t, so why don’t you get outta here, your not welcome in this area.” he said with a smirk receiving a few high-fives from the faggots.

“oh.” a few tears escaping my eye’s.

So there was my answer, this douche isn’t worth my friendship.

I took my time walking home not wanting to face my parents. I still couldn’t believe he said those things, I thought he wanted us to be friends? Well I guess he changed his mind. I don’t care anyways even if I thought he was different I may have been wrong, well that’s that.


What the fuck is wrong with me! Why did I tell her that?! Ugh! She hates me for sure! Did I really let my peer’s influence me? Wow im such a dick face! I wouldn’t blame her if she never wanted to talk to me ever again.

I mean I may have overreacted when that snob asked me if I knew her but I just wanted to fit in! I mean I really like her! Damn I really screwed up!


Ugh third day of school only 115 day’s! I still can’t believe what Shia said tho!!! Ugh pull it together summer he’s just another guy you have no business talking to. Kay.. I put on long tunic and black super skinny’s with high top chucks and I just braided my hair to the side putting a long ponytail holder around the rim of my head and putting a small ribbon at the end of my braid. I slipped on some bracelet’s sprayed on some strawberry body spray and left. It’s kinda cloudy today, so there’s a 75% chance it might pour. I walked to the bus stop and waited patiently for the stupid Twinkie shaped bus to arrive. As the bus came to the bus stop I got in sat down plain and simple. I turned on my ipod and only put the earphone in one ear, not quite wanting to listen to music atm. Just then someone tapped my shoulder. Zomg I really hope it’s not Shia! I turned around and sure enough I spoke too soon. I looked at him and turned around.

“hey summer” he said kinda quietly Really!? Was he really trying to talk to me!!??!

“hey” I said not looking at him, looking straight forward.

“Are you mad?” he asked nervously

“Oh noo I could never be mad at someone who pretended he didn’t know me in order to gain approval from sad excuses for people he calls friends” I said with really heavy sarcasm.

“Oh. I take it your mad.” he said more to himself.

“really Shia im not angry im just giddy with darn happiness by that fact that im a nobody to your eye’s!” I spat at him then as if on cue the bus stopped and I was the first one outta there.

I avoided him all day like the pussy I was, and walked home in the rain. I was less then half way to my house when a shiny black sedan stop’s next to me and I stop to see who it was and you’ll never believe this but it was Shia!

SHPOV *********************

Well since I won’t be able to sleep or eat or anything for that matter unless she forgives me im gonna go beg for her forgiveness.

She avoided me all day but that doesn’t mean I avoided her, I followed her everywhere except the bathroom(stalker status I know). It was kinda difficult not to because she is in everyone of my classes. After school I rushed to my car and followed her slowly because she was walking home apparently. When she began to slow down I stopped next to her. She noticed that I parked next to her, and I lowered the window.

“hey summer wanna ride?” I asked nervously, afraid she might say no.

“Yeah I guess” she said sadly.

SPOV ************** He lowered the passenger window down and smiled nervously.

“hey summer you wanna ride?” he asked nervously, what the douche is suddenly afraid of rejection? Ooooooookay then.

“Yeah I guess” I answered with a sigh.

He unlocked the door and I got in eyeing him suspiciously.

“so what made you want to give me a ride?” I asked

“Well I didn’t want you to walk home in the rain!” he said as if he suddenly cared about what happened to me. I made a face.

“okay the real reason is because I wanted to beg for your forgiveness!”

SPOV ************** “so what made you want to give me a ride?” She asked

“Well I didn’t want you to walk home in the rain!” I said with a worried expression.

She made a face, that was pretty self explanatory.

“okay the real reason is because I wanted to ask for your forgiveness!” I said to her.

Her expression went from surprised to angry.

“why the hell would you want MY forgiveness?! ” she said with tears in her eye’s.

I caught a stray tear with my thumb, “because I care that’s why!” I spat at her.

“why!?” She replied in the same tone.

“because!” I Said angrily

She had a bemused expression on her face.

“Because why!?” She said with angry tears. “why on earth would you care if I forgave you or not?!” then she was only an inch away from my face, so I made my move and grabbed her chin and kissed her, at first she fought back then she calmed down and kissed me back, I felt my self melt with her touch.

Then she broke it off gasping for air.

“Why did you kiss me?” she asked a little out of breath.

“for the same reason you did’ I replied leaning in again, but she leaned back putting a finger on my lips.

“And that would be?” She asked calmly.

SHPOV ***************** “Because why!?” I said with angry tears. “why on earth would you care if I forgave you or not?!” then I looked onto his eye’s and he was only an inch away from me, then he kissed me! I felt my self almost pass out to his touch, yet I was so caught off guard that I tried to fight back but it was no use so I kissed him back.

Then I broke it off gasping for air.

“Why did you kiss me?” I asked a little out of breath.

“for the same reason you did” he replied leaning in again, but I leaned back putting a finger on his lips.

“And that would be?” I asked calmly.

“Because summer, Im completely in love with you” he said leaning in again, this time I gave in and let him kiss me.

But then broke it up.

“Well if your so in love with me then why did you tell me to get, in front of your so called friends? Why did you shun me out of your little group?” and by then tears started to form again.

“Because im A jerk that doesn’t deserve to have someone like you let alone live. ” he said with tears starting to form in his beautiful eye’s.

“Don’t cry im sorry” I said unthinkingly smoothing his cheek then pulled my hand back in the same second I just can‘t stand when other people cry it break‘s my heart! He grabbed my hand and put it back on his cheek and faintly smiled. I smiled back then rested my head on the seat while facing him.

“lets play a little game called truth” he said still holding my hand in his.

“Okay” I said staring at our intertwined hands.

“okay ill go first” he said kissing my hand.

“o-okay then” I stuttered dazzled by what he did.

“who was your first kiss?” he asked extremely curious.

“Carlos Sahagun in the 4th grade” I said with a blush.

“oh..” he said a little disappointed.

“Who was yours?” I asked also extremely curious.

“well to tell you the” he said kinda embarrassed. Awww how cute!

“Really? that’s so sweet” I said softly.

“no it‘s not it‘s pathetic” he replied sadly

“Don‘t say that! I think it‘s sweet and that‘s all that matters right?”

“Yeah your right” he said smiling then kissing my forehead. Then leaned down lower to kiss me swiftly on the lips.

“so does this mean were together?” he asked.

“Ummm im not entirely sure if that would be best for you considering your choice of friends.” I said solemnly

“ Well I..” he said.

“Would rather stick with them then go out with me?” I answered finishing his sentence.

“No! absolutely not! Look I want to be with you isn’t that all that matters?” he answered with the same solemn expression I used.

“I guess” I said looking out the window and realized we were somehow already outside my house. Thank god my grandma isn’t home or else she would have made get out of the vehicle and chased Shia out with a broom.

“What, don’t you wanna be with me?” he asked tears already in his eye’s. DAMNMIT!

“Of course I do” I said unthinkingly stroking his cheeks.

“I have a question though.” I said

“Shoot” he said looking me straight in the eye.

“The first day of school you completely ignored me, What did I do wrong? Please tell me so I won’t do it again in the future. ” I asked solemnly.

“Oh that..well let me explain I- ”

“Very detailed please (:” I interrupted . He smiled at me before continuing.

“As I was saying well I don‘t know what came over me I guess I was just afraid to get hurt again.” he said looking down.

“Hurt again? What happened before?” I asked concerned.

“Well it‘s a long story” he said a little choked up.

“’I‘ve got plenty of time” I said with a flirtatious smile.

“Okay well a year or two ago I had asked out a girl I had a crush on since I was like in the second grade, and she finally agreed. Her name was Elizabeth Coelho she was very pretty” he took a quick side glance at me then continued. “Well as I was walking to her house I got a text message from her saying that she was cutting our date, and that I would lower her social status if she dated me and that she only agreed to go out with me out of pity” he finished with a not so complacent expression.

“Oh my goodness Shia I‘m so sorry” I said unthinkingly embracing him.

“It‘s okay summer, she‘s a bitch I see that now” he said hugging me tighter crushing me actually.

“Uh..Shia..Your..Crushing..Me!” I whispered.

“I‘m sorry” He said still not letting me go.

“SHIA!” I screamed out of breath.

“Ok ok ok ” He said with a smile. We were both quiet not touching when I turned around to realize that it was pitch dark outside.

“Uh Shia, Don’t mean to be rude but It’s getting late and my grandma might be getting worried so… goodnight!” I said sadly Because I really didn’t want to leave.

“Kay goodnight” He said with a lust filled smile, I swear to bob I was having a circus inside my stomach! I was about to get up when he caught my arm and called my name.

“Summer wait.” he said.

“Ye-” I said before he cut me off with a long kiss. I was so caught up on the kiss I forgot to breath. When I did it came out in a wild gasp.

“Goodnight” He whispered, lightly bighting my bottom lip, making me blow up on the inside. I pouted sighing then, after looking at him then got out of the car. Then waved goodbye. He sped off leaving me on the sidewalk still stunned.

When I got inside I found a note that said:

“summer, went to dinner with some friends, gonna be back late so go out and enjoy yourself! BUT DON‘T BE OUT LATE! Love grandma.” Great! You know what screw the enjoy yourself part I’m going to bed! I slipped on some boy shorts and a tee, grabbed my hair into a sloppy bun and hopped into bed. I was about to drift to sleep when something hit’s my window. I went to go check out with a glimpse of hope that it will be Shia. But boy was I wrong! My grandmother was outside my window in a flippen 60’s outfit! WTF! I opened my window trying not to laugh.

“Hey summer honey could you unlock the door? I kinda forgot my key‘s!” My grandma said.

“Yeah sure why not” I said biting my lip really hard to keep myself from laughing.

“Thank you!” She said breathlessly.

So I unlocked the door for grandma then ran to bed. I think 2 hours passed when something hit my window again! I ran to the window and opened it and sure enough it was Shia with a guitar. What the shit! He was gonna serenade me? Holy fuck!

TROUBLE(NSN) I’m in trouble, I’m an addict, I’m addicted to this girl She’s got my heart tied in a knot And my stomach in a whirl And even worse I can’t stop calling her She’s all I want and more I mean Damn! What’s not to adore?

I’ve been playing to much guitar I’ve been listening to jazz I called so many times I swear she’s going mad And that cellular-ar Will be the death of us I swear, I swear

Because she’s oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Ooooooo I’m running my mouth just like I got her But I surely don’t Because she’s So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Rock and roll! And out of my league Is she Out of my league? I hope not!

I’m in trouble I’m so cliché See that word just wear’s me out! Makes me feel like just another Boy To laugh and joke about But even worse I can’t stop calling her I love to hear that voice And honestly, I’m left with no choice

I’ve been playing too much Guitar I’ve been listening to jazz I called so many times I swear she’s going mad And that cellular-ar Will be the death of us I swear, I swear

Because she’s oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Ooooooo I’m running my mouth just like I got her But I surely don’t Because she’s So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Rock and roll! And out of my league Let’s hope not! And oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. Ooooooo!

Holy shat! I swear I almost passed out when I heard him sing! And to top it off, he climbed up my window EEEEPPPPP!!!!!!! 

I helped him up and he tripped over me. I looked up to see him practically glaring at me.

I got up quickly and went to go sit on my bed.

Yet he was still glaring at me. Hmmm…interesting.

“What‘s wrong with you?” I said in my quietest voice. “Nothing it’s just…vous regardez ... eau à la bouche.” He said in French. I tried to remember what that meant…Oh! I look mouthwatering! Duh! Wait…What? I looked down at my article’s of clothing and realized I was wearing close to nothing and leaped to my wardrobe but he caught my arm.

“What do you think your doing?” he asked in a voice that was full of authority…I like ;)

“What does it look like, I’m gonna go grab more clothing” I said in an innocent voice.

“Oh no your not. You are going to march straight to bed…just the way your dressed” He said looking at me from head to toe.

“Yes master” I said in a really seductive voice.

I climbed onto bed and pretended he wasn’t there I got under the covers and just closed my eye’s. 5 seconds later I felt him go under the covers too putting his arm around my waist. Well this is new. I can get used to this (:

So he spent the night. In my bed. Flipping Spooning me! I have never been more happy in my life. Thus drifting to sleep like a princess.

I woke up to someone caressing my face, and bolt right awake. I looked over at Shia who was grazing me adoringly.

Well not only was I stoked to see that goddess on my bed, but I was also excited and anxious, that he was mine!

But wait..OH NO GRANDMA!

I swiftly turn around to find him inches away from my face. He slowly closed the distance between us, and kissed me sweetly. Biting my bottom lip gently. He chuckled when a moan escaped me lip’s.

“Shia, wait” I said a little muffled by the kiss.

“Yes love?” He said staring adoringly into my eye’s.

“Um…” I had completely lost my train of thought.

He laughed beautifully and grabbed my chin.

“Your grandma went to a fishing trip with some of her friends and won‘t be back till late” He said as -a-matter-a-factly.

“How do you know that?” I asked extremely confused.

“You are quite adorable when your confused” he said kissing my nose. I blushed furiously and smiled at him.

“She left a note on your alarm clock” he said picking up a post it that was on my dresser, and handed it too me, and sure enough he was right.

“Oh..but did she not see you?” I asked.

“I hid under your bed” he chuckled.

“Oh. Then I guess..that‘s good” I sighed in relief.

“Yeah and that also means we have the whole day to ourselves” he whispered kissing my neck and enlacing my finger’s with his.

“W-What do you have in mind?” I said intoxicated by his scent.

“How about breakfast?!” he said excitingly jumping out of my bed and running to the kitchen.

I just sat there still trying to register what was happening when I was lifted of my bed.

“Ahhhh!” I squealed.

And he took me to the kitchen, And set me down

“So what do you want for breakfast?” I asked politely

“You” he whispered in my ear. Making me shiver.

“And some cereal” He chuckled.

“Lol ay ay captain!” I said saluting him, and receiving the most beautiful laugh from him.


After breakfast, I sneaked into my room to Shower change into regular clothing. For some strange reason I feel girly with him and it’s starting to scare me! I choose a white spaghetti strap dress that came up to my knees, and I wore my chucks. I brushed my hair and put a black headband around my head, it was really pretty because it had a white daisy on it and What am I saying! Well any way’s I sprayed on some strawberry spray and then some mascara.

I literally ran out of the room only to find that SOMEONE was waiting at the door and I almost knocked him down, but he caught me in his strong arm’s. But he was already changed! How you ask! I have no fucking idea!

“How the hell?” I asked with my signature confused face .

“Like I said before your adorable when your confused” he whispered kissing my forehead and inhaled deeply

“So…Did you go home or something?” I asked.

“No I brought clothing” said matter-of-factly.

“So was this all part of your master plan or something” I said with a smirk.

“Yes” he stated simply.

“Oh well then in that case..RACE YOU TO THE COUCH!” I yelled running towards the stairs.

I heard him sigh contently before he started charging towards me.

Aha I had almost reached the couch when he tackled me to the floor, straddling me.

“Hey cheater!” I pouted

He crushed his lip’s to mine and I instantly forgot what I was mad about.

“Am I forgiven?” he said sweetly

“Yes” I said barely in a whisper.

“Good!” he said getting off of me and helping me get up.

“So what do you want to today?”

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