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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

Chapter 13 (v.2) - Chapter 13 - Finally!

Submitted: December 03, 2018

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Submitted: December 03, 2018



EJ watched Sherry move with unhurried grace back to the fire.  She looked fresh and clean in navy blue yoga pants and a fleece shirt.  It was almost as if while washing off the mud she’d washed off her adrenaline rush at the same time.  A ghost of a smile passed across her face when her eyes wandered to the beer that Christy had forced into his hand.  Once Christy stopped harassing him, he’d been able to relax in front of her family.  He seemed to have been able to get his emotions back into control now that his heart wasn’t in his throat watching Sherry ride. 

Sherry stepped up behind him and began to massage the muscles in his shoulders.  She used the strength in her fingers to knead deeply into the tense muscles. He didn’t realize how much tension he’d kept in his shoulders until now.  She worked at his neck and then his back when he leaned forwards.  Her fingers easing each tight muscle until he felt like mush under her fingers.  As she worked on him she carried on a lively conversation with her family members. 

When he thought he’d fall asleep if he let her continue, he reached a hand up and caught one of her hands in his.  He pulled her around to the front of him and offered her a seat on his lap.  He saw a glint in her eye but wasn’t sure if it was the firelight’s reflection or amusement.  She sat on his lap and leaned back against his chest. 

The numbers around the fire dwindled as people meandered off to bed. Tired parents rounded up their equally tired kids and sought beds in the house, camper, and tents.

The chill Sherry had earlier compounded by the couple of ice cold Mike’s Hard Lemonade she consumed made the coolness of the evening more apparent.  EJ’s warmth at her back kept her from freezing but she still felt cold. She wanted to warm herself up with EJ.  EJ apparently had similar thoughts since he flexed his wrist illuminating the face of his watch and showing her that it was after eleven o’clock.  They said a quiet goodnight to the diehards that remained at the fire and headed to the tent.

The grove where their tent sat wasn’t too far from the fire, but once they were beyond the fire’s circle the light faded fast.  Tall pines rose in two long rows at ninety-degree angle and nearly blocked out all light from the meager moon.  Sherry kept one hand on EJ’s back as they fumbled along in the dark. She nervously scanned the shadows.  She didn’t expect to see anything, but wished she’d remembered the flashlight.  Normally she relied on the dogs to guide her in the dark, but they were safe at home with Mike and Jacob.

EJ chuckled to himself as Sherry practically walked on his feet.  She really didn’t like the dark.  He contemplated giving her a small scare, but changed his mind when he realized he didn’t want anything to spoil the remainder of the evening. 

Sherry leapt into the tent and quickly pulled the zipper closed almost on EJ’s heels as he entered behind her.  She wanted as few mosquitoes in the tent as possible.  Sherry turned on her battery-powered lantern.  Turning back around, she studied the bed.  Something looked suspiciously different.

“I noticed that our sleeping bags zipped together.”  EJ said innocently.  He’d zipped them together to create one large sleeping bag across the queen-sized air mattress.  Two more thick quilts were on top of them. 

“Did you think of everything?” she asked.

“Just about,” he replied with smugness in his tone.

Sherry unzipped her fleece sweatshirt.  Even in the light of the lantern EJ could see she wasn’t wearing a bra under her white t-shirt.  He swallowed hard and strengthened his resolve not to pounce on her he began to talk about the one thing that shot icicles through his veins.

“How is it that everyone else in your family has working class ATVs and you have a Predator?”

Sherry slipped between the sleeping bags.  Once she was comfortable she turned her attention back to him.In fascination, she watched as he peeled away the heavy sweatshirt and then the t-shirt he wore underneath to reveal well defined pectoral muscles accented with dark hair that tapered to the waistband of his jeans.

“Mike bought it for me.”

“He bought you a Predator?”

“In a roundabout sort of way.  Actually I bought it, but see the deal was he’d get a hundred grand if I died, so-“


“Sorry.  That was our standing joke.  I forget not all people see humor in it.  It’s not really a ploy to get insurance money or anything like that.  The truth is I have a need for speed and well…Mike catered to it.”

EJ pondered on her relationship with Mike.  From the glimpses she’d given him, EJ didn’t understand any of their relationship.  From the sounds of it, Mike and Sherry had been more antagonists than lovers.  He couldn’t understand anyone joking about death.  He and Sarah had their individual differences, but they’d shared a very loving relationship.

Sarah had been barely out of high school when they’d gotten married.  They’d taken a bit of time, each starting their career.  He went into law enforcement and she chose nursing.  They both knew eventually they’d want kids.  Their love had been solid, safe, and predictable.  His marriage had been a far cry from what Sherry had experienced in her own relationship.

EJ mentally shook himself.  Sherry lay before him with her chestnut hair spilling over the pillow, and he stood reminiscing about his dead wife.  He loved Sarah, but the woman in front of him who observed him with a calculating look in her blue eyes was flesh and blood.  He needed to remember that.  He stepped out of his shorts and dived between the sleeping bags before the night chill could affect him.

His greater weight dipped the air mattress, and Sherry allowed her body to roll towards him.  The lantern’s light cast eerie shadows around the tent.  He wore a frown on his handsome face.  With her fingertip she soothed away the frown lines on his face.  He remained frozen as she traced the edges of his eyes and the lines of his lip.  Drawing over each straight dark brow with her finger she dropped a kiss on each eyelid. 

“You frustrate me.”  His deep voice rasped out in the silence of the tent. 

“Why?”  A camper door slammed and a laugh rang out in the distance.  The buzz of mosquitos outside the tent seemed alarmingly loud as she waited for him to answer. For a moment, she didn’t think he’d answer.

“Do you know how I felt today?  I was scared to death most of the time.”  The rest of the time she was either completely out of his eyesight or he couldn’t bear to watch.  He expected to come around a corner and find her wrapped around a tree.

“Why?”  Sherry repeated, afraid she sounded like a broken record.

“You drive like an idiot.”

That comment stung.  Stung her personally and stung her ego as well.  “I was riding well within my ability.”

“That’s why you came out covered in the most mud, right?”

“No, I came out in the most mud because I was played it safe.  Aunt Jean gets a little carried away if you haven’t noticed.  I’d pull up so I wasn’t hydroplaning along next to her in those mud puddles…  I was the safe one.” 

Sherry rolled over as if giving him the cold shoulder.  She needed a few moments to regroup.  She wasn’t sure how to explain it to him.  She honestly didn’t understand what the big deal was.  She gave his history with losing Sarah consideration.  She could understand his fear, but there was a difference though.  Sarah’s death had been an accident.  When Sherry cranked along, completely in control of the power beneath her, she fell into a zone.  She rode within her limits.

Sherry had given him her back, but EJ sensed she wasn’t angry.  She weaseled her way backwards until she was touching him, her back rested against the solid wall of his chest.  Her round buttocks cradled on his thighs sent delicious thoughts to his head. 

 “You’re still frustrating me…just like you have been for months now.”

Confusion reared an ugly head.  “What are you talking about now?”

EJ’s breath, inches from her ear, sent shivers throughout her body.  “I’m talking sexually.”

“Oh…is that so bad?”  She rolled back over to face him.  Her eyes boldly stared into his dark ones. 

EJ growled and flipped his body half over hers.  “You owe me for all the frustration you’ve caused me.”

Sherry reached out to cup the back of his head.  Her fingers sank into his soft brown hair.  “I hadn’t realized you felt that way.  I’ll gladly pay up.”  Sherry rose up and caught his mouth with hers.  EJ seemed frozen in place, holding himself separate from her kiss.  Finally he relented, his lips opening in response to her coaxing.  Sherry didn’t stay in control for long.  The kiss changed.  EJ punished her lips then softened as he reeled in control.  Sherry’s fingers roamed over his body, feeling every contour and crevice.  She loved the feel of all his skin. 

EJ’s hands roamed up over her stomach.  Sherry sucked in a breath as tingles of fire followed his fingers.  His big hands spread over her ribcage as if wanting to feel and memorize every dimension of her body.  Deft hands tugged her shirt over her head to expose her full breasts to the meager light in the tent.  The firm white globes gleamed in the light.  His hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs rubbed softly against her nipples.  Sherry moaned in pleasure arching off the mattress in an attempt to bring herself closer to him.

His hot mouth came down over her nipple and she gasped.  He sucked gently using his tongue to swirl around first one nipple and then the other.  Tingles ran into her nether regions and she rocked her hips. Her limps felt too heavy to move. Her only focus was EJ.  His fingers slid under the waistband of her running pants and he helped her out of them. 

He kissed her now.  His tongue tangling with hers as his fingers sought the heat between her legs.  He rubbed one finger over her tender nub, she thrust her hips up against him.  Pleased to find her warm and wet, he stroked her gently. 

Sherry felt out of control, but she couldn’t turn herself completely over.  She forced him back and plastered kisses followed by nips and licks down his neck, chest, and stomach. When her nimble fingers slipped under the waistband of his briefs, EJ levered up and dispensed them into the air.  Sherry trailed kisses over his flat stomach.  When she tried to go lower, EJ stopped her.  “Sherry Ann, I don’t have that much control.  It’s been a long time for me.”

“Ummm…” Her response could’ve meant anything but she relented and crawled back up the length of his body.She kissed her way back up his body until she was straddling his hips. As she rubbed her damp mound against him, his sex pulsed with eagerness.  He was rock hard.  He reached for a condom from the bag. 

Sherry shivered in anticipation.  She wondered if it was just a trick of the lighting or if his hands really shook as he unrolled the condom.  When he completed the task she took control.  Rising up she positioned him at her entrance.  Taking him in slowly, she sank down until she had all of him within her.  EJ’s eyes were closed and his jaw clenched.  Sherry rose up and then slid back down quickly.  His lids flew open and he watched her with a dark gaze.  Sherry ran her fingers over his chest than lowered herself to kiss him.

EJ tried desperately to hold himself in rigid control, but she fit him like a glove.  He’d kept his eyes closed, savoring the feel of her as she enclosed him in her heat.  When she moved on him he opened his eyes.  Her blue eyes stared into his, challenging him.  He let her kiss him, enjoying the feel of her soft lips on his.  He deepened the kiss, taking charge.  He sucked on her lips.  His tongue delved deeper, entangling with hers even as she continued to flex her hips over him.  EJ rolled her under him then began to deepen his thrusts. 

In response, Sherry wrapped her legs around his hips, clung to him and tried to keep her moans of pleasure silent.She wanted none of her family to have any stories to tell in the morning.  Her fingers raked his back.  Sherry whimpered now with need.  Climax closed in on her.  She demanded with her body and he gave her everything he had.  When the first wave hit and her muscles clenched, instinctively EJ was pushed over the edge.  With several hard thrusts he finished.  Except for his near frantic breathing and the slamming of his heart, he lay still.  He could still feel Sherry pulsing around him. He waited for her to object to his weight but she didn’t seem to mind.

Gradual awareness of his surroundings came back to him. Supporting his weight on his arms, he lifted himself off her.  EJ cleaned himself with the towel and gently wiped her as well.  She’d had a long exhausting day and after being fully sated she cocooned herself against his warmth and slept.


Sometime later Sherry woke to hot breath on her ear and neck.  EJ caused goose bumps over her entire body as he blew across her ear.  She lay there and let him bring her awake slowly.  When he put his lips on her neck and his hands started roaming over her body she couldn’t sit still any more.  She rolled onto her back.  EJ lovingly suckled first one breast and then the other until Sherry begged for more.  When EJ reached for a condom, Sherry stilled his hand.  “I’m protected.  I have been since the second time we went out.  I haven’t been with anyone since Mike left.  If you can guarantee…”

“I’ve been with one person since Sarah died.  And I was tested for HIV last year and again six months ago.  When he felt her stiffen, he went on to explain.  “I was attacked by a needle wielding felon.  I wanted to be safe.”

“Good…because I want to feel you inside me.”

EJ felt sure he’d gone to heaven.


The next morning Sherry snuck out and used Mae and Tom’s bathroom.  When she returned EJ remained lying lazily in bed.  His arms folded behind his head with his dark brown hair stood at all angles.  “Get up, sleepy head,” Sherry repeated his words from the day before.

“I thought you were coming back to see me.”

“I am…that’s why I said get up.”

“I dare you to get me up.”


EJ asked Tom to borrow their shower as well.  While EJ was showering, Sherry packed up the tent.  Mae came by and offered to help.  “So?” she asked.

Sherry smiled at her and said candidly.  “Yummy.”

Mae threw back her head and burst out laughing.  “I knew it would be,” she said.

When EJ came back he was damp and clean, but he hadn’t shaved.  With his shadowy jaw, the most ragged pair of jeans Sherry had ever seen him wear, and a black t-shirt he looked scruffy.  “You don’t much look like a clean cut trooper,” Sherry teased.

“I’m on vacation.”  He waggled his eyebrows at her, causing Sherry to burst out laughing. 

“I can see that.”

They spent the better part of the day four wheeling, visiting, and feasting with her family again.  By four o’clock Sherry and EJ called it quits and loaded everything up for the trip back home.  The family goodbyes were a long drawn out process with hugs galore.  Sherry’s family warmly invited EJ back. 

Once in the truck they drove along in silence.  Sherry sighed.  She knew she had it bad for the patrolman.  He’d managed to sweep her off her feet and charm her family all in the same weekend.  Sherry lovingly glanced at EJ’s dark face.  A muscle jumping in EJ’s square jaw made her realize all was not quite right.  Sherry could see that he was irritated by something.  “What’s the matter?” 

“Why do you think anything is the matter?”

Sherry reached out and drug her finger along the muscle that jumped in his jaw.  He jerked away, another telltale sign that something was bothering him. 

“I’m still frustrated with your recklessness.”  To say he was frustrated meant he’d been dwelling on it since he climbed into the truck and the distraction of her family was gone. 

“What?  Today I tried really hard not to get muddy.”

“Yeah, by out riding everyone.”

“Oh, Cutter.  Can’t you just relax and enjoy anything?  Did you have any fun at all?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Okay, so just ignore my riding style then.  You told me that one of the things you enjoy was four wheeling.”

“It is, but I also ride like an adult.”

“EJ, I’m not going to rehash this.  I ride well within my ability.  If you want to stick around you need to get past this.”

EJ didn’t respond.  Sherry was disturbed by his lack of response.  She thought they’d come a long way this past weekend.  She worried that perhaps they’d gone too far in their physical relationship since they couldn’t seem to find a safe hobby for the two of them.  Sherry reached back and grabbed one of the pillows from the back seat.  She placed it on the center console between them.  Still leaving her seatbelt on, she leaned sideways and brought her legs up under her body.  She laid her head and upper body on the pillow.  Maybe if she ignored it, the problem would just go away.

EJ reached down and took her hand.  He turned it and linked her fingers with hers.  He dragged her hand to his lips and kissed the back of it.  “I’m sorry, Sherry.  I’m going to try.  Okay?”

Sherry in turn brought his hand to her mouth and kissed it.  “That’s all that I ask.”  Sherry then took one of his fingers into her mouth and sucked on it, swirling her tongue around it. 

“Sherry Ann, you’d best behave yourself!” 

The drive back to EJ’s went fairly quickly.  At EJ’s they unloaded all his stuff.  Sherry pushed her hands in her pockets and rocked back and forth on her toes.  EJ tugged her into his arms and kissed her gently.  Now that he had her he didn’t want to let her go.  “Can you stay a while?”

“No, I need to get back home and check on the animals.  It’s only been two full days, but who knows what happened.  If I’m lucky I’ll get to see Jacob before Mike takes him to spend the week at his mom’s house.”

“So that means you’ll be all alone?”  EJ asked.  At Sherry’s nod, EJ’s smiled a deliciously wicked smile that sent shivers down Sherry’s spine.  He promised to call her tomorrow.


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