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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



Markus rolled his eyes, and motioned for me to follow him. He simply led me back to my little room, and had me sit down on the floor, while he sat behind me on the bed, and brushed my hair. The way his fingers skillfully and painlessly removed all the knots from my hair, soothed me completely. So when he spoke, I was totally unprepared for what he said. "We can't let you leave."
I was caught totally off guard by that, and my whole body tensed.
"W-what do you mean?" My voice trembled with sudden fear.
He continued brushing out my hair with steady hands. "I mean exactly what I said. See, there's a blizzard coming through, and I really don't like the idea of you being in it."
"Oh." I said, relieved.
He stroked my hair softly, and I sighed slowly. "What am I going to do then?"
"Well, stay here with me, ofcourse. I've taken good enough care of you so far, haven't I?" He teased.
I rolled my eyes, and made my hand into a mouth, making it speak in his general direction. That made him laugh. "Are you five?" He asked sarcastically.
"No. I'm four." I exaggerated back with equal sarcasm.
He laughed. "You're adorable."
The room was quiet for a moment. "I never asked your name." He broke the momentary silence.
My eyes widened, as I realized he was right. "It's Nalta."
"Beautiful." He murmured, stroking my hair.
I closed my eyes, and allowed myself to relax. "Hey, Markus, when can we talk to her?" A female voice inquired, startling me.
"Later, right now I'm busy." He said, sounding a little irritated.
The female gave a heavy sigh, and then there was simply silence. 
Slowly I turned and faced him, looking at him, the beauty of his features, and felt myself blush when I realized he was looking back at me. "So, " I murmured softly, trying to cover up my oggling, "they seem to really wanna talk to me, huh?" 
He smiled at me widely, and stroked my hair again, "Yeah, seems that way, doesn't it?" He laughed softly. "They just wanna get to know you, I think. We don't get many visitors way out here, as you can probably imagine. And then there's the fact that you've been here a while, and you were simply unconscious. That bugged 'em." Markus' smile widened. 
"Really?" A giggle slipped past my lips. "That's kinda funny. But I'm not very interesting, I promise." I gave him a small smile.
He shook his head in disagreement. "I find you very interesting, Nalta. Even you're name to me is interesting." Markus' warm smile made my heart flutter.
I blushed deeply, and turned away. I heard him sigh softly, it made me feel a little bad. He made me want to kiss those soft, lush lips. My heart pounded loudly at the thought, echoing in my ears. I felt him lift my hair from my neck, and as his fingers stroked it, the heat of his breath glided across my exposed skin. I inhaled sharply, fire scorching my veins as his gentle lips caressed my skin. He kissed my neck slowly, his moist lips sending shivers down my spine. His arms wrapped around me, and he pulled me onto his lap. A soft gasp escaped me as his teeth scraped my neck. My eyes closed, and as he sucked on my skin, gently tugging at it and stroking it with his tongue, a soft moan slipped from me. A low growl rose from him, and his teeth pressed against my neck. "Markus!" I jumped as someone yelled his name, and he released me,  I fell to the ground.

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