Semester love.

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Chapter 7

It was Saturday afternoon and I just got home from Cheerleading Practice. Our coach had worked us to death and on my drive home all I could think of was a nice hot shower.
After my shower I lie on my bed and flip through my phone out of boredom. I notice a number under the name Jackson and remember Mr. Stone had given it to me last night. I had forgotten to message him so he would have my number, honestly after he left last night I was on cloud nine. The affect he has on me is almost embarrassing; I wonder if I have the same impact on him? I doubt it. I start to type a text:
-Hi Mr. Stone, it’s Rose.


-Hello, this is Rose.


-Hi Jackson.


-Rose here.


-Hey Jackson, its Rosalie.


After trying many different ways of wording the message I finally send something. I turn my volume on high so I will know when he texts me back and get up to start getting dressed. I don’t really know what my day will consist of, but throw on some shorts and a tank top.
My phone Bings and I nearly run to where it lays on my bed. God, I am such a teenage girl.

-Hi Rosalie. How are you? How was your practice this morning?

I read the message and smile.

-It was hell. I am fine though, thanks. Yourself?

I send and realize I reread the message to ensure there were no spelling mistakes. After I send the message my phone rings. Initially I think it is him, but when I look at caller ID I see it is my Dad.

“Hey.” I say sitting on the edge of the bed. I know this will be brief.
“Hi Sweetie. So I can’t talk long,” shocker  “but, I will be in town tonight and thought we could maybe do dinner. I am flying into Portland tomorrow but I am switching planes tonight so I have a few hours in between. Maybe you and Tanner could come by the airport and then we could grab a bite to eat?” I make a face when he says Tanners name. I know my dad loves Tanner, and would do anything to see us end up together, although he isn’t around to see what kind of guy Tanner really is.
“Uh yeah sure. What time?” I mumble.
“At 6, and don’t be late. You know how much I hate airports. See you later, bye.” And he hangs up.
I know he is my Dad and the only family I have, but God does that man drive me crazy. Like, I am going to purposely come late to the airport? I take a deep breath and calm myself before I hang up and go to call Tanner.

“Hey Baby.” Tanner answers after a few rings. Something seems off about his voice but I ignore it, I don’t even care.
“Hey Tan, my Dad is in town tonight and wants to do dinner. Are you free?”
“Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem. What time?” Says Mr. Co-operative.
“I’ll pick you up about quarter after 5.”
“Okay, see you then Babe.”

That call was short and painless, thank god. I know the only reason he agreed so easily is because it’s my Dad. If I had asked him to have dinner tonight he probably would have had something better to do.
To explain their bro-mance is easy. Tanner loves my Dad because he is rich and if Tanner can be on his good side he knows I will do whatever it takes to make my Dad happy. Even if it is Tanner. My Dad loves Tanner because he’s male and my Dad always wanted a son. Second, we all know Tanner will make it big with football one day and my Dad wants me to ride along with him for the money and fame.

Once I hang up I see I have a message, it is from Jackson. I feel my mood lighten a little. He says;
-I bet it was. I am well, thank you. What are your plans for tonight? I thought we could see each other again.

I smile with excitement before I remember my two previous conversations. I write back;
-I can’t tonight. I am having dinner with my Dad. Tomorrow?

I send with the explanation so he doesn’t think I am just blowing him off. I hope he is free tomorrow, I want to see him again this weekend. My phone Bings again and I open it to see what he wrote;
-I have a meeting in Portland tomorrow. Actually, I believe it is with your Dad’s company.

I write back;
-Yeah, he is flying there tonight.

He says;
-So we both have a date with your Father this weekend.

His message is obviously delivered with a laugh, yet mine is completely serious;
-My Dad sucks.

I am sure he chuckled at my message before he wrote back;
-Be nice. Have a good time at dinner tonight. I will see you in class Monday, don’t be late.

I laugh as if I am ever late. I respond;
-I will try to be.

When I close the message I realize my phone says it is already 4:00. Where did the time go? I go through my day and try to plot the hours and it all makes sense, but now I only have an hour to get ready.

This is going to be a long night. Tanner and my Dad.

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