Together Forever!

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: September 02, 2013

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Submitted: September 02, 2013




I looked back and she was running, I didnt want to lose the one thing that i cared about so i ran after her. Somehow she was very fast. To fast. After about ten minutes of running after her I had lost her. Did I lose the one thing that meant most to me in this world? I knew that I loved her from the moment I looked into her eyes. At first my stealing her was to hurt Ronnie, but then she had something that I have fallen in love with.

I tried to keep running. but my wolf part of me was out of breathe. I didnt know how I had lost her, but something was blocking her sent from the air. Immediatly it disappeard. I tried for another four hours but she was long gone.

For the next few months I had look all over the United States, Looked every county, every state, and still no sent or sign of her. Now I must face the biggest fear I ever had to face, telling Ronnie and to ask for his help. I know what he will say, but I have to atleast try.

I love Katy with all my heart and I think she knew that.

Getting into my car I took a deep breathe and started it up. I headed to Ronnies house.

I walked up to his door and knocked.

"Where is Katy?" He asked.

I took a deep breathe.

"Listen don't be mad, but she ran away. I told her about her parents being alive and she ran away." I said.

"How could you tell her about her parents?" He asked.

"How could you keep her from knowing her parents are alive from her?" I said with an angry voice.

"Nevermind that, where did she go?" He asked.

"You think I would have came to you if I knew?" I asked.

"Wait.. how long ago was this?" He asked.

"Three Months ago"


"I searched all over the U.S. and I couldnt find her sent." I said.

"That probably because she is wearing my sent blocker bracelet." He said.

"How could you give her a sent blocker?"

"So that Collin wouldnt find her." He said.

"Well how are we to find her with a send blocker?" I asked.

"I dont know. But I think I know where she might be." He said.

"Where?" I asked.

"New York."

"Why New York?" I asked.

"Because New York is where her parents are." He said.

So we drove to the airport and got on a flight to New York.

I could tell he was mad at me, but that didnt matter now, all that mattered was that we find Katy.

When we landed, we immedatly started looking. But after 7 hours of searching we didnt find her.

We checked into a hotel and slept for the night. Even thought I was half vampire I still had the wolf side in me that needed to sleep.

Ronnie and I got up around 7:00am, and went downstairs to get some coffee.

"I will have a decaf no foam cappacino, and black coffee." Ronnie ordered.

I started to look at the magazines that were on the rack hanging from the wall. Next thing I know I see Katy on the cover of New York Fashion magazine. How was she on the cover?

"Hey Ronnie, look at this." I said to Ronnie handing him the magazine.

His mouth flew right open.

"How the hell is Katy on the cover of this magazine, but wait a minute, she is skinnier."

"I dont know, but we can drive to the company and see what office she is in" I suggested.

"Lets go." Ronnie said.

He payed for the coffees and we found the nearest cab.

"New York Fashion Company" Ronnie said to the cab driver and the cab driver started driving.

For about an hour of being in traffic we finally get the the company where we were sure Katy was at.

We walked in and found the receptionist.

"May I help you?" She asked.

She has her hair up in a bun, she wore reading glasses, but a long dress. Her name tag stated Stacy.

"Yes we are looking for Katy Smith." I said.

She looked on her computer and read us aloud her information.

"Yes Ms.Smith is on the floor 20, then ask the receptionsit up there to escort you where to go." She said.

We headed toward the elavator without saying anything to anyone.

Ronnie pushed button 20.

"Breathe it will be okay." Ronnie said. I dont know why but he was being nice to me.




Just getting out a a meeting, I signed.

I went to the front desk of the 20th floor.

"Hey Heather, do I have any messages?" I asked the receptionist.

"Only one, there are two very handsome men asking for you, something about wanting you for a shoot. Said to meet them in the resturant across the street, called 'Finerr' in 10 minutes." She said.

"What were their names?" I asked.

"Mr Conner, and his brother.

I nodded.

Going down to my office I changed into a gold lunch dress that flows, with white high heels.

I have always kept clothes in my office just incase, I also kept a bed in here just incase I was to drunk or tired to go home. My office was behind closed doors and my kind of style. Lavender walls, red-brown desk and black chair. A big bookshelf with lots of my favorite books and a big filing cabinet.

I went downstairs and went to across the street and to the resturant.

Cameras flashed for my picture at the enterance. But then I walked inside.

Looking around I found the person who you go to get a table.

"Im looking for Mr. Conner." I said to him.

"Yes let me direct you to where they are sitting." He said.

I nodded and followed him to where Mr. Conner was.

Next thing I notice was Damon and Ronnie. I froze.

"Katy" Ronnie said pulling me into a hug.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked kind of annoyed.

"We came to take you home."Damon said standing up.

"I dont want to go home." I said to both of them.

Ronnie looked into my eyes.

"But...Why not?" He asked.

"Because, Im finally someone who I had always wanted to be." I said.

"Can we talk about this somewhere else?" He asked.

I nodded and we walked out of the resturant.

Cameras flashing everywhere until we got into a town car.

I sat inbetween Damon and Ronnie.

"Are you famous?" Damon asked.

"Sort of, I am a fashion designer."

"Wow, my baby is a designer. Never thought that would come out of your mouth, thats a huge success. Im proud of you." Ronnie said giving me a kiss on my cheek.

I gave a small smile.

I had missed both of them. But who did i miss more.

Then i remembered that both of them treated me bad. Damon stole me and held me against my will,but Ronnie lied to me about the most important detail of my life. How could I trust either of them? How could i even believe anything they had said.

We had arrived at my apartment and we went inside. I put my keyes on my kitchen counter.

"This is where you live?" Ronnie asked.

I nodded.

"Okay, so why dont you want to leave?" Ronnie asks.

"Because, Ronnie this is my life now, no men to lie to me, or to take me against my will, Im my own and free person. This life has been my dream ever since I could remember."

"Look, Im sorry that i lied about your parents, but i only did it to protect you, they arnt what you think and if you knew them you would wish you never met them." Ronnie said.

"But that wasnt your decision to make, I had the right to know that they were atleast alive." I said.

"I know and i am so sorry, but I cant let you see them, they are dangerous, and i dont want anything to happen to you." Ronnie said.

He pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead.

"I looked for you everywhere, why did you run away." Damon said.

I pulled away from Ronnies hold and walked over to where i would be in front of both of them.

"Because i was tired of being lied to, I wanted to live my life for once how i wanted it to. To have a hold on my life and to make my own choices. I couldnt stay with either of you without knowing who i truly was, who i truly am. I needed to find my self, and i needed to do it by myself without any distractions." I told them both.

"Why didnt you tell me that then instead of running away." Damon asked.

"Because, i was hurt and I knew that neither one of you would have let me go." I said.

Ronnie pulled me into a hug again.

"Im sorry, i really am. The whole reason for why i didnt take you when i found you was because i didnt want to miss out on living your own life, and even when i had you those few months i kept you from truly being you. and for that im sorry, and im also sorry for not realizing that sooner. " He said. still hugging me.

"So are you going to stay in New York?" Damon asked.

"Yes, I love it here, New York is my home now."

"Ok, then me and you can go house searching together,and i will have my clothes and personal belongings put into storage until we find a house together." Ronnie said.

I was so confused.

"No she is going to live with me." Damon said.

"No, im her boyfriend and we love eachother so she is going to live with me, just cause you took her from me doesnt mean she is going to automaticly live with you." Ronnie stated.

"She has feelings for me and I know it,we have a connection." Damon challenged.

"Hold up, I dont know who i am going to chose, I have feelings for both of you." I said.

"So how are we going to settle this?" Ronnie asked.

"For a whole week i will be switzerdland. three days i will be with Ronnie and three days i will be with Damon, then I will decide that last day. ok?" I said.

They both looked at eachother then looked back at me and nodded.

I didnt know who i was going to chose.

I love Ronnie, but then again, i have strong feelings for Damon, this away i will beable to decided who i love more.

I just hope everything goes ok.

I knew they didnt like the idea of me switching off but this is how it was going to be, to be fair and to help me decide.

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