Together Forever!

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: September 29, 2013

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Submitted: September 29, 2013



So along the way they decided that Damon would go first, then Ronnie. I was happy that they werent fighting over me,

even if it is for just a little, I wanted them to both love eachother, and act like brothers, but then again i never truly knew what normal brothers do.

Ronnie will stay at the hotel across the street while Damon and I have our time together, they will switch off.

Ronnie also had to make Damon promise that he wouldnt take me away against my will again.

I was happy about that agreement.

I woke up with my window opened and a breeze falling through.

Sitting up i stretched and sat up. Damon was going to come over and stay for two and a half days.

I got up out from under my covers, and walked to my bathroom to brush my teeth. Then i walked to the kitchen to grab me some chocholate milk.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

That was Damon. I unlocked the door, still in my pajamas.

"Wow, you just get up?" He asked.

i gave a small laugh.

Then I nodded.

"That obvious?" I asked.

He pulled me into a hug, "Still beautiful." He said.

I then started to blush.

"You hungry?" I He asked.

"Ya, I know this amazing breakfeast place across the street, wanna go?" I asked.

"Ya, do i need to call a cab?"

"No we can walk there, just let me go change and we can go." I said.

I went to my room and changed into a $400 dollar jeans, and a simple shirt with some tennis shoes.

I walked into the livingroom and saw Damon staring at me.

"Thats what you are going to wear?" He asked.

"Ya, dont look so suprised, i have changed, and if i go out there with some clothes that i use to wear they are going to call the fashion police on me." I said with a chuckle.

"Okay." He said.

We interlocked our fingers together and walked out of the building.

Once again there were cameras outside but I have gotten use to it. Thats why I dressed the way I did.

We walked into the resturant and sat down.

Our waiter obviously knew she was gorgeous, and obviously took a liking to Damon, but I just rolled my eyes and looked away. And he never layed his eyes on her.

"I will have a ham, egg, and cheese crossant with a nonfat decaf lote" Damon orderded.

"And I will have a honeybun with a sweet tea." I said.

The waiter wrote down our orders and walked towards the kitchen.

"So what are we going to do today?" I asked.

"We are going to spend the day on a boat, then have a romantic dinner on my house boat, and spend the night on it. So pack a bag, with bathing suit, pajamas, and few extra things." He said.

How romantic.

After we ate breakfeast, we went back to my loft and i grabbed 2 of my designer bathing suit, not knowing if I was going to go swimming tomarrow, then i pack two sets of pajamas, some flip-flops, a couple of books, a few towels, shampoo and conditioner and a few other basic nessities that I would need.

Then we got into a town car and rode for about an hour till we reached a yhaut, big and beautiful. We got on and Damons boat driver drove us away.

"What do you think?" Damon asked.

"Its beautiful." I replyed.

"You can go change into your bathing suit, there is a bathroom on the top floor, which will be our bedroom,and I will change in the bathroom down here, go look around and whatever else you want." He said.

I nodded and went upstairs.

Our bedroom was so beautiful, red cofortors with rose pedals, light dimmed. flatscreen tv, and a hutch.

Then I walked into the bathroom, there lyes a white toilet, a jacuzi tub, beautiful marble sinks.

It was truly beautiful.

I changed into my turqois bathing suit. then pinned my hair up, and put my sun glasses above my head.

Walking downstairs I saw Damons eyes gawk in aww.

I turned around and showed him what he is obviously looking at.

"Like what you see?" I asked.

"Katy...You have a pack, and your super skinny." He said.

"Well I have been keeping my body in shape and eating right." I said.

"You look amazing." He said.

I blushed.

He pulled me close to him. And he looked into my eyes. He carrassed my face with his hands

"At one point, I had thought that I had lost you for good, you dont know how worried I was, I never would have forgiven myself if anything happened to you, and im sorry for what i have done. I hope that one day, you can forgive me." He said.

"I already have." I said.

He then leaned in a placed his lips gently onto mine, seeking for my permission. I then kissed him back, his arms wrapped around my waist, and my arms wrapped around his neck. He squeezed me tighter. Then he reached down and placed his hand on my tush.


Later that night, we spent the night holding eachother in the bed. We stayed up till 1:00am just holding eachother and talking and kissing eachother passionatly.

I woke up to him strocking my hair.

"Good Morning Beautiful, you sleep well?" He asked.

"Yes, thank you"

"For what?" He asked.

"Treating me so special, after I gave you and Ronnie a heart attack. I know one things for that I love you."

He pulled me into a kiss.

I was suddenly under him and his hand was just an inch below my boob.

I tried not to moan as he kissed me hard.

"Damon we cant do this. Im not ready"

"I know, Im sorry I went to fast." He said.

"Its okay, lets just lay back down." I suggested.

And we did just that, we held eachother. Laying here like this with him, makes me wonder if I should chose Damon.

We will just have to wait and see :)


(I hope you guys like it, please comment on what you think she should end up with, and please give some ideas on how Ronnies will time with her will plan out. Thanks for still reading :) )

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