Together Forever!

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



I got in the shower that is in the master bedroom. Feeling warm water on my back felt so good. I already have feelings for Ronnie. Just looking at him made me hot between the legs. I wanted him. I needed him. When I got out of the shower Ronnie was waiting for me.

"tomarrow, if you want we can go get you some new clothes." he said

His eyes were chocolate brown. He was in pajama pants and a tank top, showing all of his muscles in his arms and stomach.

"you want to go to the movie room?"he asked

. I needed to get to know him and I needed to know fast. We sat down in the reclining chairs.

" so how old are you? " I asked.

"19" he answered.

"Any wives or kids?" I asked.

"Never had a wife, and one day you and I will have kids." he said with a smile.

Kids. I never thought that one day I would actually have kids. I put in my head years ago that I would never get out of that place.

" so how are we mates? " I asked

. " well, when we were little I was the one that saved you from the attack on your parents when you were 10. You probably don't remember because you tried to jump out my hands when we were getting out of the hotel. You jumped away and you hit your head on a fire extinguisher."

He saved me? I had always wondered how I got out without them killing me.

" why did you save me? You didn't even know me?" I asked.

" I have known you even before then, I consulted with a witch and she told me that you were my mate, and she told me where to find you. I kept my eye on you from time to time. You were even more beautiful then the last. I enjoyed watching you. I didn't claim you for being my mate because you were only 10 and I was 19. I didn't want to make you settle down until you experienced life" he said

. I tried to push back the tears, but I couldn't help it.

" but I haven't experienced life yet. I was stuck basically In a prison since I got there. I never got to go to the movies, or went shopping with my girlfriends, I have never once talked to anyone besides Colin and that lunch lady. No one liked me. No one even talked to me. I barely was let out to see the sin and when I did I never wanted it to end."

My voice was sad but angry. The fact that I was a prisoner made me angry. Who wants to live like a prisoner? I didn't.

"im sorry that you had to live that way, I never knew you had such a rough life." he said sadly.

I was crying.

The fact that i am his mate and he never once came to save me. He didn't see how much i was hurting. It just showed me that he never really watched over me. I was alone in this world and I guess I always knew that.

" because you weren't there, You never were there. If you really watched over me than you would have known that I was In such a bad place. If you cared you would have taken me away." I said.

I didn't mean to say all of those things the way I did. But I knew they were true.

"im sorry, but I had other things to worry about. I am Alpha of my pact and there was a war going on. I tried to come back as much as I could. You were safe and at that moment in time, that was all I really needed to know. Im sorry I wasn't there for you then, but please let me be there for you now. Let me take care of you. "

He pulled me into his arms. I looked into his eyes and I said,

" im yours to take care of." I said with a smile.

Ronnie leaned down very slowly and carefully. I could feel his breathe on my lips. He pressed his lips to mine. I didn't reject his kiss. He was kissing me so passionately that I didn't want to stop. Suddenly his tongue made its way into my mouth. I messaged his tongue with my tongue. My hands made their way around his neck and his hands were holding my waist. We moved together. Where ever he went, I went. Nothing was stopping us now. Even though I craved him, we couldn't have sex. I barely knew him.

" im getting kind of tired. " I said with a yawn, after I pulled away.

" okay, where do you want to sleep? " he asked.

But I think he knows my answer.

"yours." I said with a smile

. He grinned and room my hand. He led me to the master bedroom. His hand was soft, and they fit perfectly into mine. When we got to the bedroom he led me to the left side of the bed. He moved the cover so I could get in.

"are you going to go to sleep too" I asked.

I wanted to be with him, I don't feel safe without him by my side.

"yes my love" he said as he walked to the bathroom.

He changed into his boxers and took off his shirt. Putting on deodorant he looked my way and saw me looking at him. Blushing I gave a yawn.

"your allowed to look you know" he chuckled.

Crawling into bed, he grabbed me into his arms and gave me a gentle kiss.

"im glad your here" I said with a smile.

"me too." he said while holding me.

Laying in his arms that night made me feel safe, loved, and well I knew one thing. I love Ronnie, and that's the only thing that matters.

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