Together Forever!

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



I finished putting everything away everything away and went downstairs to meet Ronnie. I went downstairs to meet him and I saw him, standing there waiting for me.

"Ronnie" I said excitingly.

Going to Ronnie I jumped into his arms and pressed my lips to his. We were alone which was what I wanted. Our lips moved in sinc. Still holding me we moved to the wall. With my backside to the wall he kissed me with passion.

His hand were holding me up and my arms were around his neck. I had always wondered what this would feel like. It feels great. His tongue slipped into my mouth and he messaged it with mine.

Grabbing me in the ass, I giggled. He held me up while my legs were rapped around him.

Before I can help it I let out a moan.

Ronnie chuckled.

I love the way he touched me, and kissed me in every place.

"I am glad your here" he said while putting me down.

I'm blushing.

"me too" I said.

After we ate I got into the bath.

Ronnie sat next to the bath rub. He had already seen me naked and I wasn't shamed of that. We talked bout where he grew up and what he wanted to do with his life. He asked me how I felt about being here and what made me leave the pact.

I knew that he felt sorry for not protecting me from Colin but he was protecting his people as well. After that night I wanted to be with Ronnie forever. Nothing could change my mind.

Three months went by and I was happy.

Me and Ronnie were un separate able. We loved each other and we both knew it. Life was great at the Ronnie and Katy house. We spent dozens of nights in each others arms.

The sun is bright and I can see it through the closed curtains. There appears to be a note on the end table, and it reads.


"Dear Katy,


 I have some errands to run. Relax and watch some tv or surf the internet.If you are hungry I made some eggs and bacon in the kitchen. I know you don't eat much. I will be back before dinner. Love Ronnie. P.S. I have a suprise for you in the garage, I hope you like it."


I walked to the garage and opened the door. There was a 2014 eclipse.

I opened the door and there was a note on the steering wheel. It reads.


"Dear Katy,


 I hope you like it, if you have any problems or questions call Riba. The keys are in the glove box.Be careful, I hope you enjoy.

There was Riba's phone number on the note. I never owned a car before. I got my license when I turned 16 but Colin never let me drive unless he was sick. I started the engine and it sounded so powerful. I was over joyed.

I put it in gear and left the garage. Getting on the freeway was okay."


I headed toward the mall. I needed to get a few things. Ronnie got me my own credit card and he put it in my purse.

Ronnie told me that I could redecorate the house anyway I would like to make it more of a home. Our home. Being with him made me happy and I never wanted this happiness to end.

 I fear of losing him, and I knew he didn't wanted to lose me either.

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