Together Forever!

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Katy was my pride and joy. I love her so much. Everytime I see her I wonder if I can control my wolf. I want to be inside her. To feel her warmth. To hear her call my name.

I got to the jewelry store a I want to get her a nice ring. I am planning on proposing to her, I want her to be my wife. I know that she is my mate and we already linked together,but Katy wants a normal experience of being a human even though she is not a human.

She wants to be married. I want to be married to her. I will do anything she wants me to do.

"that will be $30,000." the man at the front said after I picked out the ring.. I got her a a band to go with it.

Katy is going to flip out when she sees her ring. Its beautiful, almost as beautiful as she is.

I love Katy and I yourn for her kiss,touch,taste. He smell makes me want her even more. I know that Katy is still a virgin, but that's what I love about her, that she is still pure. I want to be inside her and I want to be the only one inside her.

Pulling into the garage I can see that Katy missed me. She was anxious to touch me. Turning off the car I got out and pulled her into my arms.

"I'm glad your home" he said while pulling me into a kiss.

"I missed you so much" I smiled and gave her a kiss.

She pulled away.

"that reminds me, Riba called and she said she needed to talk to you. Its an emergency." she said

. "why didn't she call me on my cell" I asked.

"cause she couldn't get a hold of your cell. I tried to call you too but it just went...beep.beep.beep." she imitated.

"okay I will call her" I said. Picking up my phone I dialed her number.

"hello" she answered.

"what's the emergency" I asked.

"its Damon. He is In tow " she said.

.Damon is our older half vampire half werewolf brother. He is very dangerous and has no care for human life.

"what does he want" I asked her, looking at Katy.

She looked curious.

"I don't know but he said he will be in touch, I don't know what that means" she answered in worried sounds.

The doorbell rang.

"I will call you later" I hung up. Walking to the door Katy came up behind me.

I opened the door.

It was Damon.

"hello little brother" he said.

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