Together Forever!

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: June 21, 2013

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Submitted: June 21, 2013





How could she want Ronnie and not me? I am more better looking than him, stronger,taller and way more powerful than he is. I want Katy. I want to feel her lips on mine. I want to feel her warmth. To feel my lips crush hers. I want all of her. I wanted her even more when I smelt her sent.

I jumped into the shower, letting the cold water fall onto my back. Drying myself and put on my clothes.

Hopping to bed i wished Katy was right next to me. I hope that I'd dream about her.

I feel asleep with the image of Katy smiling at me. 8:00am comes around, I hear the tv in the living room on, but it's very low sound.

I got into the elevator and headed downstairs. The first thing I saw was Katy stretched out on the couch, and she had red puffy eyes and looks a little pale.

 She was half asleep on the couch with my favorite blanket.

I knelt down to the side of the couch where Katy's head was. And I notice a throw up bucket next to the couch.

"Katy" I whispered

. She opened her eyes just a little it.

"Mhmm" she mumbled.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

She moved her head to the no nod.

"Do you need anything?" I asked.

"I'm so cold." She said with a low shivering voice.

"Sit up and I can make you warm." She did just that.

I saw where her head was and I pulled her into my arms. She didn't reject.

"Rosa" I called to my maid.

 "Bring me an extra blanket." I said.

She did as I asked. Katy held onto my like her life depended on it. She shivered, and her teeth chattered. She was getting warmer with me and the new blanket. She still had the other blanket as well.

I was glad I could help anyway I can. I wanted to kiss her but I knew she would reject. I like the way she started to smell like me. I was happy she was in my arms.




He held me in to his arms and he  made me feel warm. I liked the way he held me and the way he took care of me.

At dinner I sat in his bed, the tv was on but it was on mute.

Damon had the chief cook some chicken soup for my stomach.

Damon fed me what I could keep down.

When he wasn't feeding me, or keeping me warm, he sat in a chair that he put next to my side of the bed.

When I threw up he held my hair, and he rubbed my back.

 I felt horrible, but he made me feel better.

Damon didn't sleep that night, instead he was in the bed next to me, rubbing my back till I fell asleep.

I threw up seven times after that. He was right there helping me through it. I didn't know this side of him, but I liked it.

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