Together Forever!

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Three hours later:

I got into the shower and washed my hair. I looked into the mirror and straightened my hair.

I suddenly remember the day i got back from getting my hair done with Riba. Ronnie looked at me with lust and love. In that moment i finally felt beautiful. He always told me how beautiful I was and how much he cherished the time we had together, like one day it was going to end. He knew something was going to tear us apart, and to be honest so did I. Our lives were filled with regret and something always got in the way of us being happy. And in this part of our lives it was Damon.

Ronnie told me no matter where I am or who i was with, If i didnt want to be here he would always come to rescue me. He was there to protect me nomatter what seperated us.

I put on a red dress that goes great with my curves. I decided also to put some black heels with stones on them.

My long hair went to the middle of my back. I had put on the bracelet that Ronnie have gave me so that no supernatural being could chase my sent. It made me feel a little better knowing that Collin wouldnt hurt me.

I got into Damons car and we drove for about twenty minutes before we had made a stop.

We got inside and put my arm around Damons. He intertwind our fingers and we walked to our table.

The walls were fancy red with white and silver lining on the plates and silverwear.

There were only a few people but Damon requested a private room.

We sat down and Damon ordered some champane.

"So who are your parents?" I asked.

I am very curious because Damon is half vampire-half werewolf (Hybrid), but Ronnie and Riba are only werewolves.

"Our parents died along time ago. My mother was a werewolf and my dad was a vampire. So when I was born i had both the vampire,and wolf gene. But my siblings and I have two different dads. I am older than both Ronnie and Riba. My dad died and our mom remarried to a werewolf, then she had Ronnie and Riba. Then my mom and step dad died when war hit in 1864. My siblings and I hid in a underground room built especially for when war was to hit. They were very commen back then." He said.

"Im sorry, my parents also were killed during an attack." I said looking down at my plate.

"Your parents arnt dead." He said.

"What do you mean, they are dead, have been for a while." I said. Confused at what he meant.

"They are very much alive, they live in New York." He said.

"But I saw them get killed."

"They didn't die, they are very much alive." He said.

"Then who did I see get killed?" I asked. Im so confused. If it wasnt my parents then who were the people that got killed infront of my eyes?

"Most likey your brother and sister." He said.

I cant have any siblings, Im an only child.

"If they were my siblings then why did they look like they were in their twenties?" I asked.

"Because they were vampires, I cant believe Ronnie didnt tell you." He said.

Suprisingly I stood up and walked out of the restraunt.

"Where are you going?" Damon said running after me.

"Away...far away." I yelled.

Then i started running. Running as fast as I could, almost as if I was flying, wait I was flying. How could I fly?

Wait a minute. Damon said my siblings were vampires which meant i was one to, but not fully cause i knew i had some wolf in me too. Then that means... Im just like Damon, Half-Werewolf, Half-Vampire. How could i not know this before.

I could feel my heart pump.

I am tired of all the lies that I have been fed my whole life. The pain of not really knowing who I really am.

I just want to be alone. Damon tried to chase after me but I was to fast, I hid in the places that I never even knew of.

I saw Damon at one point, he looked very worried, but i didnt care, I have been hurt by the people that I loved at one point, but I dont know if I can take anymore hurt and disappointment. I am just worn out about all of this.

After four hours of being in the air and running I finally made it to where i was going to start my new life.

I still had my credit card that Ronnie gave me so i could live off of that.

(Note: she doesnt know much about credit cards, she doesnt know that a credit card could be traced.)

I was were my new life was going to start, a place that had all of my answers.

I am in New York City.

I am very far from home, but then again every place i had been my whole life was never a home, just a temporary sleeping place, and i realize that now.

First things first, where was i headed.

I decided that I was going to find a nice hotel, and stay there until i find myself the perfect apartment.

So about an hour of searching i found a hotel and checked in.

I didnt have clothes to wear besides this dress, so i went downstairs in the hotel and ordered a cab to take me around New York City, so i can go find some clothes that I like.

I have changed my style alittle since I have moved in with Ronnie. Well alot actually.

I went to a bunch of stores, and bought alot of clothes, then i decided to buy myself a computer so i can search for an apartment in new york.

When i got back to the hotel, i had the staff bring all of my stuff up. I also went to the movie store on the corner of the street so i will have something to watch besides stuff off of the dish in the hotel room.

I decided to pretend like Ronnie and Damon did not happen. To start off my life like it should have.


Autor Note:(Let me just clear this up, Ronnie doesnt know that Katy left Damon, Only Damon knows, Katy was only at Damons house two days before she left, and u will understand in the next chapter why they havent been looking for her. or they have but cant find her sent. there is no reason to be in wolf form right now so they all wont be, but u will get it in the next few chapters. if u still dont understand then leave a comment and i will try to make it as clear as possible. thanks for reading this far. and i hope u all will keep reading. i will try and add more detail)

It has been Five Months since I had came to New York, I decided to start my own fashion line. I had met this photographer that I had become friends with and decided to shoot me to help me in the fashion industry and after my career set off I became famous. I was known around New York.

After being in New York City for about a week I had finally found my perfect apartment.

I had bought some furnature. I white couch from Paris, and a blue fluffy rug. I absolutly loved my life. I may be alone with no love, but I am happy.

This week I am going to be having seven photoshoots going on. To show off my new fashion line.

My life is good, I have made over half a million dollars selling clothes, and I have my face on five different magazines. I have been to Paris twice to shoot for Italian Vogue Magazine.

I have been to thirteen fashion runways, shoot for a magazine over twenty times and I am loving my life, I am just to busy for a love life right now.

Love is exactly what i am trying to stay away from right now.

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