The Time After Dawn Sets

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Out of place, not wanted ignored, what's a teenager to do or think when her own father doesn't even want her around? When she gets forced to being sent to a school with her older twin sister what else could go wrong in her life? Find out in the time after dawn

I'm not good at summaries, so just read the prologue .... this is a story i have written a long while ago i took it down and i am re-placing it back up as slightly edited and with new chapters after chapter 10. i do hope you enjoy the story as others once have.
The time after dawn is name of the book but for some reason wont let me use it so ignore the sets part XD

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Time After Dawn Sets

Submitted: August 11, 2013

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Submitted: August 11, 2013




“But daddy…” My twin sister whined, flicking her long soft red curls behind her, as she pouted and crossed her arms in an attempt to look upset. This was her way of getting at the old man, and most the time it works on him, but today was different; he wasn’t going to give in to my older sister's charms.

“Dawn sweet heart I’m sorry, but you have to go there’s no pulling you out of it. I need someone in there to keep an eye on the little brat.” He glared at me, the murderous intent that he held behind those black pools of nothingness, forcing it all upon me. It doesn’t affect me anymore, like it used to when I was small. I’ve grown up from then; taught myself not to worry about his deathly glares and just to muck around with his mind, have some fun. So I just smiled at him, cocking my head to the side as I spoke, “Daddy dearest, I’m sure I’m not that much trouble.”

He growled, knocking his fist on the table as the fire started to burn in his cold eyes. “You’re both going to that school, if you like it or not!” His voice boomed around the dining hall, echoing throughout the place, making my sister cower and whimper like a lost child. She so timid sometimes, you would never guess she was the older one of the two of us, but then there is times when she is overly responsible, always caring for me when I’m in trouble, acting like a mother in most ways. I’m lucky to have her, ever since what happened twelve years ago. Where everything changed, and I was no longer regarded as part of the family, just some nuisance that had to hang around or maybe more like a dog, I don’t know, I haven’t really worked out quiet what yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to write it down or something.

“Okay Daddy,” Dawn whispered softly picking herself up and walking toward the door. “I’m going to pack,” she whispered again before leaving me in the room with just the grumpy old man.

He looked at me, like he expected me to get up and do the same; boy did he have it wrong. I’m not moving even if he called the guards on to me, I’m comfortable and that’s final.


“Yes Daddy dearest?” I smiled slightly.



“Now!” he yelled, his eyes flaming with hate as his stern face show little if not no emotion, but his voice giving away his anger.

“I don’t have to, I’m not a little kid anymore,” I mocked.

“Well if that was true, why the fuck are you acting like one!”

“I’m not; you should take a look in the mirror and see who the little kid is.” He growled then, throwing his chair back in an instance, as I felt the burn across my cheek before I even notice his figure was right in front of me. It hurt, like nothing I had felt in a long time; the burning just forced a soft tear to run down my cheek, leaving a trail that only I could feel. I pushed him back and moved myself to the door, looking back at him before I left with tear filled eyes. “You win Mathew, are you happy now?”

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