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Sixteen year old David is not your ordinary teenager. To his adoptive parents and his peers in school, he is nothing but a freak and a loner. But David was born with a special ability, since his birth he has been watched over and protected by an entity which he calls Maximus. The problem is some people want him and Maximus dead, but can they overcome the rising threat?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Maximus

Submitted: August 12, 2013

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Submitted: August 12, 2013



The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome 

- George R.R. Martin

"Please Jack! Don't do this please he is our son!" I may have been too young to remember anything from my birth, but Maximus shows me the past most people can't remember. I was in the back of a sedan wrapped in blankets I could see my beautiful mother's face with tears dropping down, her emotions were dumped in sadness and anger. Then I could see my father with a face full of anger and rage simply just saying "Look Caroline, we can't keep him! Goddammit it's for his safety" he then punch the dashboard. My mother just buried her face in the palms of her hands. The only thing I could hear were the cries. But above me was Maximus, in the shape of three orbs. My best friend and my protector. The next thing I saw was my dad getting out of the car and opening the side door. He grabbed my carriage and my mother banging her fists on the glove compartment just sat there and cried. I think I was in the parking lot of the hospital. My dad jogs a good thirty meters from the car and places me next to a trash can. He takes a look at me and starts tearing up, rubbing his eyeballs doing his ultimate best not to shed a tear. His final words to me were "I'm sorry David," his voice was cracking and the eyeballs were getting moist. Then turns around and runs away. I never saw them again.


I was discovered by a nurse hours later. She was on her break lighting up a cigarette. Puffing and blowing out the ghost like smoke. She kept looking down at the ground, then up at the air with boredom. "Oh God I'm so tired," she says followed by a sigh. She starts taking little walking around back and fourth for about five times. Then on the fifth time she must've noticed the handle on my carriage she stops and takes little steps towards me until my carriage came full into her view. She gapes her mouth letting the cigarette fall out and with a voice of panic says "Oh my God!" she runs to my carriage and calls the security or the staff or whoever. "Hey there is a baby out here I think it was abandoned," then everything fades to white. The next vision Maximus showed was at the foster house or orphanage, I can't really remember what they are called, but I could see two people looking at me smiling. One was a man with a brown goatee and glasses, wearing a baseball cap. The other was a woman with reddish hair and also with glasses, the both of them were I guess chubby. 

"Oh Frank look at him he is so adorable," the woman said in a happy tone. 

"I know he is Casey," the man said. 

And from that point the both of them were going to be my new parents. Frank and Casey. My - I guess "dad" was an auto technician and my "mom" was an office worker. When they took me home they couldn't keep their eyes off of me. Always having a camera pointed at me but when you look at my home movies you noticed that I hardly never looked at them at all, I'd always have my head turning and looking up, because Maximus would grab my little brain's attention whenever he would change his orb colors from blue to green or purple. My parents thought how it was strange how I would laugh for no reason when I wasn't playing with my toys or looking at my dad making funny faces. Maximus always would fly around me and sometimes he would make drawing with his orbs with lines connecting them. So yeah I lived in a nice suburban community in Indiana. But when I was six years the normal suburban quiet life came to a circumstance on who to trust. 


Timothy Grey, to everyone's eyes he was a nice guy. A bachelor who was in his mid-twenties. Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, he also played NCAA football here in Indiana, I guess you could say he had a chance to go pro but decided to become a business man instead. He moved to the house right next to mine. I guess you could say he was a cool guy since he had a yellow Corvette and a Harley Davidson motorcycle which every kid my age would catch our eyes since we were into Hot Wheels. I remember one day all the neighborhood boys would come to see his motorcycle. My dad would say "David don't you wanna look at Tim's cool bike," even though Maximus knew this guy was trouble I said "Sure," as I went outside I could see a paparazzi of kids surrounding his motorcycle. Tim was looking at all of the kids with a strange smile, like he was in candy land trying which one to "eat". Maximus told me to be cautious, when he speaks to me it's not really verbal more like my own mind telling me what to do. 


When Tim saw me walking up to his garage he looked very excited to see me but when his eyes were staring straight at me Maximus went from blue to orange, a color I never saw him change to up until that day. Tim later shoots out the question "Who wants to get on the motorcycle," every kid was just screaming and dying to get on it. Every kid except me, but Tim already wanted me to get on the bike. "Hey you in the red," he points directly at me all the other kids turning back to the direction straight at me. They all went dead silent. A lot of them wondering why he would choose the kid who would never come outside to play. But Maximus and his orbs flying around my head fast, invisible to other people's eyes said this "He is not what you think he is, LEAVE NOW!" I never felt Maximus be so angry like that, but soon it would make sense. Weeks gone by and it really disturbed my mom how almost everyday Tim would walk outside shirtless, in shorts and sandals with his arms crossed just staring at the kids that were riding their bikes and playing football or basketball. 

"It's so weird how he goes outside like that," my mom said to my dad

"Well yeah that is weird honey," my dad said looking at the newspaper. "I haven't even seen him with anyone in his house," 

It was true though, it was strange how he never had friends or girlfriends visiting him. He would just go to work then come back from work then go outside when the neighborhood kids were playing, 

"You don't think he's uh......pedophile do you Frank?" my mom was whispering at my dad at the kitchen table, I was in the living room watching cartoons. Maximus improved my scences in a way. I could hear every person walk on the sidewalk outside thanks to him. "Well lets hope not," Dad replied. 


One night my mom tucked me in and kissed me goodnight, I was never afraid of ghosts or monsters like most six years old are, but since Maximus was my sole protector I had nothing to worry about. I was already dead asleep by eleven everything was peace and quiet. Till I heard the window slide open. I could feel Maximus turn from blue to bright red, another color I never saw him change to until now. "David whatever you do keep your eyes closed and let me take care of this fool." I was so frightened Maximus was bright red and I could feel his anger growing and growing. I could also hear the footsteps coming from the hallway, there was no way that could have been my parents. "Oh, now where is this kiddy," that voice. It was Tim and obviously he had a disgusting lustful hunger for me. He was doing his ultimate best not to wake up my parents since their room was down the hall from mine. Each step was getting closer and closer to my door, until I could hear the knob turn...ever so slowly the was creaking open. "Ah, there you are," Tim tone was very sexual and disgusting. He later walked up to my bed and I could feel him staring at me. As soon as his harms went down to grab me, he stopped halfway. I opened my eyes. Tim grabbed on to his neck and I could Maximus, well three red orbs flying around his neck. Tim started gasping for breath he was hyperventilating pretty much. His face went from regular white to dark purple in a matter of seconds. He started banging the wall which pretty much woke my parents. My mom and dad rushed into the doorway and saw Tim getting on his knees. My mom quickly put her hand on her mouth in disbelief. The last words pedophile Tim said was "Help me!" before falling face down on the ground with no more oxygen in his body. 


When the police came all my mother did was just hug me tight and my dad too. Except he kept saying "I knew the son of a bitch was up to no good!" but the question everyone was asking was "How did he die," the police just ruled it out as cardiac arrest. It might be just the most bizarre case they ever had. But my thanks goes to Maximus. He killed him pretty much, all while trying to keep me safe. But it in the next years to come that would not be the only time he has to save me...

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