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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Falling

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Milagro has four major cities - Santa Ciudad (the capital), Playas de Oro (largest city), Valle Negra and Lago Grande. With six smaller towns.

Being a gangster never did felt so good. Me and Danny just walking around the hands of fear and death didn't want to touch us, or the eyes of fear and death didn't even want to look at us. We were invincible. This would be just another regular day. Danny would knock on my door and I would open it. We would always be smoking cigarettes under a tree on the dirt road and wink at the pretty school girls walking by. Or we would sell cigarettes or drugs to the other school boys. I remember we were playing with a BB gun, we shot at birds and stray dogs until Danny dared me to shoot at some Christian lady's window. 

"Shoot at her window, come on do it, don't be a maricona," he would say snickering. 

"Ah no jodas vos," I was a Toro. It's funny cause I keep reminding myself about the second Familia I have. Shooting at some lady's window please I've done far worse then that crap. 

"Okay here I go," I hid under a concrete wall in front of the house. I pointed the BB gun straight at the window and pulled the trigger. POW! It cracked the window, but then out of no where her front door opened and out came a dog barking and obviously saying "Who did that!" Danny hated dogs. If one came near his house he would be flinging rocks at it. But obviously intimidated by the dog's anger the next thing he shout out was "AY MIERDA!" and dashes up the road. Leaving me behind the bastard. 

"Wait! Danny wait!" I started sprinting but Jesus Christ that dog was fast as hell. He was no more then a few feet behind me. I've never been bit by a dog before and I sure as hell didn't want to get bit by one that ate garbage and full of ticks and flees. I could hear the lady shout out "YOU NAUGHTY KIDS!" but shit Danny was fast maybe if he continued school the Olympic running team would've picked him. But for now we weren't running for a gold medal we were running for a prize not to get infected with rabies. 

"Where do we go Danny?!" Danny didn't even turn around.

"I don't know," he says while panting. 

The dirt road will eventually lead up to a real road, you know with cars and people. So as we made it up there Danny makes a sharp right turn and pushes tons of people away leaving behind a trail of voices like "How rude of that kid," I ran and pushed away people too. Danny sees an alleyway with a fence "Let's climb that," he says. So I follow and I could hear that damn dog's barking I turned around and the pinche dog was right behind me. And finally for the first time in God knows how many years I screamed out of fear. I turn around and jumped as high as I could but that goddamn dog manages to bite on to my jeans. "FUCK! Let go of me you stupid dog," I kick in the snout and he gives out a loud whimper. I get over the fence my tired body aching as it lies down. I look to Danny who had both hands on his stomach. The both of us panting heavily. We didn't even say anything our words were taken over by extreme tiredness. 

We layed there for about half an hour and Danny due to his high fears fell asleep. When I got up I suddenly felt something different in my left side of my pants. I looked down and to my surprise they were torn off. I was so fucking angry the inside of myself gives out a holler. 

"MY PANTS! FUCK I ONLY HAVE 3 PAIRS!," the loudness caused by the anger of my voice startled Danny and must've woken him up from his lala-land. 

"What happened!!!" he says in bewilderment. He looks at my torn jeans and laughs at my stupid reaction. "Hahahahaha you woke me up for that. I can buy you ten more if you want to," 

"No! Mama is going to be pissed because I tore one of them. You know how angry she gets when I tear or break something she buys with her 'hard-earned' money," 

"Ah it's nothing," Danny says while slapping me on the back.

But as I got home that day. Mama pulls on my ear with her blabber and I'm grounded for a week. Hell but it's easy to sneak out. 

But that was how most days were. Until I turned 18 I still lived with my mom. I still gangbanged, still smoked weed. Only difference is I was my own man now, so I could finally get out of the house whenever I wanted to and shit. But in 2006 I was working at Edgar's place as I had been most of my life. I was cleaning some rims until I got a call from Roberto. I answered the phone not even thinking about what the bad things that could've happen to me, to Danny, to my mother my brother. 

"Que onda," 

"Arturo, you need to head on down to the soccer field it's important," 

"What happened viejo," 

"It's Rafael," 

My heart started to sink like all the blood left it and and down to the bottom of my stomach. What happened to my hermano Rafael. I was thinking - Oh please God don't tell me something bad happened to my brother. But my gangbanging, all this time hanging around with Los Toros.

"I'm sorry Arturo he's.............dead," 

I dropped my phone, my legs went weak. The tears in my eyes couldn't be hold in like prisoners anymore, I got on the floor my nails scratching against the concrete. I started to sob. My own brother was dead. He was out of this world. What am I going to tell mama? WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO TELL MAMA!! It wasn't long before Mr. Castro caught me and my sobs. 

"Arturo what the hell are you doing," I fucking ran to him and grabbed on to his soldiers. My eyes draining out the tears. 

"My brother is dead," Mr. Castro's jaw drops. He tells me to go. And I did I ran all the way to the soccer field. As I was running I thought about all the hardships me and Rafael had to go through. I remember looking after him every night. We used to share beds and Mama would always kiss us on the forehead before heading off to work. All those memories were gone. The clouds went grey and started to rain. The rain dropped on my head and face. They were like my own tears. Falling...

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