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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Revenge

Submitted: August 10, 2013

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Submitted: August 10, 2013



In 1820, Milagro born Spanish army Colonel Jose Alejandro Cayetano overthrows the Spanish crown along with 30 other men and declared independence from Spain. 


Arturo could see his lifeless bloody brother's corpse on the muddy natural grass of the soccer field, surrounded by members of Los Toros in blue t-shirts and blue bandanas. The rain was pelting over Arturo's grieving mind. He-without falling-made his way down the concrete steps which turned a depressing grey from the wetness of the rain. He could obviously see, that there was Rafael with a blood soaked soccer jersey and seven bullet holes in his body.

"Oh Dios, oh no!" seeing your own innocent brother, who is sixteen years old and didn't even wanted to join a gang, now dead and lifeless on some wet muddy grass, his jersey soaked in dark red blood. The emotions finally got the best of Arturo, like a cowboy swinging a lasso and getting the bull by the horns - a toro. Arturo started to tear up, his worn out sneakers pressing down against the muddy grass making smooshy noises as he takes them off the ground. He saw Danny and Roberto looking towards him. 

"No! Not Rafael!! Why?!?!" Danny stops him in his tracks. 

"Look Arturo we are going to get to the bottom of this," Danny was doing his best trying to keep Arturo back to leave Rafael in peace. Seconds later Roberto comes by and grabs on to Arturo's shoulders. 

"Go back home and tell your mom, let the authorities handle this one," 

"What, what the fuck Roberto!?!?" Arturo couldn't even believe what came out of Roberto's mouth. As the both of them tried to hold Arturo back from picking up Rafael off the ground. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Arturo screams at Roberto dead at his face. And if anybody does that to the second in command, they are ten seconds away from staring down a barrel of a gun and watching the flash come out. But Roberto didn't really care, he could feel Arturo's grieving pain as if they were sharing the same emotions somehow. 

"Look Arturo he's gone, okay, YES we will sort this mierda out but for right now, you should go home and tell your mother," but all the voices went dead silent in Arturo's head. As he looks down at his blood soaked brother all he could see we're flashbacks from their past. He could still remember the nights where they were alone and their mother was out working, playing with marbles on the floor. Still remembering the days they would play soccer on the street with Danny and other kids. But up until now. Arturo breaks free from Roberto and Danny holding them back. He gets on both of his knees picking Rafael up with his hands. Tears streaming down his face. 

"Why!!!! WHY!!!!!" Why was the only question he always wanted to know. Why was he born poor? Why was he born without a father? Why does most of the money he earns go straight to food and used clothes and not to cars and gold watches. But most of all, why was his brother dead? 

Roberto then picks him up off his knees. "Look Arturo I'm sorry but we have to get out of hear before the police show up," but just then as Danny looks at them, out of the corner of his eye he sees a red Nissan moving very slowly on the street. All of the windows blacked out. The second one on the left side rolls down and out comes out a M16A1. Danny's blood starts circulating fast, his eyes wide open and heart starts pumping. Despite the stress and fear he manages to let his tongue slip out a word "GET DOWN!!!" then the rounds burst and a orange blast manages to create a bubble around the rainfall. 

Everybody is on the ground hoping not to end up like Rafael. But the Nissan speeds off. "Fucking shit!" Roberto screams out. But buried deep in Arturo's mind he knew those were the bastards that killed Rafael. Los Diablos. "I have guns in the car lets go after those cabrones!" All three men - Arturo, Danny, and Roberto all set out to the SUV. Roberto drives and Arturo gets the passenger seat. The red car still is visible to all three men, Arturo locks and loads an Uzi out of the glove compartment. Roberto hits the gas. 

They soon see them taking the bridge over the Rio Andrez. 

"Fuck they might be heading to Valle Negra," Roberto says with sweat pouring down his face. 

"The only place these fuckers are going to Is straight to hell!" Arturo screams out. 

"This can't be good! This is the city and it's full of police officers!" Danny didn't like the idea one bit. 

"Not if they are heading north of the city" the northern part of Valle Negra was hilly and poverty stained it. Probably worst then Arenas Cafe. But soon after a few brushes with the law and accidents the three finally made it to the northern region. They saw an abandoned warehouse with Los Diablos parking their car inside. They soon came around. Roberto armed with a shotgun and Danny armed with a .45 pistol. But something was odd. Roberto could see around 15 to 20 men in the warehouse and all armed. It was a trap obviously. 

"Fuck we should have called backup," Roberto says as he gets behind the wall next to the entrance. 

"Now is not the right time Roberto," Arturo says trigger happy and just dying to get inside and kill every single one of those bastards. But the time went into slow motion Arturo rushes in catching them all off guard, he pulls the trigger and manages to hit one of them in the forehead. He then takes cover under a stack of boards. 

"Shit! Arturo! What the hell" Roberto and Danny rush in taking cover. The only noise they could hear are the blasts of the automatic rifles being fired by the enemy. Roberto comes out from the cover shooting his shotgun at a moving target, the pellets fly as the man's torso explodes red mist. All three men fire and advance forward leaving nine dead. All of their guns create smoke as it surrounds the warehouse. Barrels fly, bodies fly, bullets fly, blood flies. All three men creating chaos in the warehouse. As the last man is shot down by Danny they could suspect that all men were killed.....except for the one who killed Rafael. The man went from Diablo to coward. Trying to make his exit to the back door. But Arturo, Roberto, and Danny all were out of ammo. Arturo tried to chase the man down on foot, but as soon as he went through the exit all he saw were 3 cars leaving the scene. 

Arturo gets down on his knees again. 

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!" Roberto and Danny pick him. Danny says "Look Arturo we will find this man, we will tie him up, then we will chop his head off with a machete." Arturo only looked down at the ground. Wondering about what his mother, Maria will say about this...

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