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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 327

Chapter Five

Belle had managed to lose the rest of the wolf pack by running at her supernatural speed and when she was back at the edge of the woods opposite the school, she managed to change back into a human girl without being seen. She quickly grabbed hold of her clothes in her hands that had still been there on the ground where she had changed into a wolf. Belle was surprised that no one had picked them up already. She hid behind a wall to put her clothes back on.
Belle glanced down at her watch on her left wrist and looked at the time: quarter past three school would be finished by now, well, about to anyway. She hurried back up to the school just as students started walking out.
"Belle!" a male voice called out to her amongst the students.
She looked through the students and saw Ben walking towards her but in her mind there was a light around him as he strode over to her wearing jeans and a blue T shirt. Belle shook her head so the image went out of her head.
"Where have you been?" Ben asked, as they started walking away from school in the sunshine. "Who were those guys?"
"That's none of your business!" she snapped, surprised. She hadnt meant to snap.
"Look, you better start treating people who want to be your friend nicely otherwise you'll have no one," he said, crossly.
"You want to be my friend?" Belle asked, evenly.
"Yes, I do want to be your friend," Ben replied.
"Why? Why now? Why today? For years you and your friends have ignored me and treated me like a freak, why do you want to be my friend? Is this some kind of trick you and your sick girlfriend have pulled?"
"No, no, no, and no, it's not some kind of trick on you, I promise. I want to be your friend because I want to. And you know Ashlynn and I are over, why bring that up?"
Belle and Ben had stopped walking and were staring at each other causing a scene as students crowded around them.
"Kiss her, Ben, kiss the freak," one guy said amongst the crowd. "If you wont, can I have a try."
Some of the students laughed at that.
Ben and Belle realised they had an audience so they broke away and marched through the crowd in opposite directions.
Belle had just turned the corner away from school when Ashlynn Walsh and her friends stepped out in front of her. She  tried to walk round them but they stepped in her way. "Let me pass, Ashlynn," she said, annoyed.
"You humililated me in front of everyone in class and now you have to pay," Ashlynn said, her blue eyes flashing.
"Just get over yourself already, Ben saw you kissing another guy and dumped you. Move on," Belle replied. "Get out of my way."
"Guys like Ben don't hang about with freaks like you, Belle. They pity you," she said spitefully, Throwing a long strand of blonde behind her shoulder. "So why don't you do us all of a favour and leave him alone."
Ben had a guilty conscience of the way things ended between him and Belle so he turned around and rushed down the way she went until he  heard his ex's voice and Belle's. He slowly came up behind Belle and stopped a few feet behind.
Half of Belle wanted to cry but the other half was a lot stronger and held the tears back. Her body was overtaken by anger. She felt her inner wolf scratching to be let out, wanting to rip that ugly smug off Ashlynn Walsh's face. Belle felt a growl rise through her stomach and up her throat and let out through her mouth. Her wolf was beginning to get angry.
"Let me pass or I'll do something I might later regret," she said, her voice was dark and gruff.
Ashlynn laughed and shook her body "ooo, I'm so scared," she said sarcastically. And her friends laughed with her.
Hearing their evil and cruel laugh ringing around and around her made her wolf growl even more. Belle held her wolf back and folded her arms across her chest and raised a dark eyebrow. A spooky wolf grin curled around her lips. "You should be."
"Belle," Ben's voice called out from behind her.
Belle looked over her shoulder at him and met his gaze then turned back to Ashlynn and whispered in her ear "watch your back. You'll always be looking over your shoulder." She grinned again and then walked past them. Ashlynn and her friends didn't try to stop her.
Ashlynn's heart had thumped against her chest as Belle's words rang in her ears and something about the way she had looked at her sent a cold chill up and down her spine. Ashlynn and Ben turned to each other and Ben threw her a dirty look and started rushing after Belle when, Ashlynn grabbed his arm.
Ben turned to her and saw her fluttering her eyelashes at him seductively "what are you doing, Ashlynn? Get off me." he said.
She wrapped her arms around his waist "come on, babe, just you and I like old times, remember?" she said, smiling.
He used to think Ashlynn Walsh was the most beautiful girl in the world but now Ben finally realised she was an ugly, evil person. "Yeah, I remember. I remember what an idiot I was back then to ever have gone out with you," he told her.
Ashlynn screwed up her face "you want her over me? that freak of nature!" she cried, in disgust.
"Her name's Belle and, yeah, I'd rather have her than ever go out with you again," he replied, honestly.
She held her head up high and released her arms around his waist "go on then, go to your freak, I hope your very happy together," she said nastily.
Ben ran down the street after Belle.
Ashlynn stood next to her friends staring after him with her arms across her chest and her face was full of fury.
"Ashlynn, are you OK?" asked one of her friends with concern.
"I hate Belle Giovanni. I'm going to kill her." she said, darkly.

Submitted: March 18, 2011

© Copyright 2021 brontefever. All rights reserved.


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