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Some of the students decide to have a after midnight party in the twins' hotel room.

While the party is in full swing, Kristina sneaks off quietly to see Joe on the other side of the hotel where strange noises occur.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - EVIL LURKS IN EVERY TURN - PART 3

Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



Chapter Three


I was totally oblivious of what was happening around me during the next day as my twin sister and our friends and the rest of the students from our university was planning an after midnight party in our hotel room.

I sat on the chair by our hotel room looking out our window staring at the thick fog at how it was very strangely getting thicker and not clearing. The atmosphere was dark, gloomy and unfriendly. The hotel was making strange and scary noises of doors creaking, scuffling along the floor sounds, heavy breathing. The only person I could think about was Joe Montellino and our passionate kiss in the fog early in the morning. I smiled to myself.

"Why are you so happy?" asked Liv glancing up from talking to her friends about the party. She wore tight jeans and a black top with a low v neck. She got up from the floor and came over to me. "Are you still thinking about that guy?" Liv grinned.

"Is it that obvious?" I asked, smiling.

"Kris, you haven't stopped smiling all day. So when are you going to see him again?" she said sitting down in front of me for a sisterly girl talk on a another chair.

My smile faded and I grew sad. "I don't know. He just said see you soon."

Liv had a sympathetic expression on her beautiful face "it means he's blowing you off. Forget him, Kris, you're better off without him."

"But what if I can't forget him. What if he was the one?" I cried, my voice almost in a shrieky tone.

Our friends stopped what they were doing on the floor and looked at us.

Liv's face turned bright red with embarrassment "it's alright guys go back to work," she told them. "Do not embarrass me like that ever again!" Her blue green eyes were flashing with anger. "You may think you're older than me by a few minutes but seriously, sis, we're practically the same age so don't start acting like our idiotic mother who lost her mind and ended up in a sanitorum!" She got to her feet and then joined our friends on the planning of the party.

Was Liv right? No. Joe had said to see me soon and that meant later that day. Oh, Joe, where are you, my love? I long for you.  What was I thinking? I couldn't possibly long for him I hardly knew him but here I was longing for a man I hardly knew. Maybe my identical twin sister was right. Maybe I was starting to lose my marbles like our Mother had done.

A door creaked open loudly outside in the hallway alerting everyone in the room.

"Did everyone hear that?" I asked.

"Yeah," said Dominque getting to her feet and together we went to the door and peered out and we gasped in shock as the door across from us was open and it hadn't been open before. "OK, don't panic," she breathed in quickly.

I peered out again and widened the door and took a few steps on the landing towards the opened door with my heart pounding inside my chest.

"Kristina, what are you doing?" hissed Liv. "Get back here."

"Come on," I said glancing back over my shoulder.

Trisha, Dominque, some of the other students came so Liv reluctantly followed scared to be left alone.

We reached the doorway with our hearts pounding and peered in.

It was an empty hotel room with a double bed with green sheets over it, white walls and ceiling and wardrobe, and a bathroom. There was a small TV on top of a small chest of drawers.

We walked into the room and looked around and we all sighed with relief.

"Nice room," commented Trisha looking around. "Shame ours isnt as nice."

Suddenly the shower in the bathroom came on and we heard footsteps and heavy breathing coming from the bathroom as well.

We shrieked and ran back to our hotel room and put a chair against the door. We all huddled up together like frightened people.

"Who was that?" asked Dominque.

Liv huddled against me as we leaned against the wall.

Suddenly a loud cry of a wolf came broke through the silence outside.

I quickly got to my feet and looked out the window and my face brightened up as I saw the black wolf again on the hilltop opposite the hotel. For some reason I had to go to it, It was like it was calling to me through the thick fog.

"Kris, what are you doing?" Liv said pulling me down again on the floor beside her.

The door handle suddenly started to rattle as if someone or something was trying to come in. Loud thuds was against the door.

Domique and Trisha shrieked with terror.

Suddenly it stopped and it all went silent.


For the rest of the day Liv and the others made party arrangements trying to put what happened today at the back of their minds but I was in no mood to party. I wanted to see Joe, I needed to see him.

By midnight when we knew our lecturer, Ms Johnson, was in bed, the party started.

Soft party music started and people started to dance, making out, having a fun time while I sat by the window and looked out sadly.

I looked up and my blue green eyes widened when I heard Joe calling to me. Was I starting to lose my mind? I thought.

"Come, Kristina, come to the room across the hall."

Across the hall was the room where those spooky noises earlier came from.

I gulped nervously and whilst all my friends were busy I sneeked out and tiptoed across the hall and took a deep breath into the hotel room where Joe laid on the double bed waiting for me with a single red rose in between his teeth. All of the anxieties I felt disappeared when I went to his side happily.




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