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Kristina and Liv Green reluctantly join the rest of the university students on the hotel grounds in the dark, gloomy daylight as their lecturer led them to explore the grounds.

The black wolf watches them from the hilltop in the fog but he is joined by a pack of sinister wolves. Why is the black wolf constantly watching the students?

Something catches Kristina's eye towards the attic window of the hotel making her eyes widen in terror.


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Submitted: June 07, 2012



Chapter Five


Our lecturer, Ms Johnson, led us out the front entrance of the hotel the following day into the dark, gloomy, foggy and rainy day. She was punishing us for having the after midnight party in our hotel room. How she found out was beyond me but she had said she could hear music blaring from our hotel room.

"Ms Johnson," Liv started to speak.

Ms Johnson turned round and cast a hard, stern look our way. Her eyes were black. "Do not speak, Miss Green," she snapped.

Liv turned to me and Dominque and Trisha smirking. I gave her a warning look to let it go but Liv being Liv - rebellious even at twenty two, wouldnt let it go.

"Ms Johnson, why are out in the pouring rain freezing our bodies off?"

Ms Johnson straightened her back and held her head up high as she took a step closer to Liv ans peered down at her with anger. "You dare to talk back to me, girl?" she bellowed. Her voice sounding loud and frightening.

The students, Trisha, Dominque and me shrank back and huddled together. I thought oh, god, once again Liv makes trouble for herself. Being her twin, I jumped to Liv's defense.

"Ms Johnson, Liv has got a point. Why are we all standing out here? What we did last night was unforgiveable and we shouldn't have disobeyed your rules but punishing us to stand in the pouring rain to catch our deaths from cold, is that really what you want?" I said firmly meeting my eyes with hers. I knew my words was having an affort as our lecturer's hard eyes began to soften. My lips half smiled in satisfaction but I wasn't finished yet. "Would you really want the guilty conscience of murdering your own students on your shoulders?"

Everyone stared back at me gobsmacked. They'd never heard me raise my voice like that and neither did I. I wondered where all this self confidence came from. But it felt good either way.

All the students turned to Ms Johnson who had listened to what I said and her face softened. "You are very smart girl, Kristina, it's hard to believe you and Liv look exactly alike. You are right, we won't stay out here in the rain but we will have a look at the marvellous grounds of the Kinderspirit Hotel."

Students began to groan as they followed her around the hotel looking at the grounds of green fields, a round hedge but I was hesitant to follow as I knew what beneath this very soil of green grass, stone, pebble.

I sensed eyes on the back of me so I swirled around and faced the black wolf standing on the hilltop opposite the hotel gazing down at us but he wasn't alone in the fog swirling around.

Six wolves stared down at us their golden yellow eyes glowing in the gloomy light of day. They were mostly beautiful grey wolves.

I turned to my friends to see if any of them could see them but they were all busy looking uninterest in what ms Johnson was telling them about the grounds. I turned back to the wolf pack on the hilltop but they'd disappeared only the black wolf remained. But why? My turquoise eyes met the wolf's golden yellow ones and as if he could read my mind, he rose his muzzle to the sky and let out a loud howl that echoed around the countryside for miles around.

The howl grabbed everyone's attention and they shook with fear. Even more so when it was joined by a chorus of wolf howls nearby.

"Quickly everyone back in the hotel," Ms Johnson said hurrying students back into the haunted hotel.

I stared at the black wolf and he stared back at me and there was something gentle in his eyes as if he wouldn't harm me. Some sort of familiarity. But I didnt know how. But before I could think anymore of it I sensed that the black wolf was trying to tell me something by the way he kept staring. I watched him turn and run off to find the other wolves. Don't leave, I thought with disappointment.

Then I thought of Joe and a big, happy smile was on my face remembering the tender but passionate lovemaking we shared the night before.

Suddenly, something grabbed my attention from the corner my eye and I looked up towards the attic window where I could see a silhouette of a young woman with her arms against the window glass. I could mentally hear her calling for help and smell smoke of a fire coming from the hotel. The awful realisation hit me, I was seeing ghosts of the fire back in the early nineteen hundreths.

I looked back over my shoulder towards the hilltop and saw the black wolf had returned back with his wolf pack. I felt hairs stick out at the back of my neck with fright. I was petrified.

Oh, Joe, where are you, my love. I'm so scared.

As if the black wolf could hear my thoughts he released out a howl into the air joined by his pack.

It was a message of some sort. That the wolf pack was there to help us escape the evil horror of Kinderspirit Hotel. But how?




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