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Joe and Kristina try and figure out what to do how they all were going to escape but that leads them to give into their raging passionate desires.

Joe tells her about his true identity.

But they are not alone in the room. Something evil is lurking in the dark shadows.


Submitted: June 11, 2012

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Submitted: June 11, 2012



Chapter Seven


Joe stared back at me with a combination of concerned and incredulous look on his devastatingly handsome face. I couldn't help but to admire his toned physique as he stood in front of me while I sat down on the edge of the double bed. He had his hands on his hips and the top buttons of his black shirt was open displaying the top of his chest where a few dark hairs were.

A desirable yet sexual feeling grew in the pit of my stomach making me want him.

"Are you serious about what you saw? I mean it was dark you only had your mini torch on," Joe said.

"Joe, I'm serious about what I saw. It was a young blonde woman dressed in seventeenth century clothing with a big black rope around her neck. Her eyes were terrifying and blank. Emptiness. God, it was awful!" I recalled, bottom lip trembling at the memory and so did my body.

He sat down beside me on the bed and wrapped his strong arms around me "It's OK, I believe you," he said sighing heavily.

"What are we going to do? Everyone thinks I'm mad even my twin sister thinks I'm going crazy like our mother had done," I cried. Tears started spilling down over my cheeks. I felt childish and silly but being in his warm arms comforted me. "Thank god I've got you, Joe," I looked into his big blue eyes. "I don't know what I'd do if I hadn't had you beside me."

I started crying again and Joe held my face in his hands "Kristina, listen to me. I am not going to go anywhere, OK? I'm never ever going to leave you I love you too much," he said. I nodded and we kissed gently. "We'll make a run for it now, just you and me, escape this hell hotel and live happily ever after. We'll get married in a beautiful white church with a Reverend and a few witnesses. We'll have as many babies as you want." His voice turned happy and excited. "Wouldn't that be great?"

My face beamed with happiness underneath the light of the room as we embraced lovingly. "That would be so perfect," I cooed. I smiled widely.for the first time in a long while. But then my smile fell and a look of curiosity took over. "Where were you when I screamed?"

"I was waiting outside on the hilltop opposite the hotel watching when I heard you scream," Joe said.

A look of confusion came on my face I shook my head "how could that be I never saw you except for a black wolf," I said.

Joe 's head lowered into his hands.

"Joe? What's going on?" I asked, worried now.

He lifted his head up slowly and I gasped with shock more than with terror of seeing that his eyes had gone from being blue to golden colour. "Kristina, my family come down from a long line of ancestors who have inherited the spirit of the wolf for generations," he explained.

"But how?"

"John Herricks the multi billionnaire who rebuilt this hotel in 1966 was my father. The other wolves you saw me with in my wolf form are my family. The ghosts that haunt this hotel today are more angry with my family than with you and your friends."

I took heavy breaths in to digest what I'd just discovered that my new boyfriend's family were wolves and the ghosts that haunted the hotel were really after the wolf family and not my friends and I.

Suddenly, the light began to flicker.

I huddled against Joe's chest who protected me with his arms.

The light began to flicker constantly going dark and then light again.

A chilling, girlish laughter rang out.

I trembled beneath his arms with fright.

"Leave us be!" his voice bellowed around the room. "We have not done you any harm."

The chilling laughter came again and the light flickered on and off.

We both started breathing out cold air suddenly as we felt the hairs at the back of our neck stick up as felt a presence in the room with us. Something bad, something evil.

"What do you want?" Joe cried. He held my quivering body tighter in his arms. "You leave her alone!"

More chilling and girlish laughter came and as quickly as it started, everything stopped. The light flickering, cold air, the laughter. Just silence.

I pulled slowly up into a sitting position still in Joe's arms and gazed around the room. "Is it over?"I asked.

"Yes, my darling, it's over," he said comforting me.

Joe and I gazed into each other's eyes feeling the love between us grow stronger. He smiled and I smiled. He reached out to take my right hand in his and squeezed it. Joe and I kissed passionately arms tightly around each other's as we fell back on the bed in a lover's embrace legs wrapped entwined with one another. We stripped off our clothes and made passionate, loving and tender love forgetting all that happened temperaily and giving into our sexual appetites and taking ourselves to new heights of ectasy.

Unaware to us in our sexual bliss, something or someone dark, bad, and god damn evil was watching us from the dark shadows. But what or who was it?


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