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Lucy finds herself being attracted to the cute Deputy Baker as well as still being totally attracted to Paulo Vanadic - the alpha male of the grey wolf pack.

Lucy goes on her first hunt as a white wolf in the woods and kills a small whitetailed deer; She is joined by the grey wolf pack. She enjoys her first kill.


Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013




Deputy Baker drove me back to my apartment and was appalled by the state of my apartment was in after Andre’s pack had done to it. Unfortunately, he’d insisted to call my landlord, Mr Phillips, and let him know. Deputy Baker telephoned my landlord and told him the situation and surprisingly Mr Phillips had been sympathetic and would get some men in and put up a new front door for me.

“Would you like some coffee?” I asked, walking over to the kettle in the kitchen.

Deputy Baker smiled and sat on one of the high stools around the breakfast bar. “Thank you,” he said. “So why were those men after you?”

I turned to him “one of them killed that woman tonight,” I said.

He sucked in his breath. “How do you know that?” he asked.

“Because I was with Paulo when it happened,” I told him.

“And you saw the woman being killed?” Deputy Baker raised his dark eyebrows and pulled out his notepad and pen and wrote down some notes.

I turned back to the kettle and poured hot boiling water into two mugs. “I hope you don’t mind decaf coffee, I seem to be out of fresh coffee,” I said.

“Not at all, that’s fine. So tell me, Lucy, how did you witness the woman being murdered? Why didn’t you call the police straight away?”

I finished making the coffees and turned around and brought them over to the breakfast bar and handed a mug over to the police deputy. “I was in a dark alley with Paulo because Andre and his men were after us and then suddenly, out of nowhere, a black wolf jumped out and charged after the pedestrians. I didn’t see anything after that,” I said, making direct eye contact with him. I felt a bit guilty for not telling this cute deputy everything but would he really understood that I was a wolf myself?

Deputy Baker scribbled down everything on his notepad then drank his coffee in one gulp. He stood up and put his notepad and pen back into his pocket of his shirt and headed towards the entrance to my apartment.

“Well, then, I guess its goodnight, Miss Wilkins. If you have any more trouble at all, please do not hesitate on calling me,” he said, handing me over his card with the number on it. Deputy Baker smiled and I smiled back.

I waved as he left and I couldn’t help being attracted to him. Is that so wrong? Maybe it was my new wolf feelings or something. I sighed heavily and lifted up my front door that was on the floor and placed it inside the doorframe. I went through to the living room and took one look at the mess Andre and his wolf pack had done and groaned. It would have to wait until morning to start clearing up.

I went through to the bathroom and switched the light on and stood in front of the sink and stared at myself in the mirror. My eyes suddenly grew wide with horror as my eyes turned golden. No, no, not now, I thought. All I wanted to do was curl into bed and go to sleep, but my inner wolf thought otherwise.

The white wolf within me was wide awake now as she had her long nap and now she wanted to come out and hunt and feed.

Knowing that there was nothing I could do to prevent me from transforming from a human girl into a wolf, I ran out of the bathroom, knocked down my front door, ran out onto the street; and ran as fast as I could towards the woods. But I couldn’t hold her in much longer so with no one around, I turned into a white wolf.

She ran as fast as she could towards the woods on four legs. Her powerful limbs lifting up as she ran and then came down gracefully. Once she’d arrived in the woods she ran through the trees with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. The white wolf suddenly stopped running and listened with her long, pointy ears twitching occasionally. She raised her muzzle to the sky and howled loud and clear.

Her howl was returned close by, by another wolf. She raised her muzzle up again and howled and several howls were returned.

The white wolf sniffed the air and then started running through the trees, panting. She stopped and hid amongst the bushes as a herd of white tail deer was up ahead. She licked her muzzled with her tongue and slowly stepped closer to the herd.

The grey wolf pack suddenly appeared out from the trees and slowly stood beside her. The Alpha male grey wolf nuzzled her and she nuzzled back. The white wolf and the grey wolves ran when the herd of white-tailed deer spotted them. They ran over streams and green grassed land.

The white wolf speeded up and locked her jaws onto one of the smaller deer’s back legs and brought it down to the ground. Its back legs were kicking out but she was very hungry so she dug her teeth into its skin deeply to make her kill. Whilst the grey wolf pack still chased the rest of the herd. She tore the flesh off the young deer with her razor sharp teeth and claws and lay down to enjoy her dinner.

The grey wolf pack had caught and killed four deer between them but it was enough for all of them. The Alpha male grey wolf lay down on the other side of the dead deer and dug his teeth in and starting tearing the flesh apart.

The white wolf got to her feet when her stomach was full and then walked over to the bushes between two tall trees and laid down licking her blood stained white paws. She looked up when the Alpha male grey trotted over and so did his pack. She snarled a bit at him to let her be and he and his pack laid down a few inches away.

Once she was done licking her paws, the white wolf raiser her muzzle to the sky as dusk was approaching and her long, pink tongue curled over as she yawned closing her eyes.

The alpha male inched himself closer to her and the white wolf opened her eyes and started growling then stopped and let him lick the blood from her muzzle. He rested his chin on her paws and closed his eyes and she yawned again then rested her head down next to his.

For some particular reason, the white wolf was very tired after eating half a deer.

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