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Lucy awakens naked in the grass with the deer carcasses and changes back into her white wolf form when she hears people coming. Its people that she knows from work.

The grey wolf pack appear out from the trees and surround the couple. The girl starts running away when two of the wolves pounce on the girl's boyfriend. Lucy in wolf form runs after her and the rest of pack follow. The white wolf lets her go and runs off with the wolf pack.

Lucy is later questioned by the ever so cute Deputy Baker about the couple and she is nervous.


Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013




I stirred from a deep sleep and sat up slowly half asleep taking in my surroundings. Trees, streams, grass, blood, and eaten carcasses of deer. Gross. I got to my feet quickly and realised I was naked, what was I to do? What did I do last night? My mind began to work thinking back to what happened last night. Then it came to me like a bolt of lightning, I changed into a wolf. But where were my clothes?

Suddenly, a cry of laughter cackled through the silence of the beautiful summer’s morning. I knew that laugh; it belonged to Miss Elizabeth Yoko.

Elizabeth Yoko was half Japanese; her father was from Tokyo, Japan and her mother was from New Orleans. She moved to Nevada City a few months ago and I knew her from work at the café. I waitressed with her a few times and she’s nice but a bit snobby and thought she was god’s gift to men. Sure, she was stunningly beautiful with her petite slender figure, big brown eyes, snow white complexion, and long, silky black hair to her waist, but I wouldn’t call her a goddess. But I definitely envied her style of wardrobe. She had cute jackets and skirts from New Orleans, London, and Paris.

What was I to do? If Elizabeth saw me nude she would think inevitably a weirdo. Time to take drastic action so I reluctantly and quickly shape shifted myself back into my white wolf form just as I could hear Elizabeth and the person she was with walk closer.

The white wolf stood a few feet away as Elizabeth Yoko and the man she was with walked up. They stopped and held their breath. She stared at them and saw how terrified they were of her. The white wolf stepped closer and they took a step back. Her wild wolf instincts kicked in and growled raising her upper lip into a snarl.

Elizabeth and the man turned around and screamed out in terror as a grey wolf appeared blocking their escape. They were surrounded as more grey wolves appeared out from amongst the trees and bushes licking their lips. Elizabeth let out a loud and terrifying scream as two of the wolves pounced on the man making Elizabeth jump back and looked at the white wolf staring at her. She started to run through the trees as fast as her legs could carry her.

A chorus of howls rang out echoing around the trees making her cry out and run even faster. The wolves started chasing her as fast as they could run through the trees. The white wolf was in front her powerful limbs raising and falling gracefully over the ground.

Elizabeth looked back over her shoulder without realising there was a fallen tree branch on the ground so she tripped over it and fell on her back. She screamed out as the wolves had slowed down and were now surrounding her. Her brown eyes widened in sheer terror as one of the grey wolves had jumped up into the air but was knocked down to the ground by the white wolf. Elizabeth blinked.

The white wolf snarled viciously at the grey wolf to back off and it did. She turned towards Elizabeth her golden eyes locked onto the girl’s. She took a step closer to her then turned and ran away and the grey alpha male followed so did the wolf pack.


I’d run through the woods at the back of my apartment with the grey wolf pack and quickly, without anyone seeing, changed back into human form. I quickly ran into my apartment to my bedroom and put some jeans and top on. I didn’t know why I didn’t tear Elizabeth Yoko apart in my wolf form but I suppose I consider her as a friend.

“Lucy,” called Paulo, who’d followed me into my apartment with his wolf pack in human form. He came into my bedroom.

“What are you doing here?” I demanded. “I thought I told you I never wanted to set eyes on you again and your wolf pack.”

He smirked smugly with his arms across his chest, “well, do you remember what happened very early this morning when we were wolves?” he asked.

“Sure, I do,” I said quickly. “We caught deer and ate it and then fell asleep.”

“You let me get very close to you,” Paulo said, grinning. He stepped up behind me and I could feel the attraction heating off from our bodies.

I turned my head up to snap a sarcastic remark back but as my eyes locked onto his big blue ones I saw an image flash before me of me in white wolf form with Paulo in his grey wolf form nuzzling affectionately with one another. Just as our lips were about to touch, there was a loud, irritated cough behind us.

“Mr Philips!” I cried. I walked away from Paulo to the tall, grey haired man in a grey suit who looked angry.

“Miss Wilkins, I have a couple of men here to put up a new front door for you,” he said. Mr Philips straightened out his suit. “If you’re not too busy, can I pry you away from this man?”

“Of course, Mr Philips,” I said with a smile. I followed him out to the front entrance where a man in white overalls was busy fixing up my new front door.

“Miss Wilkins, I allow you to have guests, of course, but I don’t allow any guests to destroy the furniture in my apartments,” Mr Philips fumed; his face was bright red like a bull. I was seeing horns growing at each side of his head. “Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, Mr Philips, crystal clear,” I replied.

Suddenly, Deputy Baker appeared and he smiled taking off his hat. “Sorry to interrupt, but may I speak with you, Miss Wilkins,” he said.

I turned to Mr Philips and he threw his hands up into the air.

“I want these men out immediately!” Mr Philips said. He shoved the man fixing my new front door out of the way and walked off angrily.

“Had I come at a bad time?” Deputy Baker asked, stepping into the apartment.

“Yes,” said Paulo with unpleasantness.

“No, not at all, Deputy Baker, come on in. Paulo and his friends were just leaving, weren’t you, Paulo,” I said, I flashed my golden wolf eyes at him and his blue eyes turned slightly golden, too.

“Yes, we’re leaving, come on, guys,” Paulo said to his wolf pack and his pack walked out with him each giving the deputy an evil stare.

“Was it something I said?” Deputy Baker said, confused as to why Paulo and his pack would give him evil glares.

I shook my head. I turned and walked through to the living sitting down in the blue chair next to my 24inch television.

“Now, Miss Wilkins, this isn’t a social call. Your friend, Elizabeth Yoko, from your work came running down to the police station today scared out of her wits crying hysterically about her boyfriend being killed by a pack of wolves,” he told me. I gasped, shocked. “Did you know her boyfriend, Donny Walters?”

I shook my head. “I never met him but Elizabeth talked about him all the time at work,” I said. I swallowed nervously wondering if Elizabeth told this ever so cute deputy about me as a white wolf.

Deputy Baker nodded his head as he scribbled down quickly notes in his pad. “I see, so you never met him before? Have you known Elizabeth long?” he asked, glancing up to look at me.

My heart pounded so hard against my chest I thought I was literally going to faint. Can he tell I’m nervous? “I’ve known Elizabeth for about six months. We don’t really socialise together, we’re just work colleagues,” I said, flashing a smile. I stood up, “would you like a cup of tea, Deputy?”

“That would be lovely, thank you,” he said, flashing a Hollywood smile that made my heart melt.

I walked over to the kitchen and switched the kettle on and then took out two mugs from the cupboard above. “So how come you had to ask me questions?” I asked casually as I could.

“Well, you see, Miss Wilkins, I have to question everyone Elizabeth and Donny knew here in Nevada City,” Deputy Baker explained, he walked into the kitchen startling me a bit when I turned round to give him his cup of tea. “Thank you.” He took a seat on the high stool at the breakfast bar.

“That’s understandable,” I agreed, taking a sip of my tea. “So you don’t think it was a pack of grey wolves that killed Donny then?”

“I don’t know. Wolves are very quiet animals they don’t normally attack people unless they’re provoked. Excuse me, a minute,” he said, lifting up his black speaker from the back of his trousers. “This is Deputy Baker, come in, Burt.”

“Deputy Baker, you better come up to the woods immediately,” Burt’s voice crackled through the speaker.

“Why? What have you found?” Deputy Tom Baker’s handsome face looked concerned and his eyes widened as he looked at me. “I’ll be there right away. He put the police speaker back at the back of his trousers.

“What’s happened?” I asked with concern.

“My team has found the body of Donny Walters in the woods torn to pieces,” he told me.

I gulped nervously as Deputy Baker stared down at me. Should I confess?

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