Winterhaven Hotel

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Brittany and Alicia Green go on a week's back packing trip to West Country with some friends from London. Where they make a new friend in the young and handsome, Joe Lanes, who will take them to the hotel he'd seen before when he was last there.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Winterhaven Hotel

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



Chapter One


I shifted the weight of my large green backpack from one shoulder to the other as I stepped up beside my identical twin sister, Brittany, who wasnt at all dressed for walking in the West Country.

"Britt, we're not going to some party, why are dressed as if we are?" I asked.

Our friends had come along for the week's holiday as well before the new term at university started. Our friends were Megan, Dave, Liz, and Tom. They wre close behind us all in proper walking clothing such as jeans and jacket.

"Alicia has got a point, Brittany," said Brittany's best friend, Megan, who was a tall, exotic beauty with long, luscious black curly hair.

Brittany stopped and turned to look at her best friend, "whose side are you on anyway?" she asked. She threw a long strand of straight red hair over her shoulder.

"Yours, always, of course. But we're not going clubbing yet."

"Megan, I thought you of all people should know I have a reputation to uphold of keeping looking good all the time. You'll never know what sort of hunky men we'll find on our travels," she grinned mischievously at Megan and Megan slowly grinned back.

"Fine, point taken."

For the past few hours we'd taken buses and trains up to the west country. When we hit the last train stop we'd gotten off and walked. So for the last couple of hours we'd walked feeling nearly dehydrated and hungry. All around us were green fields and beyond that more green fields.

"Hey, Britt," called Tom, one of the guys in our group. He was a tall, dark haired guy and goodlooking.

"Yeah?" Brittany asked.

"Can I talk to you privately."

I watched as my beautiful mischievous twin walk off with Tom into some bushes. They came back out five minutes later with their clothes a bit rumpled. Making it plain obvious what they'd been doing for the last five minutes in the bushes. I saw Tom had a huge grin on his face and Brittany looked rather flustered too.

Why couldn't I be like that? I wondered to myself. Why couldn't I throw caution to the wind and have five minutes of meaningless sex with someone I fancied? because that wasn't who I was.

The group of us continued down the road until dusk was approaching as red, pink, orange and yellow colours were in the sky letting us know that night was fast approaching.


Twenty minutes more of walking we found a young man in his twenties wearing blue dungarees standing against a fence playing on his harmonica. He stopped playing as soon as we came nearer.

He smiled at us a bright smile.

"Howdy all," he said, in a Southern accent. "I'm Joe Lanes."

The young man was devilishly handsome with the bluest of blue eyes I'd ever seen before and with jet black hair.

"Hi, what you doing out here?" I asked.

"I've been backpacking like you, I hitched a ride to here about an hour ago. So glad you people showed up when you did."

"Do you know if there's a hotel or motel near by so we can freshen up?"

I've been down these tracks of the woods before," Joe Lanes said, giving us some slight hope. "I think a hotel about a mile up the road. I'd be more than happy to take you there."

Ny heart fluttered as I felt his stare on my face.

"We'd like that," Tom said, with gratitude.

So we followed our new handsome and kind friend, Joe Lanes, up the road who was going to take us to shelter for the night.

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