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Just for a very short of time, Zoe and Devon's forbidden love is absolute bliss. Then their wonderfully happy bliss is torn apart forever!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - ZOE CHAPTER FIFTH TEEN

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



Chapter Fifth teen

It took us a good five and a half hours on the country road to drive all the way down to South Cornwall. The roads had been rather busy, but nothing really major like a road accident.  Just a traffic jam here and there and the weather was pouring down with rain.


Devon, Gene, and I sat parked outside a beautiful pink and yellow Cornish cottage with beautiful coloured flowers outside the small front wooden door that was made out of mahogany wood. I couldn't believe this was going to be mine, Gene, and Devon's home. Mine and Devon's. That sounded so magical, I thought to myself dreamily staring out at the cottage with fascination. This would be an ideal place to bring our child in. God, I was really in love with my Cousin Devon and this showed me how much he really loved me too.


"So what do you think?" asked Devon with excitement pulling his car keys out of theigntion and turned to me his green eyes sparkling back at me like emeralds. "Do you see yourself, Gene, and our baby inside your tummy liking it here?"


I nodded and smiled happily, "oh, Devon, darling, it's absolutely exquisite!" I gushed, gazing deeply into his eyes and then caressing his lips with mine. "I can see us living here forever and ever. I see us as old people coming out of the front door to greet our grandchildren."


All of a sudden he grabbed hold of right hand and pulled on it for me to follow him out of the car into the pouring rain. Devon led Gene and I through a red gate to the cottage and pulled out a set of keys from his trouser pocket and unlocked the front door. Devon pushed the door open and led me inside.


I gasped loudly in admiration at the small, Victorian style kitchen with a blue rabon in the corner, a Welsh dresser near the small, wooden table. "Oh, Devon, it's gorgeous, I love it. I simply just love it," I aid. I walked into the kitchen slowly looking all around in awe with my arms under my bosom.


Gene gazed around quickly nodding his head with his hands in his trouser pockets. "It's very nice," he said.


Devon met my gaze and we both smiled at the same time of two people very much in love with each other. He glanced down at his black watch on his left wrist and said, "OK, now, Gene. I think its time for you to go to bed."

Gene glanced up at the china plate clock that hung on the wall by the front door and protested, “but it’s only half eight!” he saw the way Devon and I were looking at each other and rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright, I’ll go.”

“Thanks, Gene, honey,” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“No problem,” he replied.

“Let’s get our bags in from the car,” said Devon, suggesting a good idea. Gene and I nodded and followed him out quickly as it was still raining.


A couple of hours later we were all unpacked and nearly settled into our new home. Gene had taken the bedroom at the back of the cottage that overlooked lush green mountains and hills; And Devon and I had the largest bedroom at the front that overlooked the turquoise sea and fields with horses, cows and sheep in.

Gene had gotten himself up to bed at half past ten that evening leaving Devon and I to talk in our new bedroom. We at on our beautiful, gold embroidered duvet cover across our double bed with gold knobs at each end. Devon rested his back against the soft matching pillows with me sitting on his lap, his strong arms tightly around me and his hands on my tiny belly.

“Oh, Zoe,” he said softly, in almost a whisper. His lips kissing down my neck. He seemed the happiest I had ever seen him for a long time. “I love you so much more than life itself.”

Those words melted my pumping heart with so much love for him. I turned my head around to face Devon and gazed deeply into his green eyes that sparkled straight back at me and then kissed him on the lips. “I love you so much too,” I replied feeling my blue eyes filling up with fresh and happy tears. Two single tears rolled slowly down my face. He gently wiped them away with the back of his left hand.

“How many months pregnant, are you?” Devon asked, curiously. He began nibbling tenderly at my right earlobe, which I liked. I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy it.

“Three months and a bit,” I replied.

“I’ll have to find myself a job somewhere then to earn money for us all,” he sounded very serious and determined.

I opened my eyes and turned to look up at him again, “so will I have to find a job,” I said.

Devon shook his head with disapproval.

“What?” I demanded firmly.

“Zoe, my darling, no employer at any kind of job is going to hire a nearly four months pregnant young woman,” he argued, realistically.

I scrambled off the bed and went to the wooden wardrobe and picked up a blue blanket and then started for the bedroom door.

“Zoe, where are you going?” Devon asked, beginning to get worried. He climbed off the bed in his navy blue briefs and grabbed hold of my arms. “Look, I’m very sorry if I upset you, darling, but realistically no one is going to hire a pregnant woman.”

As I gazed into those big, green eyes of his my heart just melted and threw my arms around him and he picked me up in his strong arms and carried me back over to the bed and lowered me down gently.

I smiled up at Devon and he smiled back mischievously.

“Do you think we’ll still be able to make love?” he asked.

I giggled, “of course. I’m pretty sure we can,” I said.

“Want to?” Devon asked, grinning like a sly fox.

“What? Right now?” I replied in mock shock ness.

One of his fair eyebrows rose in mischief “yeah, so what do you say, sexy pregnant lady?” he said, now lying on top of me kissing me down my neck seductively.

My heart and body was screaming out yes. I wanted to feel him inside me, touching me in places that would make my body tremble with pure pleasure and desire. “I’d have to say, this,” I said, running my fingers through his shoulder length blonde as we started kissing passionately. I felt Devon’s soft manly hands make their way up my light blue nightgown caressing my inner thighs seductively.

My hands went round to the back of his navy blue briefs and pulled them down over his firm, toned bottom slowly and then pulled them right off and gently let them fall to the floor. We kissed with pure passion and love like never before and I felt Devon’s manhood harden against me then I felt him enter me in one big thrust. I gasped.

Our lovemaking was filled with so much love and passion, I gritted my teeth together then moaned softly, then louder, and the bedsprings squeaked very loudly as well; I was getting so much pleasure and so was Devon. I moaned again and then Devon moaned. It just took everything away, all the problems, and the problems that there was yet to come. It just seemed like pure, magical heaven. He sucked on my breasts sexily that made me moan. His blonde hair tickled across my tiny pregnant belly as he kissed me in a certain area that made my whole body tremble with sexual pleasure as my hands gripped the corners of the pillow beneath my head.


Over the next few days Devon had gotten himself a job working for a hay factory but he had to give it up because you didn’t get paid enough. He then went for a job working as a teacher at a high school teaching Arts and Crafts, he got the job!

When Devon came back to the cottage one bright, sunny, early Autumn afternoon, I was in the kitchen at the table making a grocery list.

“Baby, I got the job!” he cried, and I had gotten up and threw my arm around him as he swung me around in his arms.  Devon kissed me passionately.


That evening, Devon took Gene and I out to celebrate at the local restaurant called, ‘ALL SORTS’.

I assumed the name meant you could have a variety of different foods from different countries. Chinese, Italian, Greek, and Thai. I felt ever so pretty that evening in a knee-length short sleeved black flowery dress with my long blonde hair tied back in a tight bun.

Devon and Gene looked handsome in black suits. Gene was growing up so fast , he was hardly a little boy any more. He was almost fourteen now.

We entered the restaurant and a nicely dressed and friendly waiter welcomed us and took us to an empty table. I sat on the right hand side of Gene and felt so proud of him. The waiter in a black and white suit took out a note pad and pen from his apron around his waist.

“Would you like me to give you a few minutes to order?” he asked. “We have a special today of nice and authentic chicken sided with a Tagliatelle pasta in a creamy and herb sauce.”

“Thank you that sounds very nice,” I said, smiling.

Devon sat looking down at the menu in front of him. He glanced over at me and then to the waiter, “three of those, thank you,” he said, handing the menu to the waiter who took it from him with a nod and then walked away to deal with other customers.

We got our meals half an hour later and began eating when the waiter came back to our table to inform us that there was an important phone call for Devon. Devon glanced over at me with a puzzled look.

“I’ll be right back,” he told me and kissed me on the lips then followed the waiter towards the back of the restaurant.

Devon came striding back with a happy grin on his face ten minutes later; his green eyes glowed with excitement. “A college up in the North of France wants me to go up there to teach Arts and Craft,” he informed me. He began eating his meal again.

I shook my head slightly trying to figure out what was going on. “That’s wonderful news, Devon,” I replied, feeling lost and all of a sudden abandoned and alone.

“Thanks, honey,” he answered. He saw the look of worry on my face. “Honey, I’m sorry, it came out wrong. I meant to say I want you all to come with me. You’re soon to be my wife and the mother of my baby of course I want you and Gene to be there.”

“But what about Gene’s schooling? What about your parents, Cynthia and Oliver? Surely, you don’t want to leave them.”

“Zoe, they’re dead to me the day they said we couldn’t be together,” I heard the firmness in his voice. “Enough now. And Gene will be able to start school in France. He hasn’t started here yet so why not?” Devon turned to Gene. “What you say, Gene, fancy moving to North of France?”

Gene’s eyes lit up “yeah, definitely,” he said.

Seeing my little brother’s excitement made me relax and finish off my meal.

Within the next hour we had dessert of chocolate gateau and then paid the bill. We made our way outside. We were all so happy excited. Devon and I had our arms around each other.

The temperature had dropped showing autumn weather had finally settled in.

Suddenly, a blue van pulled up in front of us and a black automobile. Three men jumped out in blue uniform from the van and took both of my arms and dragged me towards the van. I screamed, and Devon tried to stop them but two big black men in black stepped out from the black automobile and walked to Devon.

“You Devon Smith?” one of them asked.

Devon nodded.

“You’re under arrest,” the black man said as he and the other black guy grabbed hold of his arms.

“What’s the meaning of this?” yelled Devon. “Who are you?”

“We’re from the South Cornwall Police Department. We’re arresting you for stealing three thousand pounds from the bank in West Cornwall and for having an affair with your cousin. You do not have to say anything but if you do so, it might hurt your defence in court of law.” The two black men pushed Devon inside the automobile while I was shoved into the back of the blue van and another black automobile pulled up and a man stepped out and dragged Gene away.

“NO!” I screamed as the doors of the van closed in my face. I banged aggressively. “Let me out!” I screamed and screamed until my throat became sore and I broke down in tears. The van started moving away from the two most precious and important people in my life. Tears of pure sadness and anger rolled down my cheeks as I pressed my cheeks against the back of the van. I banged again in defeat. “No!” I slid down to the floor and sobbed and sobbed. “Don’t take me away from Gene and Devon.”

Where was I going? What was going to happen to Gene and Devon? What if I never see either them again? What was to become of me?




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