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Zoe and Jack get married and her friends from school arrive.

They attend Cousin Devon's funeral where her Aunt Isabel slaps an tells her to stay away.

They decide to start a new life together away from their past.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - ZOE CHAPTER TWENTY

Submitted: October 07, 2012

Reads: 61

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Submitted: October 07, 2012



Chapter Twenty

Within two months Jack and I were married in a church filled with family and friends. To my complete and utter surprise, the best friends I could ever have from St Clara’s Academy school, arrived. Laura, Bethany, Crystal and Liz. We hugged and cried at seeing each other again.

I apologised for not explaining to them why I had to leave the school so urgently that day but they said they understood and were sorry to hear about Grandmother Maxine. They were all married or engaged to wealthy businessmen. My eyes widened when I saw Crystal whose stomach was enormous.

Crystal had laughed, “I’m expecting twins,” she said.

They became my bridesmaids along with Jack’s teenage identical twin sisters, Reese and Rachel. They each wore a long pink thin strap dress and had their hair pinned up at the back. They followed me down the aisle of the church as I nervously smiled to the people watching on my left and right who were looking at me with awe and smiling.

I wore a long white dress with a puffed out skirt and it was off the shoulder look, I had my long blonde hair curly and half pinned up and half down with a white flower slide at the side.

Jack looked ever so handsome in his black tuxedo with his hands behind his back smiling adorably at me and I smiled back my heart pitter- pattered against my chest. We exchanged our vows to love and trust each other from this day forward. When the vicar announced we were now husband and wife and said you may now kiss the bride, Jack kissed me passionately and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Everyone had applauded.

Unfortunately my friends from school had all had to go back to work, husbands, but they all promised to write and we’d all catch up real soon. I thanked them again for coming.

I also within the two months attended my Cousin Devon’s funeral with Jack , Gene, and baby Devon. The funeral was very depressing as women sobbed into their handkerchiefs. Aunt Isabel and Uncle Herald, Cousin Oliver and Cousin Cynthia didn’t utter a word to me not even a hello just sent out deathly glares of hatred as if it was my fault their beloved son and brother was dead.

Aunt Isabel was wearing a black jacket, black skirt and a black veil over her face. Once the vicar put Cousin Devon’s coffin into the ground and said a quick few words about him people began to leave including Aunt Isabel, Uncle Herald, Cousin Oliver and Cynthia. I quickly stepped in front of them and smiled.

“Aunt Isabel, Uncle Herald, I am so sorry for everything that I have put you through. I just hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for baby Devon’s sake,” I said, holding baby Devon in my arms.

Aunt Isabel glanced at my baby for the first time and her eyes widened at seeing the resemblance of her son in him. She reached out and stroked his right cheek. Baby Devon smiled up at her his blue green eyes twinkling.

“As you can see he doesn’t have horns and hooves like you said he would have. He’s a very healthy baby,” I told her sharply. A bit too sharply as she looked up at me and glared. “Please, I know Devon would’ve wanted you to know and love your grandson, do it for Devon, do it for baby Devon, I know you wouldn’t for me.”

She threw back the veil from her face where I could see that her eyes were all red and swollen from crying. Aunt Isabel slapped my left cheek hard which made people stop and stare at us in astonishment.

“How dare you stand there and make me feel guilty at my very own son’s funeral and declare forgiveness and peace by bringing your baby along and declaring it is my grandson when really it is the devil in disguise. I shall not let by gons be gons. You caused my son to die and I won’t be happy until you die!” she cried at me. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re dead to me.” With that Aunt Isabel burst into tears and Uncle Herald held her as they walked away.

My bottom lip quivered and tears ran down my cheeks as I shifted baby Devon in my arms and Jack put his arms around me.

“Don’t worry, honey, we don’t have to see them ever again,” he said as we walked back to the car and got in.

Gene held baby Devon in his arms as Jack started up the car as we began driving away down the road.

I leaned back against the passenger seat and got myself comfortable as I rolled down the window a bit to let the cool breeze into the car.

“Zoe,” said Gene from the back.

“Yes, Gene,” I said.

“I think baby Devon wants you.”

I turned in my seat and took back baby Devon into my arms from my brother and then faced the front with him in my arms. I cradled him to my bosom tightly. I thought we didn’t need them, we had our own little family, that’s all we needed.

We headed towards the motorway back to our beautiful cottage with horses and chickens leaving the terrible past behind us and heading towards a whole new life for all of us.

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