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It's been 3 days since Bellevue in Nebraska. David is sleeping all over the backseat, and Ashlee is in the front. She's passed out and snuggled up in my jacket. I'm driving into the night, not using my high-beams. I'm trying to keep my eyes open, it's becoming harder and harder every minute I drive. I hear rustling in the backseat, meaning David is moving around. I'm closing my eyes, as I hit something with the SUV. THUNK! I slam on the brakes. I'm wide awake and alert now. I fumble getting my pistol out of my pocket. It gets stuck on my shirt coming out.

"Son of a gun." I mutter. I fumble with it a little bit and get it out. I put the safety off and open the car door. I peek out eerily, and look behind me. I see blood, and a body. I get out of the car and walk to it slowly. As I walk up, I hear moaning to my right, and hurry up a bit. I examine the body. It's a bit charred around the clothing, and it doesn't have pants on. I get up and start to walk back to the SUV, when I feel the body laying down grab my foot and trip me. I hit the ground hard and drop my gun a couple of feet away from me. I start kicking violently and feel the arm break out of it's socket and tear off of the body. I'm getting up when I get tackled by the one I heard earlier, right next to the one I hit. I see it trying to gnaw at my ear, and I inch away and try to push the other zombie off. I pick up the zombie off of me, and slam him into the ground. I get up and smash his face in with my right foot. The blood splatters all over my pants and shoes. I grab my gun, and shoot the one stuck on the ground. BLAM! I sit down quietly, and almost laughed at myself. I hear more moans, and I get up quickly. I slide into the car and close the door as zombies surround the car. I rev the engine and head off again.

Ashlee wakes up, mumbles for a bit about being more careful, and exhausts herself as she passes out. I make sure my jacket is around her like a blanket and keep driving. I feel more awake than I was a couple of minutes ago. I look around at my surroundings and see a sign to my right. CANADA- 5 MILES. I drive a bit faster until I see brightening lights ahead. I drive up to them, and wake up the other two. "Grab a gun, and meet me outside." I head out of the car again. They follow and we head to the lights, a couple hundred of feets ahead of us, and look around. I see cars parked in the parking lot to my left. The sign on top of the building says,"U.S-CANADA BORDER LINE" and gives multiple directions for each lane. There's the usual building to my right. I make hand gestures to round up and head to the building. 

I see the doors are locked, yet it seems easy enough to get it. I shoot the locked knob and push the door open. "Keep a look-out for me." I say to the others. I grab my backpack and sling it around to my front. It's a bit like body armor. I get my pistol out and aim it. I look inside and it's pitch black. I can't go through here without a light. I look around and on the poles on the side of the building, Ashlee points out it says,"Emergency Electricty." We pull the lever and see the lights go on in the building. There's a desk and what seems to be a person behind it. We run into the building with our weapons at our chest aimed at the guy.

"Don't shoot," He says," I'm still alive!" He looks at us with open eyes. He looks like a middle aged man, who has been here for a while. He has a patchy beard and old and already torn clothing. "I used to work here, on the border. Trust me!" He seems like he is about to cry. I bring my pistol down, and turn the safety back on. I stick it back into my pocket. He starts to walk towards us. My hand hovers around my pocket, and I see that he notices it. " I won't hurt you guys. I swear." 

"How do we know that?" Ashlee asks him sternly. She still hasn't put her rifle up. I walk towards the guy and pat him down. 

"He's clear." I say aloud. Ashlee loosens up, and puts her rifle down a bit. "Are you bit?" I ask him.

"Yes." He says. I bring my pistol back out. I put it into his face. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US THAT BEFORE?" I scream at him. " It didn't seem necessary, yet." He replies back with a grin. I look at him very despitely, and bring my pistol out of his face.

"We're trying to get to Alaska. Any news from there, any at all?" 

"It's gone. To those whatcha-ma-callits." 

I sit down, and put my head into my hands. I can't do this anymore. Nowhere is safe. I'm not safe, I will never be safe. No one will. There is no more of this world to handle. I get up with tears streaming down my face, and I pull my gun into his face again. "What else?" I ask.

"There's a military base down in Albequerque, New Mexico. You have to pay the fee of 10 cans to get in and know that it'll be hard life inside. That's where my family and I were gonna go before... Before this happened," As he points at his leg," My family left without me. If you go, please tell them I love them." I look at him, and know he's willing to do anything for me to do this, I nod my head. "Great! Our last name is Rawlinson, and we were driving a car with a TARDIS sticker on the back. It's not hard to miss the sticker. My daughters are Bayley, Hannah, and Paige. My wife, well, she's gone."

I look at him, and don't move. I pull the trigger, and his brains scatter all over the wall behind him. He drops fast and loudly. The gunshot echoes and I feel like I'm being deafend. Ashlee looks at me with concern, and we hear footsteps behind us. There's 5 zombies walking into the building. We run out guns blazing, and grab our stuff from the front. David is lying down with 3 of them eating out his intestines. I feel sick, I watch them eat him and he gets up and looks at us with tears on his face, not even able to scream. He has no throat anymore. I see his blood everywhere. I aim and shoot the 3 zombies. We run to David, jsut as he takes his last breath. I look around and a zombie is behind me. He tackles me to the ground and bites my forearm. I scream in pain and Ashlee kills the zombie on me, she pulls me up, and carries me over her shoulder. 

She revs up the engine and backs up, hitting multiple zombies in the attempt. She does a U-turn, and heads back the way we came. She heads south, and looks at me. I look at her, and we both know it's not going to end well. She looks back at the road and sees the horde of zombies straight ahead. She slams on the breaks, and we skid. We skid off of the road and fall into a bunch of trees. It feels like a bunch of feet that we fall. I black out as we hit the bottom, landing it. I hear an "Oof!" from Ashlee as we hit, and she goes flying through the windshield.

I wake up hours later. It's sunny out. I'm blinded by red, and i wipe my face off with my arm. there's blood everywhere. I look around. There's a hole in the windshield, and someone is looking at me through my part. I scream, and he says, " Shut up." I do, because I don't know the guy. I see blood on his clothes and try to get out of the car through the passenger door. I can't. It seems to be blocked by a tree.`He breaks the windshield, and glass spatters all over me. I get out through the windshield. He helps me up and shakes my hand. " Name's Rob." He says. "You can call me that or Missin' Limb." I notice he's on a crutch to support his only leg. 

I nod my head and almost fall. He catches me and puts me on his crutch, "Here. You'll need this to stay up on your feet for a couple of yards." He starts to walk with me, and I catch a glimpse of Ashlee. She has a bulllet hole in her head. " Don't worry. She waddn't nibbling on anything, I shot 'er in the head, as you woke up." I just now notice his southern drawl. I look at her and tear up. Ashlee and David are both dead. I'm with a stranger now, and other than that. I have no one. I've killed everyone I freaking knew in this apocolypse. William, Aden, Peter, Ashlee, Medea, David, even Mr. Cheny. I feel myself crying. I can't stop it.

While we walk, I think of all the good times I had with everyone. I think of my brother and I playing video games, and fighting over who gets the better controller. I think of Aden and us walking home and eating popsicles at his house. I think of Ashlee, and of us kissing at bellevue, sleeping naked with each other. I think of Medea, and of how she was so bright and bubbly over killing her neighbor. We get to a house, secluded by trees, made out of wood entirely. I pass out, and fall on the crutch. The last thing I remember is hearing a CRACK, as I broke the crutch. I can only feel the suffocation from the blood loss now.

Submitted: April 13, 2015

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