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I'm awoken suddenly. I'm sweating and crying, the tears are streaming down my face. It tastes salty as it reaches my chapped lips. I feel a presence in the room, and immediately stop. I reach towards my pocket, but there's nothing there. I look around the room, and realize I'm on a bed. My eyes quickly adjust to the darkness around me. I see 3 people scattered around me. Two of them hae their guns pointed at me. I silently cry out to them," Water." They all hurry around the room, looking for the water. I catch a glimpse of the people watching over me. One is a teenage girl, who looks around my age, she finds the water bottle and opens it and pours it slowly into my mouth. The water goes down my throat, taking the dryness in my throat away. I look at my forearm and upon seeing it mangled with the bite, I pass out again.

I wake up about what looks like hours later. I try to get up, but fail. Everything is sore, and I cry out in pain loudly. Rob rushes in, and takes a look at me, with a knife in his hand. "Oh good. You're awake." He says to me questioningly. I see him with a weird face. I get up slowly, and make a stressed face. Rob comes to help me, but I wave him off. I straighten myself out and groan. "You can come into the family room, and I'll get you introduced to everyone." He puts his knife into the leather holder on his belt. I start walking out of the room slowly and gradually move faster as I move more and more. I reach the living room where people are sitting and collapse on the couch, out of breath.

Rob comes up from the room, grasping my pistol. "We scavenged your car, of your supplies, and grabbed you a new car while you were out. We put your supplies in there, while taking a few for ourselves in the process. I think that's we deserve for helping you." I nod slowly. I look around the room and see three others looking at me. Rob moves over on his make-shift crutch to the teenage girl with her hair tied back up. "This is my daughter, Riley." She smiles and waves at me. Rob then goes over to the middle-aged woman,"My wife, Annaliese, We call her Anna for short." I nod my head. He goes over to the last girl,"This is Riley's-," He pauses and says,"Friend," With a sort of shudder and his eyes closed.

"Dad, We talked about this." I hear Riley say to him,"Jenson and I are dating." Rob closes his eyes and sighs. I look over at Jenson who looks taken aback at what she was called. Riley scoots over to her and holds her, kissing her on the cheek. I look at Rob, who has a disgusted looking face. 

I get up, and grab my pistol from Rob. He looks at me, and then behind me. There is a loud bang out side of the door, and shouting as someone yells," WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE. COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP." I look indeciseively at Rob and he nods. We all walk towards the door. Rob holds it open for all of us. I'm the last one out with Rob behind me. I look ahead and see five guys in black surrounding Riley, Anna, and Jenson already. They lash out out Anna, and hit her in the face with a gun. She falls to the ground, unconcious. Rob screams, and throws his knife at the person who did it. The knife flows right by my head, skinning against my hair and landing in the guy's forehead. Riley and Jenson both lay on the ground and start crying. The leader picks up and shotguns Rob in the chest. Blood spatters all over me, and the house. He looks at me and I nod, he then falls, dead. I grab my pistol, and shoot three of the guys and punch the leader. 

He gets lifted up and hits the ground with a loud crack. He looks up at me and kicks me in the chin. I instinctively grab my chin and sit, dropping my pistol in the process. I see him get up and he starts to kick me. He looks around for his Shotgun, and I look around for my pistol. We both get up with our weapons at the same time, and start firing. A fragment of his shotgun shell hits me in the forearm where the bite is. The bullet I shot hits him in the ear. We both wince in pain, and I run to get behind a tree. I don't see Riley or Jenson. I expect they went to where Rob lays. I hear the guy run to the house and walk inside. I hear a scream a couple of seconds later. He pulls Jenson by the hair, Riley coming up behind him, crying, not knowing what to do. "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT!" He screams, not knowing where to look. He puts his gun to her forehead. I see him looking around.

He looks a Jenson and removes the gun. He slaps her in the face and commands her to take off her shirt. She's crying, and does it. He looks at her, tastily. He takes a step towards her and starts making out with her chest, kissing to her hand. He leans back and bites two of her fingers off. I've had enough by now, and come running towards him. I aim my gun at his forehead and fire. His blood slides down his face as he drops to the ground. I hear moaning behind me, and see Rob get up with those gray, swirling eyes. I look back and shoot him in the mouth and in the eye. He plops back down. I run to Jenson, just as Riley does. We both reach her, but I back off. 

Riley looks at Jenson's hand. She's crying very loudly and kisses Jenson. I run inside and go into my backpack. I grab the gauze meant for Mr. Cheny and run out to Jenson. I grab her hand, carefully, and wrap the gauze around her hand. She thanks me. I get up, and wait for the girls. They sit there, holding each other, kissing every few seconds, and I back away and head to Anna. She's still breathing. I sit next to her, waiting for her to be awake. Anna has gray hair, and a pink blouse on. She opens her green eyes, and groans as she gets up. I look at her. She missed everything, she just lost her husband too. I look back at the girls. They both have stopped crying. Riley has brown hair with sortof blonde highlighs, and is very skinny. Jenson has dark hair, and dark eyes. They both are leaning against each other's heads, holding one another's hands and looking at Jenson's left hand. I look at my forearm. It's bleeding heavily again. I take off my shirt and rip a long piece from the bottom for a bandage, I tie it around my arm.

"Where's Rob?" I hear Anna ask from behind me. I look back and she has my pistol aiming at me. I look at her with wide eyes. 

"Anna. Put down the gun." She's crying, but puts it definitively against my skull. "Anna." I hear the gun click as she tries to fire a bullet. I writhe around and smack the pistol out of her hand and twist her arm around and slam her into the ground. I hear Riley scream and start to run towards me. "ROB'S DEAD!" I yell back at her. I let go, and run to the car to my right. I see my food in the front seat, and jump in the driver's door. I lock the door behind me. I hear Riley and Anna screaming at each other and the back door to my right opens. Jenson hops in.

"We're coming with you." She whispers,"We can't stand Anna anyways. She was against our relationship from the start. even before all of this happened." I hear a yell and look in the rearview mirror as I see Riley back up. She has Rob's knife in her hand. I yell,"WOAH!" and I start the car and rev it up. Riley looks at the car, and I sound the horn. She runs to the car, and hops in on the right back seat. 

"Where are we going now?" I hear Riley ask. I look at her surprisingly. I didn't expect that she could still be so happy after killing her still alive mom. I'm still stunned as,"Albequerque, New Mexico." comes out of my mouth. I back the car up, and explain why we are going,"My-" I pause,"group and I were heading to Alaska. As we reached the border, I lost all hope and heard from the gut still working that it was safe, before he and my group died. I'm lucky to be alive, because of him." 

I look in the rearview mirror and see them both nod along to my story. "I was bit that day," as I point to my forearm,"But I never dropped. I guess I'm lucky." They both look at my forearm, with a slight surprise. 

"Maybe there's a cure." Jenson quietly adds. I smile at her in the rearview mirror. I think of that first day I went out. The zombie I ran over. It was a doctor. I can still rememebr the name very vaguely. Dr. Arsenio Garza. I put the image ofa  cure in the back of my mind, and forget about Dr. Garza completely. We head off the dirt road, past my SUV with Ashlee still there, in a moved position and no clothes on. Those guys must've stayed around here before seeing us. It's still disgusting to think of.

I'm driving as the pains happen. I feel a sharp pain in my forearm as I feel the knife jaggedly cutting through my skin. I look at my forearm being pinned down by Jenson and Riley cutting with the jagged blade. I slam on the breaks and start screaming at the top of my lungs. I feel the blood go through the bandage and the blade go to the bone. The blood sploshes all over the car, and they continue sawing. I look as the blade goes through the bone and through the last part of my muscle and skin and the forearm drops on the passenger seat. I get pushed to the side and Riley grabs my arm from under me. Jenson gets in the driver seat and continues driving. I look at then and I pass out from the pain.

Submitted: April 14, 2015

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